Reviews for These Hands
AvalonTheLadyKiller chapter 82 . 10/18
Missed this chapter appearing in my inboxWHAT A CHAPTER IT WAS. *standing ovationslow claps*
AvalonTheLadyKiller chapter 84 . 10/18
One of the more interesting concepts, to be sure. I loved her waking up in the beginningbanging around in a locked room with treasure stacked to high heaven. You just know she was mutteringWTFWTFWTF!" I laughed pretty hard. Especially when he jumped outta bed ready to kill. Lol. That's so me in the middle of the night, when I hear a loud sound that is definitely my cat destroying everything I own.
Guest chapter 84 . 10/17
I think this Dragon!Klaus Caroline drabble should be turned into a full pledge fanfic. Sooo darn good! Please write more!
Guest chapter 84 . 10/16
This was great!
klavscaroline chapter 84 . 10/14
ughhh this was so good, i love a possessive klaus so that line at the end was golden
Guest chapter 84 . 10/14
Loved this.
Guest chapter 84 . 10/14
I love it! Also I like that you had Caroline be so feisty and not give in the moment she realised who he was.
Guest chapter 84 . 10/13
I would love a part 2 to this story. It was awesome!
Carrie281 chapter 84 . 10/13
Loved it!
thicksexxualtension chapter 84 . 10/13
I love this! Very interested to see more dragon!klaus so sexy! The dreams were amazing as well love how caroline liked to pretend they weren’t happening lol
jessnicole chapter 84 . 10/13
Loved it! All of it mates, dragons and possesivness! Dialogue as always was great and flowed really nice and the smut was very good!
Aisha.love96 chapter 84 . 10/13
I love this so much! can we have a part 2?
Guest chapter 84 . 10/12
Loved it! Very entertaining drabble. You write good, very engaging. And very good smut. Do you think you’ll write more in this universe? I would love to read about Klaus moving to New Orleans, especially if he comes across Caroline’s ex’s or one-night stands, cause being possessive I think it’ll make for some hilarious moments. I mean his reactions would. And I don’t think Caroline would take kindly to his cave-man attitude hehe.
cherishcherie102 chapter 84 . 10/12
Wow love this long drabble/one-shot so much! The smut are SO GOOD, just like you always do. I wish you could write more the dragon side of Klaus and probably another one shot based on this? Love your work as always :D
RiaSternchen chapter 84 . 10/12
Woah, I never knew I wanted Klaus to be a dragon until now! That was really hot and in character! I could definitely read more of that ;)
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