Reviews for UNA GRAN ODISEA (crossover Dragon Ball Z y Saint Seiya)
HarutoGamer chapter 1 . 10/6/2021
pues me gusto toda la historia no se que más decir xd
Guest chapter 51 . 8/12/2021
Creó que no le das demasiado crédito a los caballeros es decir si son reconocidos por su fuerza pero al final terminan siendo más devil que goku vegeta y cualquiera con ki y si bien puede ser no ha hay escenas donde muestren o excedan su poder demostrando que son más poderoso de lo que parecen
Julio71971 chapter 51 . 8/4/2021
Fue una buena desición retomar esta historia, no me arrepiento
Ceysar chapter 51 . 7/29/2021
creo que deberias crear otro crosover de anbas series o una secuela
Guest chapter 51 . 7/29/2021
Has visto dragón Ball multiverso
oswaldo Enrique chapter 1 . 7/28/2021
te deseo lo mejor animos y bendiciones
Guest chapter 50 . 5/31/2021
Reciente mente e buscado manga de dragon Ball para leer y encontré uno muy bueno dragón Ball multiverso léelo lo recomiendo es muy bueno el punto es que mezcladas esto y cruzar un fic
xana2 chapter 1 . 5/9/2021
No, god no. It's pretty clear from the series and guides that the Gold cloths have 1/12th the power of the sun, and the seventh sense grants the user power comparable to that, and can grow depending on how much one can raise their cosmo.

That being said; the Gold saints only really compete with Goku when he fought Cell(in terms of raw power only, guys like Shaka can go fairly beyond this due to their esoteric abilities) These characters cannot just ignore the durability of who they are fighting, the more durable someone or something is, the more cosmo they need to damage it. Cosmo isn't really any different from ki, as Krishna pointed out; it is Prana, which is the Hindu version of Ki. They are both the inner energy residing within all living beings. Saints are not special in this, and there ability to attack atoms is the series way if explaining the lack of surrounding damage their attacks do, and why some enemies can ignore the attacks of weaker opponents. It doesn't mean they are just punching holes through everything, otherwise they wouldn't have needed Libra in order to break the ocean pillars.

Seiya, with the final state of the Pegasus Cloth(not God) only gets up to the Cell Saga Goku when it comes to power, and even then he isn't beating the far more skilled and experienced fighter. Other Saints can go beyond this via esoteric abilities like what Shaka does, but Seiya is more of a physical fighter, so his options are much more limited. With his God Cloth? He makes it up to SSJ3 Gokus power. Goku is still more skilled and experienced than the majority of characters in Saint Seiya, buy SSJ3 has a huge drain, and Seiya has incredible endurance and the ability to perform lower end miracles that allow him to temporarily perform a god-like act, so he actually would have a good chance at beating an Ssj3 Buu saga Goku. While Omega Seiya(prior to unlocking the Golden God Cloth) is likely more comparable to SSJ2 Buu Saga Goku, or somewhere in-between that and SSJ3.

Base state GT Goku utterly shreds Seiya however. Dude is a continuation of the Z anime(with all of it's fillers and Z movies, even King Vegeta was showed to blow away a handful of planets with a wave of his hand), which, prior to Super, was far more powerful than his canonical counterpart, to a degree that he is arguably more comparable in power to the canonical Gohan had during the Buu saga. And that's in his base state.

You'd need Omega Seiya decked out in his Golden God cloth in order to go beyond that. But he isn't beating a SSJ-SSJ4 Goku. Let alone coming close to SSG Gokus level of power.

Fact is there isn't a single galaxy buster in the entirety of the Saint verse(not that you need to be one to be formidable, just look at the Silver Surfer). And speed wise they only go to light speed-slightly FTL, so they don't really have any significant speed advantages over the characters by the time SSJ comes out, and by the time you get to the gods you have guys that can blitz them. As such they really can't compete with the stronger characters from GT or Super. And I say this as someone who has read the original manga, G(Up to the most recent English translation), G Assassin(to the most recent Eng update) and ND(same as before), as well as the two one shot prequels.
livia.acevdo chapter 50 . 2/27/2021
ya no remasterices jiji mejor haz otra historia con estas dos series, pero espero puedas incluir a Bulma y demás chicos que faltaron agregar, me encantó, muy buena historia
El Guest chapter 50 . 2/7/2021

Los capítulos serán remasterizados? Interesante, estoy deseando que llegue.
Sentry chapter 1 . 1/27/2021
Los que dicen que los personajes de DBZ le pueden ganar a los caballeros dorados son los mismos fanboys que dicen que Goku le puede ganar a Superman o Thor sin haberse leído un solo cómic en sus vidas.

Dragon Ball Super ya es otro asunto.
Junior VB chapter 50 . 1/27/2021
Este fic necesita trabajo.
Guest chapter 50 . 1/24/2021
Los caballeros son increíbles yo creó que ellos son más fuerte de lo que te imaginas y seguro sorprenderán a más de unoben dbs
ceysat chapter 50 . 1/24/2021
exelente ya quiero leer la remastiracion
Eramaan Viimeinen chapter 1 . 1/25/2021
¡Me gustó mucho tu historia! (pese a que las escalas de poder en Saint Seiya son cósmicamente superiores XD, y ningún Saiyajin podría vencer a un Caballero Dorado peeeero... el tema de debate es muy tedioso/complicado y, pues... uno sólo disfruta la historia.
Iba leyéndola poco a poco desde hace meses y ME ENCANTA. Fue genial en todos los aspectos.
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