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Forlornhero chapter 59 . 7/26
This is the most utterly confusing fanfiction I have ever read. Everybody is a bastard. Everybody is doing incredibly stupid, cruel and downright evil things. Yet it's normal. It's never really commented on or addressed. Reading this feels like I'm stuck in a whirlpool. This isn't angst. Angst requires people actually addressing their issues. Angst means characters developing and changing, growing up. Angst does not mean idle, inane conversation juxtaposed with insanity. Percy, after six years, is the same person but a bit more insane. Yet his dialogud, and the dialogue of everybody around him remains the same. It's terrible. It feels like thousands of words of apt description leads to absolutely nothing. Because the characters don't grow. It's like every dramatic event has never happened except in people's minds. I'm still reeling from how strange this is.
SkyeMoor chapter 57 . 4/23
Tarvos is hilarious. worth reading the whole fic for.
SkyeMoor chapter 55 . 4/23
Percy. a really nice guy, with Problems!
Guest chapter 49 . 4/23
I really don't think Percy is that far gone, that he'd manage to forget protection. And it seems more than a bit boorish and "convenient" for Audrey to not have been with Anyone over six years! I mean, really.
In fact, the whole "they did this platonically" at fifteen seems like an author convenience. (particularly when you don't actually talk about it much, so I don't even think I believe it)
SkyeMoor chapter 46 . 4/20
Poor Penelope. Victimized by Ares and then Aphrodite too?
SkyeMoor chapter 36 . 4/20
Lol! Okay, that's hilarious.
SkyeMoor chapter 35 . 4/20
Thank you Percy. Admitting that you need a detention.
This fic is unexpectedly hilarious
SkyeMoor chapter 34 . 4/20
Somehow, I think Snape gives detentions, he doesn't threaten them.
SkyeMoor chapter 32 . 4/20
Poor Arthur, expecting his middle child to act like the rest of them.
SkyeMoor chapter 31 . 4/20
Wow. That last bit was one powerful scene.
SkyeMoor chapter 26 . 4/20
You had in the text, as "reality" that a Chaser broke Percy's watch. Then you had Adrian saying it was Beaters, and Charlie accepting that. This leads to the rather unpleasant conclusion that the Chaser is still running around unpunished.
SkyeMoor chapter 20 . 4/19
Poor Charlie. His brother's just as stubborn as he is, and is eleven, to boot!
SkyeMoor chapter 2 . 4/18
This really sounds like an eleven year old. the world is ending, and over such a little thing!
irene2005 chapter 59 . 1/2
This took me quite a while to read.. but this is amazing! You definitely messed with my brain during this and the ending. The ending stood out to me finding out that Percy received what he gave years later and him magically stop aging. Just gave me a thought if he aged faster. This story has been a definite adventure.
threeninefour chapter 59 . 6/9/2017
This is one of the most brilliant and breathtaking works I've read in my life. It was torturing, heartbreaking, enticing, and absolutely perfect. I love this with every cell of my fanfiction-riddled brain, and you did an excellent job on portraying insane but good Percy Ignatius Weasley. I loved Adrian Pucey's and Percy's friendship, as well as Audrey's and Percy's. Penelope and Marcus was a surprising but warm touch. I do hope you write a small sequel, or another Percy fic. Thank you so much for blessing me with this enchanting piece.
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