Reviews for The Theatre of War
Wynter Phoenix chapter 127 . 10/12
Aw, fantastic chapter!
tiggerdavis1970 chapter 127 . 10/10
That was brilliant! So perfect! I loved it!
SereniteRose chapter 127 . 10/9
loved this new chapter, thanks ever so much, I can't wait to read more, I love that Lucius and Hermione are so in love, thanks ever so much.
JuliSt chapter 127 . 10/9
Beautiful chapter! I can why felt this could be the last chapter, selfishly I'm glad you decided that it was not. So lovely see Lucius and Draco's complete turnaround and have that loving father/son connection. Hermione put herself out there and was not disappointed :) I always have this small thought in the back of my mind, of what Narcissa's reactions and feelings are about these circumstances and changes. Hermione seems to be living Narcissa's past dreams.
pgoodrichboggs chapter 127 . 10/9
Awesome chapter! Looking forward to the wedding;)
tiggerdavis1970 chapter 126 . 9/24
That was perfect! I loved it!
pgoodrichboggs chapter 126 . 9/23
Awesome chapter! Adored the breakthrough and Hermione hinting at a proposal:)
JuliSt chapter 126 . 9/21
Lucius has really become adept at expressing his emotions, it does help to have a partner he can count on for understanding and support :) Draco's letter was so happy and carefree, he's a changed man from that nasty little brat in school. Well I hope that Lucius is as perceptive as I think he is. Hermione has really come into her own with expressing her wishes.

Colin Firth is always my Mr. Darcy *swoon*
SereniteRose chapter 126 . 9/21
are they going to get married? I hope so, I love Lucius and Hermione as a couple, I hope they get their HEA, I've enjoyed this story so much I'm sad that it's ending as it was a brilliant and wonderful story, thanks ever so much.
skyeryder01 chapter 125 . 9/15
Great chapter! I especially loved the part about Lucius' conversation with Molly.
Guest chapter 125 . 9/5
another fantastic new chapter, what can I say but brilliant, thanks ever so much.
Wynter Phoenix chapter 125 . 9/5
Absolutely lovely!
JuliSt chapter 125 . 9/5
Such a great chapter, really moving and so touching. So many comparisons too. Molly being Lucius' Javert was really thought provoking. Her defense and care for Hermione is powerful and really amazing :) Hermione just apparating Lucius back to her home cracked me up, she didn't want to waste any time, lol.
Arendora chapter 125 . 9/5
This chapter was amazing!
Colormewonderful909 chapter 125 . 9/5
Haha, Molly. I can seem them being friendish.
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