Reviews for Can Your Friends Do This?
Forest20Warrior chapter 19 . 13h
Very good story! :D
I laughed at the name "Potta".
Because in Finnish "potta" means baby's potty. ;P
Roxas fleur chapter 19 . 10/9
omg this is the start of romance which I've been waiting for!
ThePerfectLostGirl87 chapter 1 . 10/8
Please update this story! I love YGWYG but I love this story as well.
Guest chapter 19 . 9/27
*excitement for pending updates intensifies*
Redb4Black chapter 7 . 9/24
Omg right?! Like why "root", why not something different!
Lectio Caelum chapter 19 . 9/21
I absolutely love this fic!
xXSakuraBlossomsXx chapter 19 . 9/8
I've got to say, I was a little apprehensive about a HP/Naruto crossover, but it works. As always, a magnificent story! love the H/K fluff
Merlenyn chapter 19 . 9/3
So, the whole trial thing for the evil jealous noble woman was hilarious and I love that she's getting what's coming to her... XD Plus I loved how Hari played them all like fiddles even as the Daimyo knew she was doing it and approved. lol Also that he hired Itachi to shadow her and make sure she's safe is pretty sweet too. :)

I LOVE what Kakashi did though to ensure he'd get some alone time with Hari when she returned to the village... the whole competition between the genin teams in the Forest of Death is awesome and hilarious, especially how each group has been going about it so far within the limits of "no killing or maiming" and knowing they'd pretty much have to fight every single group to find out if they had the scroll or not before they could be declared winners.

Kakashi and Hari getting so involved in their chatter that she missed the show at the restaurant was hilarious too, as well as the fact that Kakashi is SO far gone in her that he didn't so much as touch his precious Icha Icha fro the moment she arrived back at the village. lol The encounter with the Shika-Ino-Cho parents all at once was great as well as their chatter about her once she and Kakashi left. Went from light hearted chatter about how nice she was and how sweet she and Kakashi were being on each other to her potential reasons why she insisted on asking them personally for permission to have their children over for dinner instead of assuming it was fine regardless... I'm amused we didn't see them visit Sakura's mother or Tenten's guardians though I assume because they were easy to approach and deal with and move on that they weren't shown and we got to see the rest of the interactions with the clan heads for the other genin. Kakashi's reaction to the spider on his back was hilarious and understandable, I'd probably have screamed and I'm sure only his training kept him from doing so, though he didn't hide his discomfort fully from Hari once she'd pointed it out. Also, sheesh spider must've had a light touch when it first landed since he hadn't noticed it. XD The spider asking if it could go with her was amusing, maybe it wanted a change of scenery? lol I'm sure Kakashi would've been leery of visiting for a while if she had taken it home with her though. I'm looking forward to Kakashi bringing out his ninken pack to meet Hari soon though because I'd loooove to see how she reacts to them and how they react to meeting her finally in person and how many of them let her pretty much snuggle them. Hiashi's thoughts on her were fun and watching his vauge plans to maybe try and get one of his people to marry her fall apart before he could do more than THINK about it because of the rather obvious (to anyone besides themselves apparently) claim Kakashi and Hari had on each oter was hilarious. XD And the fact that Luna had a message timed to arrive just after he thought about maybe trying to get her married into his clan instead was perfect. lol

Orochimaru's tantrum made me cackle though I also fear his plans to try and mark a bunch of the Genin (and others?) from Konoha as revenge for how badly his invasion plans fell apart earlier and not just because he wants fodder to play with for his immortality jutsus... Hopefully Luna's warning to the Hokage and Hari will help them make plans to watch out for him and take him down for good!
Youko's Fox Girl chapter 19 . 9/2
Guest chapter 19 . 8/30
Rurudesu chapter 19 . 8/23
Esta genial! Cuando actualizas de nuevo
MirrorOfShards chapter 19 . 8/9
I cannot tell you how much I love this story. I recently left a review on your story You Get What You Give and I love this story just as much as that one. I absolutely love how you portrayed Death in this and the relationship between Hari and them. The changes to the original story line you made with the arrival of Hari are all amazing. I love how she interacts with all of the characters. I loved especially when she was at the Aburame's. I also adore how she loves Icha Icha. The part where she says she would get with Jiraiya if she wasn't annoyed and his and the others reactions was hilarious! I am also loving the obliviousness of Sasuke and Naruto and their growing feelings for each other. Ah, I just wanted to say that this story is a favorite of mine and I am excited to see the Chunin Exams!
jgood27 chapter 19 . 8/6
Love this story and cant wait to read more, please update soon
JB.Campbell chapter 19 . 8/6
I want more
Guest chapter 19 . 8/6
Love it! Please please update soon!
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