Reviews for Impose
chelsea0223 chapter 53 . 7/24
What a beautiful final chapter! The patronus part brought a few happy tears to my eyes. I can't thank you enough for these stories. They've been my happy place lately.
chelsea0223 chapter 26 . 7/20
Absolutely cackling at Sirius' letter here. He is the king of passive aggressive and Snape is going to regret everything.

I took a break from reading this series to give my eyes a break and read a couple of physical, non-electronic books, but I'm back now and it feels like coming home. I'm so incredibly invested in this series and I'm so glad that you, dear author, seem to be just as invested in finishing it. Thank you.
cflat chapter 53 . 7/11
I am glad that you're still working on these stories, even if nowadays they take you quite a long time to finish. Quite often, when people start AU stories for whatever long series they want to do, they often only get early seasons or books done before loosing interest.

I do like that you're keeping the same kind of plots for Harry's years at Hogwarts but also changing things up quite a bit. I've seen a lot of stories where people don't do enough changes to a story which would sometimes make it seem pointless to invent a character or situation if there wasn't a going to be a major change (like saving Sirius in book 5 for example).

Although of all the changes you've done, perhaps the one thing I dislike the most is giving Draco a twin. I just dislike that you created a brother just so Draco could be a Gryffindor but kept the brother exactly like canon Draco. I'd have rather just kept Draco as an only child.

I am glad that you're showing Hermione's parents much more than they were in canon. JKR did not explore that enough in my opinion.

Also, just FYI, having read the other stories recently, I did notice that there were the occasional spelling error or sometimes an incomplete sentence at the end of a paragraph. And some of the earlier stories had no space between scene changes.
lilyemma chapter 53 . 6/17
It’s amazing! I love, mostly, that you’re writing this much, and not giving up. I love it, you’re the best! Thanks so much! See you in the next story!
lilyemma chapter 52 . 6/17
lilyemma chapter 51 . 6/16
Great !
lilyemma chapter 50 . 6/16
Great :D
lilyemma chapter 49 . 6/16
lilyemma chapter 48 . 6/16
lilyemma chapter 47 . 6/16
Nice !
lilyemma chapter 46 . 6/15
Great !,,,
lilyemma chapter 45 . 6/15
Great :D
lilyemma chapter 44 . 6/15
Nice !
lilyemma chapter 43 . 6/15
Great ! !
lilyemma chapter 42 . 6/15
Oh no.
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