Reviews for The Girl with The Blue Lotus Tattoo
wolfkitty1103 chapter 22 . 4/30
This story is so good! I am definitely following this fic! Thank you for writing and sharing!
Nunes chapter 1 . 4/27
Parabéns suas histórias é sempre interessante..
Muita inspiração
Fica com Deus
Witch with the Cat chapter 22 . 4/26
I think I read it what... five times now? I honestly don't remember, unfortunately I don't believe I left any comments here before, so... sorry?
I love this story so much! It was the first of yours I read, I remember I was on a Sevmione binge and found it looking through Google :D Severus here is how I always imagined Severus to be if Voldemort and Dumbledore didn't exist... and Hermione... Your Hermione is amazing! I love your portrayal of her so much, it's my favourite! I always imagined her with a few cast off creatures, chasing ancient magics and helping everyone and everything on her way... Malfoys are all amazing and thank you for throwing in some Andy, the sisters are a terrifying thing to behold.
The Courts and the Faye though... wow. Just wow. WOW. Absolutely amazing
And the elves! I love them, they're so feisty and dangerous!
I can't wait to find out what is happening to Hermione and how will they go about curing her. Truth be told I simply can't wait for an updateWish you lots of inspiration, motivation and free time 3 stay safe!
Thomasok chapter 22 . 4/20
This is a gorgeous story. I just found it and am really enchanted by the world building, the characters, all of it. Many thanks for sharing it!
chanelblanc chapter 22 . 4/16
Poor Bill! He’s just terrified right outta himself. Ron has a come to Jesus with his name on it. It’ll be a great family bonding activity: Punish the Weasel. Fun for the whole family. *cackles*

Ginny’s cruising for a bruising if she’s not careful. Ron done a Bad Thing and there are Consequences. I can totally see Lucius, Narcissa, Andromeda, and even Severus being vicious about this. Ron bumbled his way into an almost-but-not-quite-there assassination. I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day...

Lovely story, my dear! I can’t wait to see where you take us next. I hope you and yours are safe and well. Thanks for sharing! ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️
nunes chapter 22 . 4/11
Eu amo como essa história se desenvolveu. A construção do mundo é excelente!
nunes chapter 16 . 4/11
Você é INCRÍVEL, não consigo me cansar das suas fanfictions ... sempre as leio e releio na esperança de novas atualizações ... Obrigada por exigida-las
Nunes chapter 22 . 4/8
A paz de deus
Tudo bem?

Suas historias é incrível e surpreendente.
Deus abençoe sempre
nunes chapter 22 . 4/3
Parabéns por postar mais um capítulo realmente gosto quando atualiza suas histórias porque cada uma é melhor que a outra Muita inspiração Deus abençoe
kalikk chapter 22 . 2/19
Você é INCRÍVEL, não consigo me cansar das suas fanfictions...sempre as leio e releio na esperança de novas atualizações...Obrigada por escreve-las
Lyra Cassiopeia black chapter 22 . 2/9
please updatd
AEdmo13 chapter 19 . 2/5
Rereading this I am reminded why this is one of my all time favorites and of course like with all stories you pick up on things you didn't notice before. What Andromeda says about dark not being evil was much needed; because Kings saying it's not what Hermione would want is complete nonsense. He has no clue about who she is now and if something like this had happened to any of her new family she would be behaving the same as they are. A good part of those who fought for "light" have been judgemental and prejudice despite claiming that they aren't and saying that's what they fought to end.
I hope something happens to Ron, he has been coddled and encouraged in his horrible behavior, he's been protected and not ever held responsible for his actions. It's time for him to grow up, he's been egocentric and a narcissist. Molly wants Hermione to marry him so that she can take care (aka serve and financially support) her precious baby boy. Then Ginny's screaming about it just being a mistake is a load of shite. Ron meant to do something, it just didn't go as he planned it to. Mistake or not he caused what has happened and must be held accountable, Molly has sheltered her youngest children too much and made them ignorant, not taught her kids how the world, how magic is. Ginny so self-assuredly said no one follows the old ways. Well that's a total lie. Ginny, Molly and most definitely Ron need a harsh smack of reality in some way.
Severus is going to his witches side, YAY! Then there is the spirits. They all went with Severus and Meda, which means Harry will see his loved ones and hopefully get hit with some needed truths. Then the best part in my mind is Teddy. He hasn't been mentioned at the hospital but we know that Narcissa took him with her so the family was together incase all hell broke free. I'm just pretending he's been able to sleep through this or is too young to really understand or be afraid of anything more than his Hermione being hurt. But he will be there to see Tonks and Remus!

Anyways ramble over, I hope you are doing well! Can't wait for more of this story.
anthraquinblue chapter 22 . 1/29
I love how this story has developed. The world building is excellent! I especially like the way you write Hermione, not as a caricature but with strength and complexity.
Guest chapter 22 . 1/22
goodness I love this story- great pace and just the right OMG moments to keep we wanting to know what's next - I hope you are travelling well in these crazy times and the rest of the story comes comfortably for you, no rush just looking forward to the next chapters- thank you so much
Erica chapter 1 . 1/5
A paz de Deus
Por favor continue suas histórias e uma mais incrível que a outra..Muita inspiração..Deus ilumine seus passos hoje e sempre Parabéns
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