Reviews for The Theatre of War
Guest chapter 122 . 7/9
I’ve been following this story for a long while. It’s a great read! It does make me a lil sad having short chapters. I enjoy reading about conflict and emotional growth of the characters and their connections. Sometimes I want a full day or moment that feels like their relationship is growing. Small chapters make me feel like the author is getting bored of their story. Like I want the full passionate scene, not just a glimpse here and there. I do slightly feel like the last 4-5 chapters have been a lil bit of a standstill. I hope this doesn’t discourage you, but encourages you to be inspired. I think your writing is great! I just want more of that greatness! Hope you’re well! (: I’ll continue to wait for more
tiggerdavis1970 chapter 122 . 7/10
That was insightful. I loved it! More please!
JuliSt chapter 122 . 7/9
Wonderful chapter, I smiled the whole time I read it. Lucius is moving on and he's taking Hermione with him. I like how Hermione feels that even with Lucius' changes, that there is still plenty of himself left. The best and the most intriguing parts are still there. Lucius without some arrogance and self-confidence would be such a watered down version of himself. He doesn't need the cruelty, bigotry, and uncaring for others (like Draco) to have that edge, he has his intelligence, sexiness and wit in great supply. Their relationship has solidified so much :)
pgoodrichboggs chapter 122 . 7/9
Awesome chapter as always. I love how certain aspects of Lucius character are still there but his overall approach with Hermione is caring.
Colormewonderful909 chapter 122 . 7/9
Yay. I get so excited by these updates!
skyeryder01 chapter 122 . 7/9
I love how far Lucius has come since the beginning of this, and even how Hermione has grown as well.
SereniteRose chapter 122 . 7/9
another great and lovely new story, thanks ever so much.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/28
I feel this story could be good but the chapters are far too short with not much substance in each one, could hold 6-7 chapters in 1 chapter, I find that really distracting when you have to keep loading a new page, it takes you out of the story. Sorry! X
SereniteRose chapter 121 . 6/24
it was a lovely new chapter, thanks ever so much. so hooked on this story and I love me some Lumione, thanks again.
tiggerdavis1970 chapter 121 . 6/24
That was incredible! But did you really have to stop there? You are such a tease! I can't wait to read more! I hope it will be soon! Fantastic!
pgoodrichboggs chapter 121 . 6/24
Awesome chapter as always. I love that Lumione has come full circle and they are back to where everything started from. Excited for more;)
JuliSt chapter 121 . 6/23
Love this chapter! I like how they've come full circle :) You do such a great job with writing dialogue that has so much meaning and depth, but still are able to add some humor. Lucius and his perfect hair for example. Hermione is so good for Lucius, but Lucius is also good for Hermione. She's having a true "grown-up" relationship with a real man and she is flourishing. Great little book talk, maybe Lucius will read it in the future. The ending makes me so excited for the next chapter!
skyeryder01 chapter 121 . 6/23
I love the reflections in this chapter and how it shows how far they've come, Lucius especially. Great chapter!
Colormewonderful909 chapter 121 . 6/23
SereniteRose chapter 120 . 6/12
hate Dinny Weasley with a passion and I loathe Ron as well, but I love this new chapter, thanks ever so much, and I love me some Lumione, thanks again.
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