Reviews for These Hands
Guest chapter 82 . 8/12
This was amazing from start to finish! Never read a story about them in which they are different creatures, but the mythology was very interesting. They were completely in character, I love that Caroline was so annoyed with him, that she put a sign next to his chair and went over to him to take his book . We all know he was browsing more than just books lol, he deserved it. The smut was HOT, mind-blowing! Cant wait for more stories from you
redbudrose chapter 82 . 8/9
Great chapter! I really felt their connection in the smut scenes, you captured the intimacy well.
MNM chapter 82 . 8/7
-Caroline as a siren? Very creative and unique, good choice!
-Hehe I like that Caroline is referring to Klaus as "Werewolf with Dimples".
-Caroline's attitude here - calling him out for browsing without purchasing and for not reshelving books properly after browsing when he offered to help I love it!
-My goodness, there was so much tension and chemistry here!
-I would love to see another drabble where they explore what's going on between them, especially with this supernatural dynamic of them being 2 different creatures.

Thanks for writing!
jessnicole chapter 82 . 8/7
This was phenomenal! The smut scenes were so great! Loved the back and forth at the start, everything was excellent!
MAR30 chapter 82 . 8/7
This was so exquisite. ;)
Cookiiemonster94 chapter 82 . 8/7
Ohh I this one was gooddd, way different from the ones I read. I hope there’s are second part.
Jokerlover13 chapter 82 . 8/7
Awwww I love this Caroline as a siren is really cool and smut is top notch
klavscaroline chapter 82 . 8/7
that was really good, loved it!
CottonKey chapter 82 . 8/7
Your smut is just fabulous! My fav part has to be the build up prior to her necklace always you do such an awesome job at making the reader feel that tension between them.
multifandomshipper92 chapter 82 . 8/7
Omg super freaking hottt! I missed your writing so much. We need after what plec did! Anyway i loved every part of this fic! Especially caroline being a siren and klaus being a werewolf :D
MNM chapter 81 . 5/12
-Loved the storyline for this drabble as well as the chemistry between Klaus and Caroline.
-Klaus bringing food for her was so sweet, especially how he ordered it to her preference.
-Maybe they'll make use of Klaus' costumes later ;)
livvialivia chapter 46 . 5/11
would you ever consider making more of this? it's my favorite!
Guest chapter 80 . 5/10
I’m pretty sure the normal reaction to finding out your significant other had a past in the adult film industry would realistically be along the lines of worry and probably yes anger. Why? Because of their sexual history affecting yours, and the lack of truthfulness regarding the person you took up with.
jessnicole chapter 81 . 5/10
The whole thing was fantastic, I loved the tension and the "fuck Caroline" was pretty great as well!
MAR30 chapter 81 . 5/10
It literally melted my heart when Klaus was so concerned about Caroline getting sleep/nourishment. Such boyfriend material. ;)
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