Reviews for Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo
turbomagnus chapter 38 . 2h
I say this as a compliment; that was a twist that I did not anticipate in the least.
Wicked.A chapter 38 . 4h
Just a reader chapter 38 . 4h
I wonder how the ‘former imperials’ of death squadron have reacted to the fact that they’ve time traveled. I know that they’re some of the most disciplined in the imperial navy but there must be quite a bit of shock going around. I know I’m shocked to see that death squadron arrived with Vader and Fett. And what an rather amazing and terrifying end to this chapter, “then the Executor is still at large”.

Can’t wait for next chapter, I’m curious to see what happens next!
Te Ne'tra Mand'alor chapter 38 . 5h
Okay now I’m just intrigued. Definitely can wait to see how you end this.
Reader 451 chapter 38 . 7h
I can say, that this was in fact an enjoyable read. I still think about the straw that Vader totally doesn't have in his mask, or the fact that he can turn down his artificial lungs at any time.
Guest chapter 38 . 8h
If the executor is missing is the emperor in the past as well? I know h
That wasn't his flag ship but it's a bit weird
Zero chapter 38 . 14h
This is getting better every second.
UndeadLord22 chapter 38 . 6h
literally out of fucking nowhere jeez. I expect more on this.

Who else is gonna be coming in hmm?
PoofyOhio chapter 38 . 7h
YO! Holy shit! That bombshell blew me the fuck away. I cannot wait for the next chapter.
FractiousDay chapter 38 . 7h
I suppose I might remark that this isn't really that dramatic? I suppose I'm just fatigued by the extremely long series of arcs. This story has been going for 6 years apparently, and I guess at least half of it has been the protracted arcs of Vader on Corusant, then the series of battles between Palpatine, Vader, Palegius, the Jedi, and probably a few others. Then we had the Naboo arc and good god how long did that last?

You mention you've been waiting years for this. For what? The dramatic reveal that Vader has just... gone back to the ship like a normal person.

It just seems like a bit of a pointless story tbh. There were pages and pages of people standing about marvelling at things, but for example where's the ending? Vader never had any dramatic tension because he can apparently blast people easily enough, and he never had any difficulty in the last battle here. The villain was Palpatine? Was it? But he was defeated in the mid story.

It's just felt like a slog really. I've been waiting for chapters and chapters for anything to happen, for Vader to perhaps assemble his own faction or something but no it sjust wandering around without anything important ging on.
AiyaKnight chapter 38 . 8h
i feel like this is a hollow ending that doesn't really mean much in the end at all. like they were all like, yea so thank you, sure np have some cryptic answers now bye. like i just dont see the ending making the story at all like i had hoped for months on end
BadCommissar chapter 38 . 10h
Oh. . .
Vader's Empire may rise soon but perhaps not soon enough. We may see Vader's fist come down in force but for now patience is needed, the main enemy is defeated for now and there may be a break in the fighting but war will come.

OK, great chapter.
Blackholelord chapter 38 . 10h
Still, I have to wonder how the Clone Wars will turn out. Imperial tech that Vader has running around at this point be at least 30 years ahead of anything out there.
Storm Wolf77415 chapter 38 . 10h
You sneaky, underhanded DEVIOUS bastard you! This is how you do a twist! Just waiting to see what you pull out next!
Z-King chapter 38 . 11h
COOL! Not just Vader and Jett but A Star Destroyer and stormtroopers too!
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