Reviews for Imaya's Story
catlover2976 chapter 2 . 7/2/2013
Please continue the story and update soon please
Maia's Pen chapter 2 . 5/7/2005
Oh wow! It’s not over! Awesome! I'm trying to take it all in.

BTW: thanks for the email. _

This made me giggle: - As I said. Humans are strange.- hee hee!

This poor Umbreon has such a dramatic life! *hugs Umbreon*What a deep, and well planned out story line. I really admire your flow and clever ideas!

How do you make the chapters so long? I wish my fic had nice long chapters like that.

This was also a good line: - My heart started to beat rapid fire, like when you go out to battle. The closer I got, the more I thought I’d faint.-

Yikes! I can truly feel the nerves!

Imaya, Tommy, Tava. . . wow. I don’t envy them. The whole storm scene was frightful! 0_0!

Holy cow! That was a cliffie! Update soon? Yes? _

DragnBlak chapter 2 . 5/6/2005
Watch that first step-it's a doozy. }:

Aw this is such a sad story! O.o It reminds me of "The Forgotten"-there aren't any alien abductions, are there? -_ I really like the way you describe things. I can't even explain what I mean b/c I don't have that talent, but I like the way you do it. I feel like I'm there, man. I feel like I AM Imaya.

I also like how well you see things from a Pokemon's view. I never would have had a second thought about "sayings" XD Aw six months later... Though Psychic is totally useless against Dark, remember? It's like going after a Fearow with Dig. Nothin' doin'. XD Ah well. Back on track-poor Imaya... she's so distraught... ~.~ And sometimes it's not so easy to let go. Even when you know you have to... That's some pretty interesting reasoning as to why she wouldn't let Alakazam scan her-I never would have thought that maybe there would be even worse things in my past than I'd realize. O.o

Cool! Horizontal separators!

*ahem* Er, so, continuing on... oh translator tag! And... YAY LET'S GO ON A VACATION TO A CEMETERY! I would not be so excited by that. XD And yes, a change of scenery to a graveyard'll lift ANYONE'S spirits. Tava Tava, you are an interesting woman. There is just something about exploring a sad town to find something to keep from being depressed that amuses me to no end.

Oh, walking through the cemetery... that's pretty smart about the fence to keep intruders out. I never would have thought she could sense spirits being a Dark type either, as opposed to ghosts-prit tee clever. Again, I like the description. Cripes I wish I could do that. O.O Tommy? Oh MAN WHAT ARE THE CHANCES! But who was the Onix? And why was it hanging around if he was at the grave of an Altaria... MYSTERY ENSUES. And of course she follows him. My goodness she's a persistent one. (heart) I wonder, as you listen to a Pokemon with a translator, if you hear the Pokemon's voice along with the translated one. I don't know where that came from. Anyway, so NICE of him to FINALLY let her talk. Sheesh.

Aw, Imaya... she's so excited that he'll talk to her. Not that I blame her. Also, his friends anger me. "One memory tore through me."-See, THAT'S what I mean by the description thing. You'll notice I'll comment about that several times by the time this novella is completed. "They don’t know me. I don’t think they even know him all that well."-That reminds me of Avril. The song they played on the radio over and over and over and... yeah, okay, so. FINALLY they leave and the two of them can talk. XD

Oh, I wanna see those cliffs... you know, if they were, real or something. Somewhere. Well, Imaya does seem to be pretty loyal. Though sometimes I think if she were human, she'd be SO IN LOVE. Dontcha hate when you think you're just thinking to yourself but then it turns out you're thinking out loud? I can't even imagine what's going through her. Someone you care about so much suddenly saying they never knew you. Also, I don't know why he would think he gave her any closure. Just reading it I can tell that she has none. Ohh storm coming... I have a feeling there'll be trouble afoot.

