Reviews for Sugar Plums
jcshauni chapter 186 . 9/9
Holy *censored* *censored* why didn't I discovered this fic before ?
I am a huge fan of DoS and I found your work from the tvtropes pages and I have to say I regret not finding it sooner !
DoS is kinda lighthearted, your take is more grim and I really like it, the fact that you updated it recently is good also, I hope that silverqueeen will come back but I can't really expect it.

I really wish to read the rest of the story you have in your head and I hope you'll see this message. Your story made me start my own fanfiction, one that I will never publish because 1) I don't have the talent to create a whole world like you did, just capitalizing on what was already created and 2) because my schedule is kinda wonky, but still !

Thank you for this story
magicloverclover chapter 149 . 8/25
I was mostly right… more like a cult though.
magicloverclover chapter 138 . 8/25
Will they create a religion out of her? Knowing that they think of her like that I can definitely see this happening lol.
magicloverclover chapter 125 . 8/25
*everyone anime falls after hearing this*
magicloverclover chapter 90 . 8/24
That was one of the most intelligent moves I have ever seen made. Some books have long term planning but to literally take over the biggest business in the elemental nations (ish)-legally… Genius, like over the top Nara level genius, like holy shit, Athena will bow before these mortals genius.
magicloverclover chapter 44 . 8/24
Sock im in the face
fahri.uchiha chapter 146 . 8/2
Thanks! 146
fahri.uchiha chapter 145 . 7/31
Just arrived and already having administrative problems, lol
fahri.uchiha chapter 144 . 7/31
Thanks! 144
fahri.uchiha chapter 143 . 7/31
Stupid, but..
fahri.uchiha chapter 142 . 7/31
It's cruel
fahri.uchiha chapter 141 . 7/31
Why this happen!
fahri.uchiha chapter 140 . 7/31
Thanks 140
fahri.uchiha chapter 139 . 7/31
Rip the car
fahri.uchiha chapter 138 . 7/31
Be a hero in the eyes of the people
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