Reviews for Trial of Independence
Briar Eve Sheurmann chapter 1 . 1/11/2003

You've got a good start here-it's too bad there isn't more. . .but it's a nice little tease. I've got to tell you- I think there needs to be more Irvine/Seifer fics. And I'm not necessarily talking about yaoi- just any fics where they interact. The two of them are probably the most clever characters of the bunch, and there's a lot of potential in that. There are a lot of 'Selpher' stories out there talking about how Selphie would welcome Seifer back with open arms, but I think Irvine would the more likely one for that- he doesn't carry grudges and he is far more affectionate towards the orphanage gang. Anyway, hopin' to see more of this. just a note: there are a couple little typo/words missing slip ups. They wouldn't generally be noticeable, but since it's such a short chappie they stick out. Just a little. . . We're all guilty of it sometimes. ;)


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