Reviews for Forgotten Yesterday
412816 chapter 21 . 11/8/2003
you have to write more chapters!
oneiros lykos chapter 21 . 11/4/2003
SIRIUS! Sorry, that made me happy. Can't wait for the rest.
NateP chapter 21 . 11/4/2003
Another great chapter! hope you update soon!
Wytil chapter 21 . 11/4/2003
Hi-HO Silver! The Masked Harry Gallops off to save another day!

Can't you ever let the poor lad rest in peace for a few days? Weeks even?

This not a flame, I really enjoy your story.

I just wish Harry had a little rest. Sigh...

Back to the Omnipotepotent Author, herin after referred as OA.
oneiros lykos chapter 20 . 11/1/2003
oH! I LOVE IT! Keep going!
aFiZ chapter 20 . 10/31/2003
Oh god, whey to ruin a christmas.

This is an outstanding story, Update soom.
NateP chapter 20 . 10/31/2003
Another chapter has come and been read! hope you continue soon!
HrryPttrFreak87 chapter 19 . 10/30/2003
Great chapter... I can't wait for more.

Keep up the great work!
NateP chapter 19 . 10/29/2003
This is a great story. Please don't let Hermione die! hope you update soon!
Wytil chapter 19 . 10/29/2003
Ah Fluf!

Now back to the story. Or is Fluff the story?
SeulWolfe chapter 18 . 10/24/2003
all I wanna know is WHO is casting the spell?

this is good writing.. keep up the good work.. and I wait for your next chapter...
oneiros lykos not logged in chapter 18 . 10/23/2003
Very very cute...I liked it a lot. Hm...who casted it?
Dietpepsigurl chapter 18 . 10/22/2003
Continue, comtinue, continue, continue, oh please continue its so sweet and sad, and everything beyond that. Good Luck
Muse chapter 14 . 10/12/2003
Chapter 9 - “You should be. Once Miss Granger feels well I’m certain she’ll inflict a sufficient revenge”

Yes, that's a good thing. Heheh. "Sufficient revenge." Poor Harry. He's my favorite character, too. He just deserves it though. *laughs wickedly*

I also loved the Quidditch chapter when Draco and Snape smacked Harry upside the head for his saying "used to be a friend" comment to Kait. I liked the humor in that scene. :)

Please keep this story going and updated. I'm so glad to see it updated again, and I hope you finish what you started. I've been seeing other fics lately getting author noted (hiatus, etc) and I'd hate to see this go the same way. It's a great story and you obviously have a great grasp on writing. :o)
Muse chapter 5 . 10/12/2003
Hiya, this is as of Chapter 5 and I read your author's note about not worrying because Hermione can't stay mad at him forever. Maybe not, but I expected more angst before she gave in to him. I mean, she was his best friend. She went through peril and stood by him and then they forgot about her? If I was her, I'd be so pissed off alright. I'm glad you had her very much so that she had him carted off to jail. Serves him right! Ha!
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