You know what else I like about this story? The omnicient points of view. Sometimes it's Imaya, sometimes it's Tava, sometimes it's just objective. I like that. Shakes things up. XD Oh, speaking of shaking things up, it's a Tava-Tommy tension scene! And as much as I hate to admit it, Tommy's retort to her comment was kinda funny. :P Uh oh... but where is Imaya? :( And again, why is everyone so surprised at her depressive tendencies? It's not THAT suprising considering the circumstances of, you know, her beloved trainer suddenly telling her that HE NEVER KNEW HER. People underestimate Pokemon, I think. THERE SHE IS! And of COURSE she's in a precarious situation on the brink of death. XD "The trainer who had once rejected the Umbreon, was now doing his best to save her life."-Oh, powerful. WOO ARIADOS! I love Ariados. I love me a spider. :P Imaya...

I'm glad they were able to get her to the Pokecenter without any more problems. That would just be kicking a guy while he was down, it would. I like how you put the thoughts of onlooking trainers who didn't know what was going on. Cripes you're good with the points of view thing. Aww poor Tava... amazing how something like this removes all tension barriers. You realize that there are things more important. Yup. And I know Imaya will be fine. She really is a fighter. XD

Sheesh, weather is crazy. A very sunny day after all that. Aww wow... so she did get closure after all that. I guess that's good, though I'd still like to know why she remembers being his Pokemon if she wasn't. Yay, go find Tava! - Man she's tough. Wow. I wonder what happened to her translator, though... or at least where it is. LOL I don't know why but I'm highly amused by her conversation with that Houndour. XD "A male, good, then it wouldn't be bitchy."-*died* I'm also highly amused by her trying to talk to Tava without the translator. She probably sounded like she was on two liters of Jolt. XD Yay collar! Oh wow, she was out for a long time. O.o

Hmm, Saffron... interesting... Oh man, I'll bet it's TOTAL opposite of Lavender. A HA! Sabrina... I'll bet I know what's going on. I like your take on what the gym would be like, with those tiles and stuff. I love when people take an aspect of a game and really fill it out like that. I'm currently trying to do that w/ a Kirby fic but we won't go into that here. XD Oh Sabrina... she always kinda freaked me out. But I guess a psychic'll do that to ya. AAH FREAKY MIND READING! I'm not even saying a word about her suicidal Pokemon comment cuz I've ranted enough about that already. XD I never would have thought that mind reading would be painful, though... whoa... I also wouldn't have thought it would be even MORE painful from a Psychic Pokemon. ; Arranged by Tommy? Full of surprises, he is. Hmm...

Trish chapter 2 . 4/28/2005
Oh you finally updated! Took you long enough! I love this story, poor Imaya! Well written as usual and I like how you used the imagery of the Saffron Gym as in the gameboy.

My guess is that she'll stay with Tava and she'll become her trainer. More!
Maia's Pen chapter 1 . 4/13/2005
Wub the fic, wub the song, & wub the Umbreon!


Is that really the end? I guess so since you wrote 'finis' heh. . . oh well, I'm optimistic!

Hee hee

Shamanic Shaymin chapter 1 . 5/10/2003
Hm, I thought I recalled seeing an Avril songfic based around a Pokemon, and ah! This must be it. Anyway, very nice writing: very sad and touching. I'm still confused about Imaya, though. Exactly what happened? Did she really hit her head or did Tommy really had the nerve to abandon and forget her? Ah well, probably better this way. Neat fic. (Hums "I'm With You")
mistressofmetal chapter 1 . 1/12/2003
wow. great way to incorporate the song with out actually using it. i love avril lavigne she is so kick ass. this story makes you feel sorry for the Umberon
Morbane chapter 1 . 1/12/2003
Good... good description, good portrayal of emotion... extremely interesting and thought-compelling. Where Imaya should belong, I'm still not sure.
Trish chapter 1 . 1/11/2003
Aww...this was so good! I felt so sorry for Imaya and you described her inner turmoil so well! I hope this means that you're back in the writing business. Because you are too good a writer to give it up. I know it and you do too