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N7sdr93 chapter 29 . 3/22
Bill, this was an amazing story, as all of yours are. I'm definitely sad to see you go, but I understand completely. That said I hope in a few months you get the writing bug again and write another amazing story although I understand how that goes. I do have to wonder, you are obviously a huge Chuck fan, but are there any other fandoms you are also passionate about? Are there any other categories you might move on to? Regardless, you have given myself and many others hours of entertainment and I will always be appreciatve of that. I'm going through the Incentive arc again for like the...7th? Tme now. Best of luck in whatever you do!
Guest chapter 29 . 3/22
It will be very sad to see you go. This story was amazing with characters I love, and you love for them was easy to see in between the lines. Thank you for sharing, and if you decide to write a novel yourself please come on line and make it known, because you have at least one built in fan ready to go.
uplink2 chapter 29 . 3/22
Great ending Bill. And I again want to thank you for all you have done for this community and for sharing your talent with us. I've read everything you have posted and have enjoyed them all. I see how things have slowed down and I expect that will continue. I think the chances of anymore Chuck are now gone and it saddens me as we and Chuck and Sarah will never get the ending they and the fans they deserved. But at least we have stories like this and all of your work and the work of many others that let us live in their universe for just a little bit longer.

I do hope you get the bug once more but I'll fully understand if you don't. It's been a great ride no matter how many roadblocks and p(l)ot holes Fedak put in our way. lol
phathead01 chapter 29 . 3/22

Thank you for an amazing journey! I am one of those who found CHUCK on Netflix almost two years after it ended on television. It quickly became one of my all time favorites. I watched the whole series in under a week( yes, I didn't get much sleep until Chuck and Sarah finally got together mid-season 3) and have since watched the series twice more.
Upon concluding the first run through I went straight to the internet to find more and gratefully stumbled on fanfiction, which I didn't know existed beforehand. Since that February day in 2014, I have read hundreds of CHUCK stories, many of them a few times. It has been a blessing to have found your writing. The emotion, the angst, the growth and the love that emanates from them has kept me coming back again and again. Thank you for your investment of time, willingness to put yourself out there and the love you have for a great show and two amazing characters.
I hope that you'll return and I certainly get it if you don't. Much love sir!
Deathzbreath chapter 29 . 3/20
Great story man it was a pleasure to read, thank you for taking the time to write it. I appreciate the AN at the end as well, as I mirror many of your feelings about the show, how it was handled and ended. That being said, thanks to fanfiction the characters have lived on into new adventures and some amazing stories by yourself and many others out there. I'm trying to write something myself and I know how difficult it can be.

So if this is the end, thank you once again for what you have given to the Chuck fandom. And just in case...we will leave the light on for you. Peace.
zanex9 chapter 29 . 3/19
It's heartbreaking to know that this will be your last story. Over the years I had read and loved your stories, the joy they brought me and many others was immense. I am truly sad to see my favorite author on this site to be leaving, and while I wish you luck in whatever you do in the future, I will never forget the tears and smiles your writing gave me.
Guest chapter 29 . 3/19
I have enjoyed your writings and this story very much.
The Chuck series ended before I knew that FanFiction existed.
I could have done without Seasons 3 & 5 except for Honeymoon
& the Turners. But I enjoyed the rest of the story. WT/WT is
common in TV because it's lazy writing. Scorpion is the latest
example. If you decide to write again I would be pleased to
read your work. Thank You for all your works, JR69stang
Lonny J chapter 29 . 3/19
Schwedak did not like Charah. They admitted it. They were committed to telling Chuck's story, Sarah was only supposed to be a supporting character. Plus Hollywood has difficulty dealing with couples. WT/WT is seen as necessary for TV. Look at Castle, SVU, you pick one. Good writers tell a story, great writers let the story go where the characters lead. The show may have been conceived as the story of a nerd with a computer in his head, but it quickly became a love story and more importantly (I think) the story of Sarah's redemption. It could have really been great, but Schwedak just refused to let it go there. Our loss. I personally am sorry to see you hang up your spurs. There is a wealth of imagination in this fandom, but a shortage of good writers. I will miss you.
wilf21 chapter 29 . 3/19
That was a wonderful ending to a great story. I'm sorry you're going into fic retirement but fully understand why. Your stories over the years have been a must to read. So long and good luck with your future endeavours
baldcoder chapter 29 . 3/19
This has been a really great story. It's sad to see it end. I hope you give us a new story soon.
phnxgrl chapter 29 . 3/19
Kudos on an amazing story to an amazing and wonderful series. I doubt my appetite for new Chuck stories will even wane. However, I understand the needs of a writer. Kudos again on all your Chuck adventure stories they were well appreciated.
Gtp se chapter 29 . 3/19
As always a great story from a great writer. I can safely say I have read all you story's Bill, and reviewed at some point on most of them. I will continue to read and re read all of the stories that are posted on the site, as long as it exist. If you do get that burning itch for a story. I will be the first in line to read.
sevenrez chapter 29 . 3/19
I applaud you and all your works. I wish this story would not end but it has to. I loved where you left.
I agree with so much of what you wrote in your final speech. There were so many storylines that could have been explored that would have helped the show. Like you said we were given great characters that we have embraced and molded into our own storylines over the years.
I know I have said it before but I just can't thank you enough for taking the time to write and pushing through negative comments and continuing to add to this huge Chuck library.
Deathzbreath chapter 28 . 3/15
Nice update man, this has really been a great story thank you for writing.
Darth-Malgus chapter 28 . 3/12
The Unofficial Family War is a story I consider to be A REAL PAGE TURNER! I am thoroughly hooked. I love the angst, drama, the plot... Excellent writing... 10 thumbs up... Five Stars!
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