Reviews for Down By The River
S.K Kasai chapter 9 . 6/25
And now it's ended. ugh.
S.K Kasai chapter 8 . 6/25
course she is mean. Bloody people are. I hate them.
S.K Kasai chapter 6 . 6/24
I want a Baxter. I NEED a Baxter.
S.K Kasai chapter 7 . 6/24
FUCK YOU, TESS. YOU AND DAVE FUCKING THOMPSON. Like who cheats on someone with a dude called Dave? SERIOUSLY.
S.K Kasai chapter 5 . 6/24
It's brilliant. Not too graphic. Not too OC or anything.
S.K Kasai chapter 3 . 6/24
A Hardy has to always give me heartache. Huh. I guess I'll add that to my list that's titled "S.K Kasai's Order of the Universe". Yup.
S.K Kasai chapter 2 . 6/24
Okay, forget about everything. Literally EVERYTHING. Alec's middle name is Gavin?! I had no idea for some reason. It's oddly fitting though.
S.K Kasai chapter 1 . 6/24
So assuming that they talked, the whole affair with Dave Fucking Thompson would not have come to light? She would've stopped? Or, interestingly enough, is it still going on?
S.K Kasai chapter 4 . 6/24
Frequent Flyer Miles... DEAD
Guest chapter 9 . 3/4/2017
Please update! So cute! 3
ak chapter 9 . 4/28/2016
Ugh, poor Hardy. Having to hear Baxter tell it all. I'm glad he & Ellie are keeping the lines open. And he can sleep with Daisy at his side ... or Miller on the phone. I love that.

Thank you for writing!
ninewood chapter 9 . 4/28/2016
You got to meet David?! Wow! (Ok, a tiny bit jealous. :) ) Now, is it ok to want to punch Dave in the face for telling what really happened that day when Alec was hurt as well as for the affair?! I am glad Baxter finally told Alec what happened and he's not too mad at him. And that call at the end between Alec and Ellie was cute. I had a friend fall asleep on me while on the phone. You don't know if you should hang up or not. :D
pgilmour75 chapter 9 . 4/28/2016
Really great chapter! I love how you've brought bits of Broadchurch series 1 conversations into this. And I love how you have Ellie saying to Mark basically what Hardy said to him. Really well done! Hope it's not too long before the next chapter!
pharohtrinity chapter 9 . 4/28/2016
Oh Baxter telling him about the truth just about did me in too. I'm glad that Hardy has a friend like that. He needs one. I feel bad for Ellie having to go at the investigation alone, but I am glad that they can still talk a little bit. Their interactions with each other make me smile. You are an amazing writer!
(also happy birthday! jealous about meeting DT! Sigh, lucky girl)
Guest chapter 9 . 4/28/2016
Baxter finally had a chance to come clean - yay! I'm totally with him on his reaction that day down by the river, so my sympathy lies with him. That Karen White though... (insert some choice words here, that ffnet would definitely sensor).
I love those versions of Ellie and Alec - how easily they interact with each other. Wonder if Hardy might be up to fleeing his current predicament and help (as much as his bum ticker allows) in Broadchurch...

I'm still immensely happy you had such a fantastic birthday! :-)
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