Reviews for The Wishlist
Fairy Demon26 chapter 58 . 12/26/2020
Sweet chapter. However at the the end after she picked up the ring, you said into her finger and it should be onto.
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 58 . 12/26/2020
Ph you are just trying to see how fast you can melt me. Let me tell you its quickly i am a puddle on the ground
DawnfireJazz chapter 57 . 12/26/2020
Oh that's sad, though I do agree about the adds they drive me crazy. I come on this site to read and post not get a bunch of adds thrust into my face. I'm glad your going to finish the ongoing stories, you write some of the best Kagome and Sesshomaru stories. I'm not on AO3 but I'll be checking it out more in the future.
I'mAlsoAWe chapter 58 . 12/26/2020
Thank you for updating! I'll be waiting for more!
I'mAlsoAWe chapter 57 . 12/24/2020
Thank you for updating! I love this fluff! I'll be waiting for more!
TaxLady0415 chapter 57 . 12/24/2020
Very sweet! I don't think I could bear the deprivation, so I'll be following you to the other site.
TaxLady0415 chapter 56 . 12/24/2020
This brought happy tears to my eyes. What a wonderful Christmas story.
Western Lord chapter 57 . 12/24/2020
Ohhh my God! My heart is spilling with happiness..! This one was by farthe sweetest one I've read in a while. And damn, when Sesshoumaru becomes soft mushy..! He's too sweet to not get diabetes
Western Lord chapter 56 . 12/24/2020
I was actually waiting for the Christmas shots..! It was good. But the last part, when Sesshoumaru proposed I was literally smiling to tears. He really knows how to propose to a girl..! That line was damn good..!
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 57 . 12/24/2020
Awwe awweawww. I melted. Jist melted. Happy Holiday to you i hope you have a good one
OnceUponABlueMoonDream chapter 56 . 12/23/2020
I went to your profile to see your reasons for discontinuing posting here. There were two adds interrupting even your profile! Just like I keep finding them stuck in the middle of paragraphs in chapters. The ads all over the listing page and at top/bottom of chapters I could ignore but this is beyond ridiculous and ruins stories. I don't blame you for dropping this site.

This one was very sweet and heartwarming. It helped bring me a little Christmas spirit which I find myself lacking this year. Thanks. Happy Holidays to you.
I'mAlsoAWe chapter 56 . 12/23/2020
Thank you for updating! I'll be waiting for more! And don't worry, i'll follow your stories until the end of time.
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 56 . 12/23/2020
I melted thats it i am melting. Just great
TekoloKuautli chapter 54 . 7/26/2020
Daaawww~ This one in which Kagome is turned into a wolf and ranger Sesshomaru laughs was pretty cute, I so wish she turns into an ookami. Or she becomes his wolf-like guide dog for the tours, would be funny.
TekoloKuautli chapter 28 . 7/26/2020
My, Hojou is pretty loose tongued when he's jealous and scared. I bet it's somewhat a surprise for Sesshomaru that someone else from her time is just as open with their thoughts as she is.
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