Reviews for My Bad Girl
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 4/18/2016
I really am amazed that you have managed to make this pairing work, yet you do that very well. At first it seems ludicrous, but when you take into account the AU background, and what happened to Harvey, it does make sense. It's heartbreaking how Harvey's life has been shattered, first with his brother being in a coma, then having Jeff track him down and completely destroying his life.

Harvey is clearly prepared to cling onto Rose for as long as he can, and Rose, now that her feelings for Harvey are free at the moment, wants to stay with Harvey too. With Rose, Harvey has a girlfriend who is far more loyal than Ingrid was, and brings out a side of him that he had kept buried for years, allowing him to be more complete as a person.

With Rose, it seems that she has come to recognise the potential in Harvey, and love a person that she treated with contempt when she knew him before. Now, however, she can happily explore things with him and remove the prim and proper image for a while, just being HERSELF.

It was neat having a scene with the Headmaster, tying things in to the setting even more tightly. Sadly for Harvey, his life will be ruined once again, as the Headmaster is clearly determined to make Rose focus on his plans, what he considers the most important issue. Now that he has such a useful pawn in the location he wants her, he is determined to make her forget her distracting 'feelings' and a relationship with Harvey Hunter that disgusts him.