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dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 9/25
Interesting chapter and plot and idea
Tigertod chapter 29 . 8/3
I know it’s a little late to review this story but excellent as always. I agreed with everything you said about Fedak & Schwartz. I think they intentionally dragged out getting them together on purpose just to get back at the very fans who kept the show on the air. I never understood why they kept them apart it hurt the show in the end. Chuck & Sarah could’ve been the greatest television love story of all. Theirs was the sweetest purest love I’ve ever seen & if they had just let the natural flow of the way people get together happen the show would have lasted at least 10 years. I still want to know how stripping the memories away from Sarah could be considered a love letter to the fans who religiously followed the show no matter what time slot they put it in. They didn’t understand that even though Sarah said she fell for Chuck sometime between fixing my phone & defusing bombs. It was all the sweet tender moments that she & Chuck shared that wore down her defenses & allowed a cold hearted spy to be heart warmed by our favorite Buymore nerd. Those little moments heart warmed us as well nerds never got the girls but Chuck did and that’s why all of us nerds watched we lived through Chuck thinking that if he could do it then maybe we can to. Not necessarily getting a beautiful sexy spy for a wife but going after our dreams and not settling for anything less. They should have ended the show after saving Molly and Emma. Then they could have found a way to have Stephen and Mary get back together as well how could you leave Stephen dead forever but bring Shaw back. Chuck and Ellie had been through so much in their lives just when they both find happiness they take away their father. If they revived Shaw don’t you you think the Ring would’ve made damn sure they would have revived Stephen “Orion” Bartowski the creator of the intersect. Then he would have found a way to escape of course then he & Ellie could’ve fixed Sarah. Then he & Mary could have had their happy ending.
Pjackson-Teenwolf20 chapter 29 . 10/26/2017
i really liked this story if you are intrested all 5 seasons of chuck are on showbox
Guest chapter 29 . 8/17/2017
This was a very cute story... I think you let Mary and Alexi off the hook easily but hey, who doesn't love a happy ending
kyoshi711 chapter 11 . 7/4/2017
Story is a little bit, no a whole lot to mushy. They act like teenagers.
kyoshi711 chapter 3 . 7/3/2017
Lets bump off some bad guys.
kyoshi711 chapter 1 . 7/3/2017
Great story keep it up.
Sofa.King.01 chapter 29 . 5/14/2017
I enjoyed it, as always, Bill. Sorry it took so long to review, but I adopted a personal policy, about a year ago, to only read finished stories. If this is truly your last work in the Chuck-verse, then let me just thank you for your contribution to the fandom; you've been one of my favorite writers, across , and I'll be sorry to see you go... Especially since I can't take for granted that the next show to appeal to you in the same way that Chuck did will also appeal to me; it wouldn't be the first time that a writer I enjoyed in one fandom moved on to another fandom that wasn't relevant to my interests. I sincerely hope that the future has a BillAtWork story in another one of my fandoms and, if not, Fair Winds and Following Seas!
gombek69 chapter 29 . 4/2/2017
What a wonderful great story! Bill I want to thank you for all the great stories you have written. I love the journey you take us from one story to the next. I have read and reread all of your stories and they have kept me in love with the Chuck and Sarah adventures. I hope you never get tired of writing them. But I know that it must take up a lot your time and effort. I greatly appreciate and than you it. I wish you all the best on your next endeavors.

charahkids chapter 29 . 4/2/2017
Bill, thank you so much for writing this lovely story! You did an incredible job and it exceeded my expectations! And I agree, the writers major mistake was not embracing the love story...Charah! Fans thought Chuck and Sarah would be an item and watch the love story develop! Instead, we got Prague! ACK! Such was a mistake that viewership dropped after S3E1 and it never recovered! The Terrible Twelves were...well, terrible! But thank goodness for FF and great writers like you! So, I want to personally and publicly thank you for taking the idea and continue to keep Charah alive! I do agree that the Chuck interest has waned, but I believe that the original fan base is still very strong! There are over 4K Chuck stories and growing! Slowly, but growing! I do hope there's a Chuck movie in the future! Though Zack and Yvonne are older, they still look great, especially Yvonne! :p Maybe a movie where they already have children and take it from there?! Anyway, until then, I'll continue to be here and enjoy further Charah stories! Again, thank you so much Bill and I hope you come back with another Charah adventure! :D
Aryan229 chapter 29 . 4/2/2017
CraigBes007 chapter 29 . 3/29/2017
Thanks for all the great story's over the years, you will missed
tw200 chapter 29 . 3/29/2017
Well the end of an era is finally here. Without reservation I can say I am so very sorry to see the stories end. You have been my last hold out in reading Chuck and Sarah stories. As far as I am concerned you have been my favorite author. Thank you for endless hours of entertainment you provided with your skillful writing. A big compliment on this story. It is shameful to admit how much I would pay to see this last story on the big screen or a cable network. Your stories have been fantastic. Thank you a thousand times for the endless hours of reading that your talented hands have provided. Like you I think I will retire reading Chuck stories. I am very interested in reading any new stories you start on new or different materials. Not exactly sure how to find any of your stories can you tell me how to look? Best wishes to you and your family. Tw200.
N7sdr93 chapter 29 . 3/22/2017
Bill, this was an amazing story, as all of yours are. I'm definitely sad to see you go, but I understand completely. That said I hope in a few months you get the writing bug again and write another amazing story although I understand how that goes. I do have to wonder, you are obviously a huge Chuck fan, but are there any other fandoms you are also passionate about? Are there any other categories you might move on to? Regardless, you have given myself and many others hours of entertainment and I will always be appreciatve of that. I'm going through the Incentive arc again for like the...7th? Tme now. Best of luck in whatever you do!
Guest chapter 29 . 3/22/2017
It will be very sad to see you go. This story was amazing with characters I love, and you love for them was easy to see in between the lines. Thank you for sharing, and if you decide to write a novel yourself please come on line and make it known, because you have at least one built in fan ready to go.
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