Reviews for Nihil est ab omni parte beatum
MoonyGirl828 chapter 36 . 10/11
But, but, but?! *stomps feet like a petulant child* that can be how it ends! What about the babies?! What happens at the burrow?! Are are Harry and Ron up to?! So many things left unanswered! I loved your story would love to see it continued in some way! Thank you for sharing 3!
Montara chapter 36 . 10/2
Nooo! This can't be the ending! Nothing is resolved! The horned god is still a problem, they don't know if they're in love because of that said god. Harry and Ron are going to try something to 'free' Hermione, for sure. The Blacks will try to make her their heiress...and so on.

Love the story so I hope you'll continue with it. Thanks for sharing!
Montara chapter 35 . 10/2
Draco a godfather?!
Montara chapter 34 . 10/2
Andromeda did it! With Regulus' help : Poor Grangers! They couldn't even mourn their little daughter! But I'm sure they still consider Hermione as their daughter.
Montara chapter 33 . 10/2
What if Luna's father is right and the horned god will try something bad with her kids?! :
Montara chapter 32 . 10/2
Harry took it well enough. Poor Luna, she must be closer to fey magic than others.
Montara chapter 31 . 10/2
Twins...the horned god did a great Hermione wants to kill him.

Glad Minerva is on their side...well, on Hermione's side. But she's right, she lost the brilliant mugleborn that could have been an example of what mugleborns could do.
Montara chapter 30 . 10/2
Bellatrix's death was a bit anticlimactic but welcomed.

They managed to save Fred! Hope they're alright, though.
Montara chapter 29 . 10/2
The final battle! And they're changing a lot of their timeline by saving people who died. I wonder if Bellatrix will find out about Hermione being her daughter..whom she tortured?!
Montara chapter 28 . 10/2
The horned god...apt name. :)
Montara chapter 26 . 10/2
They are so chaste :D
Montara chapter 17 . 10/1
She's a pureblood...and now Theo's fiance...
Montara chapter 14 . 10/1
Spies of Grindewald...:)
Montara chapter 11 . 10/1
Wow, they rescued so Voldemort is now aware of them.
Montara chapter 8 . 10/1
Read until here on one go. Love the story. Hermione and Theo are in a difficult position but they are smart and they're handling it well.
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