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Phantom chapter 11 . 1/17
I think Danny was up there ready to catch Harry if he fell. Then once Danny knew the broom was fixed he flew off again to watch from a distance. But now he's even susser the usale. But Harry, Ron, and Hermione will come to realize Danny and Snape are doing good and trying to stop Voldy. I like this plot (I think it's making the series on both half better). But yeh this is getting good.
Phantom chapter 10 . 1/17
Lol Danny be acting subs ngl. But yeh oof what if in the morning when Harry's broom is acting up, and they see Snape trying to keep Harry safe then just see Danny floating next to Snape, maybe even closer to catch Harry if he fell, that be awkward. Ron, Harry, and maybe even Hermione might think Shape is using his powers to knock Harry off of broom then having Danny to like do something heroic to try and get rid of sus. Lol probably reading this, it made no sense. But yeh I wonder if Danny's gonna follow Ron, Hermione, and Harry into the passage way to the stone. Idk
Phantom chapter 9 . 1/17
Lol, well that got odd and awkward. Well maybe Danny can get some help from Vlad. I mean like it said, Danny and Vlad must of bumped into each other for a reason. But how will a pass clockwork act if he sees Danny and Vlad come up with Danny asking a thousand questions. Would Clockwork know what Dannny is in a fuse about, since he can see the future and know why Danny is in this time period at Hogwarts? Well when I read on I'd probably find that out.
Phantom chapter 8 . 1/16
Oh this is getting great! What I take is Lucrezia does not exactly exist. Ok, ok this is interesting. But poor Danny with the incounter with a younger Vlad, Danny is in deep s***. And so is Clockwork. I do wonder also be cool if Danny met Hagrid, and Fang. I do want to say did you guys know Butch Hartman did a video on his YouTube channel just talking bout Danny being somehow involved with the wizerding world of Harry Potter, lol. This is getting great.
Phantom chapter 7 . 1/16
I almost burst out laughing in the beginning when Danny suspected Filtchs cat was the one under Voldys control. Then in the end where Danny was like never thought the cat could be one. Which then made me think of the sene in Danny's show where he is yelling at Vlad " As a single man in your fourties I suggest you (can't remember that part) or get a cat!" But oh- no Luna's back, Bum bum BUMM. Well we'll se what happens. Also to say nearly headless Nick is too good for this world, also be funny if Danny ran into moaning Murtle lol.
Phantom chapter 6 . 1/16
Yay Danny finally found a good place to bunk. The room of requirement. I forgot In my last post to say I loved some of Danny's puns in the last chapter. And I love that Pevves is a huge wimp, lol. But just to say finding that s today made my day. I love both Harry Potter series and Danny Phantom t.v series. ( Deep down I hope Butch Hartman and J.K Rowling finds this and make this ) Idk I just feel in love with this and Genko-Yoru, for writing this, I horrnar you. Lol I'm just happy, please ignore me,lol I'm just a nerd.
Phantom chapter 5 . 1/16
When I heard the name Luna at first I was like yay Luna Lovegood, but I guess it was a ghost with name Luna and not the actual RavenClaw Luna, lol. But that fight sene with Danny and Luna was epic. Hey earlier on Danny was in thought bout how he had not taken a shower in days and needed one, but he was plunged into water so... Ok lol I'm awkward I know this chapter just got so intense. And I wonder is this Luna is feeding Voldy on the back of Qaurills head information to kill Harry. But yeh this chapter cleared a bunch of questions and rema is I had, but it also gave me more questions, but that is in every great piece of writing. So yeh can't wait for what happens next.
Phantom chapter 4 . 1/16
Yes, FYI I am reasoning to every page I just love this so much. I think putting Danny in the series of Harry Potter is awesome. Maybe with a small part I have a huge crush on Danny, lol. But yeh and the line Hermione says " You could of gotten use killed,... Or worse expelled." Always get me, I love it. Or when Dean wake up sees Ron and Harry says what r u doing, sees Danny and is like wait a minute,... And Ron just said shut up Dean, I thought that was really funny. Though in the end I found Danny muttering in his sleep a bit weird. Who was he talking to and who is "them" my guess he was talking to Voldy and saying don't kill Ron, Hermione, and Harry. But I could be wrong. I also like the sene of Danny scaring the crud out of Peeves.
Phantom chapter 3 . 1/16
I like this plot point and the fact Danny is in deep trouble. And then I got more exited with him bumping into Nevile, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. This is gonna be awesome and a bit awkward. If I was Danny in those situations I'd be so scared and shy. But Danny is a hero and he's doing the right things. I think the best person to tell about being half ghost to is Dumbledor because Dumbledor is the head master and can help. Also Danny should tell Dumbledor he's from the further and was sent to make sure Voldmart does not kill Harry in the first bloody season of the series. And I love how close Danny got to Qirell/ dude with Voldy on back of head, and Danny just ran off lol. But yeh. I love this.
Phantom chapter 2 . 1/16
Ok situations are starting to get cringey but that's expected, but this is still awasome and how Danny already met proffeser Mogonagal and Snape, also how close a door away, that Danny was away from Harry. This is exiting and Danny made the mistake of saying Slitheran, I think Danny more as a Grifindor but he didn't know it made a good story line for Danny just to say house a Sliytheren. Sorry bout my spelling btw. But yeh this is great I a keep reading. :)
Phantom chapter 1 . 1/16
OMG, this is... AWESOME. I love, love, LOVE Harry Potter and Danny Phantom, and in this first chapter I'm already so excited! You took my dream of mixing these fantasy characters together you are a true work of genius my bro. And I loved you description of the events and Danny in hogwarts omg I almost had a heart attack when reading the description to your story I'm so exited. I can't wait to read on.
TwilightWakerofTime chapter 19 . 1/16
hey hey i reviewed a while back but I'm checking in again to say I really still freaking adore this fic and I click on every single update immediately because it's so darn exciting. Absolutely love your plot line and the way you've written Danny. I'm still reeling over Vlad's inclusion and he's so fantastic in this. There are so many little things I love about this fic, like when Dumbledore gave Danny the truth serum and he almost blurted out his full name to Vlad, or how Danny is trying to cope with his ice powers, or how the trio is totally misunderstanding Danny's intentions, or even just how you write Danny being a ghost and incorporating him into the HP world, and the list goes on.

Thank you so much for writing and I hope you're doing well!
dragonman.NET chapter 19 . 1/13
This was an enjoyable find. I love the Vlad and Danny interactions, I'm curious if the future will change at all when Danny goes back to the future as far as their dynamic goes.

Don't know if its planned or not, but I rather hope we get an epilogue at the very end with Danny coming back to Hogwarts to see how everything turned out.
Blackbelt219 chapter 2 . 1/12
Is Danny going to stay in the new timeline forever? I would like it better if he couldn't go back
Dp-Marvel94 chapter 19 . 1/12
You updated! I loved the conversation between Danny and Hermione. I would hope that after she tells Harry and Ron about what she'd learned, that the two would believe her and stop thinking Danny is up to no good. But knowing those two, it'll just encourage them to get involved. I also loved Danny's nightmare and his he fight with Voldemort. Having Peeves there was great. And Danny's ice powers acting up too! love it!
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