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Inritus chapter 20 . 8h
Sad thing is that at one point Jedi could marry and have families but they had another war where one of them fell to the dark side and managed to turn other Jedi and their family or used their families to turn them. I believe it was before the mando war in legends.
Inritus chapter 18 . 9h
It's good to see someone using Legends and not the shit Disney made. Don't get me wrong the movies were enjoyable It's just I prefer Legends far more do to it being much richer in content and lore.
Neroscurse chapter 3 . 13h
Fantastic story! Really enjoying rereading it to fully catch up on the epicosity after I dropped out couple of months ago. Wondering if you've given any consideration to fixing up Darth Vader's suit. Several YouTuber's brought out the lore surrounding just how handicapped Darth Vader was in his suit due to Sidious' desire to limit and control his apprentice, despite there being established canon medical and suit technology that would increase mobility, reduce vulnerability, etc. Personally, I don't think you should take him out of the suit, he's way cooler in it, but could make him potentially more powerful without just power boosting as you develop the story.

Regardless, keep up this awesome story!
Guest chapter 20 . 19h
i have an idea have vader tall plagueis his siuts weakness and when he ask why tall me have him say i want to be clear about my intention for a partnership no more no lees
Guest chapter 20 . 22h
Inritus chapter 8 . 10/21
Legends Vader was always a favorite as some of the stuff he does and can do was freaking insane. I'm hoping he upgrades his cybernetics to solve the weakness Palpatine put in his suit, maybe even incorporate some force artifacts to give it a nice kick.
I'm not a big fan of the Jedi as well they're a hypocritical bunch who will kill you even if you're not of their order if you practice the dark side in almost any compactly, which is funny cause unless I'm forgetting it that's not illegal under republic laws.
Inritus chapter 4 . 10/21
A storm isn't a threat to Vader, Vader is a threat to the storm lol.
Inritus chapter 1 . 10/21
This is fuckin brilliant lol, I'm curious if he'll upgrade his cybernetics now that he shouldn't have to worry about his master fuckin them up. Unless that's who also is there.
frenzy307 chapter 20 . 10/20
Ohh no... the person Darth Vader hates the most is probably himself. I feel bad for the guy.
Black Magic99 chapter 20 . 10/20
ugh. you and your fing cliff hangers. they freaking piss me off. and its even worst now that I've caught up!

other than that, this is really really interesting and unlike every time travel fic I've read... almost every.

while i don't think ep 4 vader (i think that's what he is) would be this tired. it is interesting if the most powerful person ever (top 5 min) went back to the beginning

that said i do wonder what his plan is or even his real feelings on everyone. especially padme. i get the impression he is living his own what if story, padme was literally his everything so seeing them interact... its like a mentor father type role. he wants her to be THE best.

hell i think he cares about her more than his counterpart. he is someone elses problem but still offers good advice to help him. ashoka is too young to care about and his mom, even he doesnt want to open that bag of issues lol.

so what i dont understand is the long term goal here... vader is on neutral terms with the jedi and sith, he knows all about the great plan, the jedi are now aware of active sith so they should become loads stronger...

ugh, you know what just update so ill have less question to try and figure put
Guest chapter 20 . 10/20
Darth Plagueis The Wise and Darth vader The Powerful plagueis wanted a partner i thank that can be what the sequel is about there patnership
2ilver8ox chapter 20 . 10/20
I love Yaddle! She was such an interesting character, I'm glad you were able to bring her in even for a moment.
Black Magic99 chapter 18 . 10/20
while i think that whole speech was preachy and winded, that last line was great
Super98 chapter 20 . 10/19
Crys chapter 20 . 10/19
Lot of theory and philosophy, there. Gonna take awhile to sort it out in my head.

Still, glad to see you're still writing. Looking forward to more.
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