Reviews for koma í ljós
Guest chapter 1 . 3/24/2016
In response to your bio: ''I'm no longer good at the only thing I was ever good at''... STARS CAN'T SHINE WITHOUT DARKNESS

I don't know what this is about, but know there is always a way. As long as you keep going, you'll find a way to achieve it. You're always still good at something, especially if you like it.

If it's about writing, let me tell you that you're very talented. And talent doesn't fade. Maybe you'll get mixed up on words (dylexia or other illness) and gets writer's block, but don't stop. A fake artist never doubt itself. So doubt yourself. It's how you improve, but don't stop writing. I believe you're still good at the only thing you ever were good at. Keep practicing. Even when you feel like it's horrible. We know it isn't. Only a few can write propely out of pure talent and make us feel things with words. And I believe you still can. Yes you can, A School Day, you are still TheSchoolday and Vaahti.

Take time off writing if you need, write nonsense, even just school work or a journal. Read everything you've ever written (not just fanfiction). Look at the progress. A writer always grow, you... beautiful seed, beautiful soul.

We might only be people behind a computer screen (wish I could help you out by far more than that, like in person), but here we are writers, a community. We help each other. We recognize pure talent. And I saw your potential.

I'm not dylexic, but my mental health made my writing (hand and computer) weird: ex. I wouldn't finish up words (while I through I did, ex: 'family' would look like 'f im'), write a word for another, exchange letters, etc. I fought against it. It stopped for a while, but it's coming back. I'm not giving up, I'm still writing. At school, I got more time for exams to revise my stupids words. But even if I doubt about my writing back then (depression, symptom mentionned above and... still passing tests for others mental stuff cuz I'm a 'weird' medical thing they can't place lol), I kept going. I did some breaks, stopped writing for a long time until I look back and realize how false I was because I can write. I started again.

If you're participating in contests and you're not winning, it doesn't mean anything. You'll win one, one day. Don't let them value you.

If you're not feeling well, write about how you feel. When you'll look back, you'll see that it was good. You choose the words, they may have been your emotions, but you still choose them and describe them.
-thefrenchwriter (sorry for my english mistakes, but I hope to read your books one day)

Please, remember that you CAN and are STILL GOOD at it.

Be the sun in your darkness.
Écrit pour te retrouver.
Every famous writer were once what you are today.
vampygurl402 chapter 1 . 1/10/2016
Good fic!