Reviews for The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
PlzDontShootMeh chapter 1 . 8/20
Good shit, shame its on hold.
Guest chapter 21 . 8/4/2017
This story is so adorable it's unbelievable. Shame it's discontinued though.
Guest chapter 21 . 6/21/2017
Or at least update it so we know you're still alive.
Guest chapter 21 . 6/21/2017
I hope you can still continue this, even after over a year.
pregar chapter 21 . 5/27/2017
I really did not think I would find a good Arpeggio fanfiction. A pity you have no time to continue this, but I guess that's life, we never have the time for everything we want. Hope you have fun filming or just doing what you want.
Kancolle-Haruna Chan chapter 21 . 4/6/2017
I am truly amazed at this piece of work. Your characters are realistic, and their personalities are all likable. Definitely a 10/10.
CabooseHelpsU chapter 4 . 3/11/2017
I am truly impressed. Good spelling, easy to follow conversations and interesting characters. Don't break that (especially the character types) and this is golden. This has a purely golden potential, and the plot can go anywhere (as of chapter 3). Good job!
HuuskerDu chapter 21 . 1/27/2017
Given that her name is Rosie D Franklin I think that's a safe bet.
Enemony chapter 21 . 12/22/2016
I really hope you continue this, would love to see Rosies ship and Marcus's reaction to it. I have a sneaking suspicion she is a Midway class aircraft carrier, the Franklin D Roosevelt. This is most likely the best ARP fanfiction out there, i do really hope you continue it.
DigitalCore chapter 21 . 12/3/2016
After only recently finishing Blue Steel (the anime, I have yet to read the manga but I'm itching to get around to it), I realised that such an outstanding piece of work must have at least one fan work that was of excellent quality.

This is unequivocally that work.

The chemistry between characters is absolutely outstanding; even though some aren't entirely human, you've captured that essence perfectly and it's a joy to read. The dialogue flows so naturally I can hear it being spoken. There's enough of a balance between intrigue and answers that I'm desperate for more.

I sincerely, *sincerely* hope you're still planning on writing this. I'd love to see more.
MurderSassin chapter 21 . 11/17/2016
Love this story, please update soon author man.
Vanrus chapter 21 . 10/25/2016
So, uh, are you dead? You're not dead, right?
Dark Phoenix Jake chapter 21 . 9/4/2016
And the cat's almost out of the bag.
Mr. thinker chapter 21 . 9/3/2016
Gosh I like this fanfic! I love your work just as I love Arpeggio of Blue Steel :) Will there be more?
ThanosofTitan chapter 21 . 8/12/2016
What a cliffhanger! I really want to see what happens next, but I noticed that you said that you hoped to have the next chapter out in a couple of weeks but it's been over 4 months since you updated. I know you're still around since you replied to my reviews, so I really hope you continue to update the story.
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