Reviews for Heir Descendant
The Tzip chapter 21 . 8/12
Oh man purple! I'm reading this at the airport and I can't wait for the next thing. I'd love to see Harry at a muggle school and maybe meet his cousin. Or meet hermione. The possibility is endless. Also the party ended exactly how i would imagine, Harry storming off because Draco is a bigot. Anyway keep up the good work!
Silvermane1 chapter 21 . 7/17
Fantastic update I hope loki furthers has plans for equality among all Senate magical beings including squibs
tanithlipsky chapter 21 . 7/16
very good
Riniko22 chapter 21 . 7/15
Well, at least Lori concedes that Muggles have a better education system than the Magicals.
tanithlipsky chapter 20 . 7/12
Silvermane1 chapter 20 . 7/9
Fantastic update
Squidgod812 chapter 20 . 7/9
great story
Liesmith chapter 19 . 6/11
This is such a wild ride, I love it!
redHussar chapter 18 . 5/29
Great story. I really love the atmosphere you managed to create. To be honest, I love these stories where somebody takes over the ministry too. What I would like to see more is the internal politics - did Loki ordered a change in education? How is the economy fairing? What about muggleborns? What is the Wizengamot doing? Are purebloods the Lords of Wizengamot? So these questions where bugging me about the world you created.

The other great thing about your fanfic are beautiful minds and well thought conspirations. The other authors love to write that MC is a genius, has IQ above 200, etc. As far as I remember, you never mentioned their intelligence, but through their actions, I can see that Dumbledore and Loki are extraordinary clever.

I just hope that this isn't a story about fall - it would be sad if Loki lost.
Kitten Arina chapter 1 . 5/15
Who ever Ed is he feels like a self insert and I personally don’t care if he is or isn’t I hate the whole self insert thing because it seems like they get to much screen time are way to powerful and almost make the star truly not worth being there in the first place. Second I don’t care that others before you have done this before if he is an unspeakable why is it that you would give the character a name if it is not suppose to be spoken sense he is suppose to be an unspeakable? That just doesn’t make much sense and sense this is a prologue it should be introducing us to the story and be used to try and hook a reader into the story so far all this has done is annoyed and confused me and does nothing that it should do in order to say hey this is interesting let me read more to see if it will be something that I actually enjoy.
Elafi Milo chapter 7 . 4/24
Advice, hm? Smart-bet Dumbledore knows he can't order Loki to do anything. Also, cripes but Loki is sharp.
Elafi Milo chapter 6 . 4/24
Hmm. What's going to happen to Loki if he doesn't sleep? I shudder to think-either we see grievous(er) harm to our favorite English Norse god, or he's gonna lose control in some hugely damaging way, i predict. Well, vaiter!
Elafi Milo chapter 5 . 4/24
That is a fascinating reason for spells not to work on him. Did you mean for HP giants and frost giants to be related, or was it a more convergent evolution thing? (I like the latter explanation better, my own self.)

Anyway, I'm enjoying this immensely - in fact, i should be doing other things, but this is sucking me in rather. XD

Prevaricator's Penchant is a wonderful project buddy.
Elafi Milo chapter 4 . 4/24
I love reading technical descriptions of how magic works. Yours is highly credible!

Question: when you say that Lily's model left a spot weak on this ward, were you making an Achilles reference?
Elafi Milo chapter 3 . 4/24
Loki's attitude about not wanting the Midgardians to get used to his presence reminds me of Henry IV, where the king tells Prince Hal how he stole Richard's support out from under him. Better still that the version I'm thinking of stars Tom Hiddleston as Hal. :) Brava, Purpleread!
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