Reviews for Lost
Certh chapter 1 . 6/11/2016
Wow... This was poignant. I do love how the relationship between Eol and Aredhel is illustrated here - a sort of pull-and-push association, almost. Eol is enchanted by her beauty, covets her and sees her as his possession; Aredhel is snared, perhaps even fascinated, by him, wants to be strong and independent and yet she needs him because the forest is strange to her.
Laerthel chapter 1 . 1/30/2016
Oh wow this is one special piece of work. Mainly because it tells so much with very few words.

Vaguely, we share the same idea about Eol's and Aredhel's relationship, for example I also think Eol regards her as a posession, a living thing he can control and rule. But you also managed to show here that in a way, Eol himself is also owned by Aredhel, he admires her so much. He views her as a rare and precious thing and becomes kind of addicted to her. In terms like this, it's rather hard to tell who bewitched who first.
The image of Aredhel cutting wood has burned into my eyes; it's at the same time a demonstration of strength but now her stength lacks **power**, something she's not by any means accustomed to. She depends on the mercy of Eol, she could never find the way out from the forest by herself, and she knows this. And in my opinion it's the sensation of utter dependance is the very thing that she's afraid of, but she has no word for this feeling because she's never experienced it before. So basically we see Eol teaching her how to use her own strength, another level of dependance.

Also "i am not lost" makes me think maybe that she's guessed what Eol wants from her (even before he himself could truly realise it) and she thinks it's not going to work? That she has no love for him? Huh, this raises so many questions.

One other thing: "in a way, he confesses. In her answer, he seeks absolution." - I cannot decide what you mean there, does Eol confess his love(?) for her (aka. he wants her to stay) or confess his sins? (That would match more with 'absolution' surely. But for a first read, it made me wonder).
Tsa Ra Vier chapter 1 . 1/16/2016