Reviews for Can Your Friends Do This?
Stahchild chapter 17 . 12h
I really love this story.
vush chapter 1 . 12/6
I love this fic please update I hope you update soooooooon
McGwee chapter 17 . 11/29
I'm liking the pacing of this fic a lot. I hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 17 . 11/28
This is excellent I hope you keep updating
Black Fire Neko chapter 17 . 11/27
Please update it's a amazing story and I love what's happening with Hari and kakashi
Mikado X Goddess chapter 17 . 11/25
please update asap!
BlueSeraphos chapter 17 . 11/24
Looooveeddd it! I can’t wait for more interactions between Kakashi and Hari! Also love the new Team Seven, good job btw. I only dislike the ANs. It’s really confusing, can you just stick to the same format with the lines and italics and not shift the words to the center? It’s dizzying like hell
Nerd chapter 17 . 11/23
Oh please update! I really want too see team 7 go all super protective of Hari!
sarahmchugs chapter 17 . 11/23
I absolutely love it
jetrois chapter 1 . 11/21
Um why are you yelling in your A/N? also I like the idea of this story. Lets see how this goes.
gender-bender-lover-101 chapter 7 . 11/17
Princess Elsa eh lol
musicluver246 chapter 17 . 11/16
Great story so far.
Merlenyn chapter 17 . 11/13
Well, that was exciting. XD Talk about perfect timing there at the end... Hari showing up with her kidnapper turned prisoner, all beat up and looking like something the cat dragged in... JUST in time for Kakashi and his team to return and see her. I love their reactions and I'm glad that the kids didn't think to beat up the unconscious shinobi because they were more concerned with signing in and rushing to the hospital to make sure Hari was being taken care of. I can imagine that Kakashi scared the living daylights out of the nurses showing up so suddenly and looking so scary with Hari in his arms and demanding she be seen to immediately... and then probably either pacing the lobby or standing and glaring at walls while waiting for his students to show up. I do wonder how long it'll be before Anko, Ibiki, and Genma find out that Hari made it back on her own with her kidnapper? XD And who's going to be the more overprotective of the two, Anko or Kakashi?

Also yay for the mission going well, though it was amusing that Naruto and Sasuke got stuck together. Kankuro thinking that Konoha shinobi are all crazy was awesome, and Naruto's reply of "all the best ones are" was awesome. Temari probably didn't see that insanity quite so much with her working with Sasuke and flirting with him. lol Looks like the plan worked though, what with having Gaara and Naruto show that they're not bad people just because they house tailed beasts, and that they can be helpful and nice. I wonder if Naruto's idea of getting Gaara to learn suiton jutsu so he can summon water for his village will help too? :)

I'm really looking forward though to seeing how the fallout goes for that jealous bitch who put the hit out on Hari. And seeing how many of her family end up going down too. Plus Hiashi's reaction to seeing Hari for the first time was amusing, especially watching her interact with Hinata along with Anko and Kurenai... and the fact that Hari knew he was there the whole time was sweet. Hehe I wonder what Hiashi will learn about her in his pursuit of knowledge?

Yay for Itachi gaining a Threstral familiar/friend! :)
Rose1414 chapter 17 . 11/12
Just re-read this story again. It is as lovely as ever :)
Guest chapter 17 . 11/10
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