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Sabastu chapter 74 . 5/12
Now... I have to thank you cause the manga is killing me... I dont want the Jerza to suffer even more, I thing is so unnecessary... well, next cover page should be "Oración Seis/Nirvana” so hopefully they came to the rescue and Mashima redeem them in that way cause they also deserve to be with their love ones...
And... again I am out of topic. Sorry! xDD Im so sad...

Well, they live together! QwQ As is has to be! Its always great to read the thoughts of Jellal, how things are different and disoriented him but still is good. Jellal good cooker is one of my headcanons, so, I appreciate those qualities in kitchen he shows up on this OS.

Pregnant! QwQ Yes, a baby from my babies... ASDFGHJKASDFGHJ Is so cute that cures a bit my broken heart. QwQ Love hoe they end up in bed together. Jerza deserves love! QwQ

Gosh! Thanks for this!
Thanks a lot for writing!
Ps: Sorry about: Horrors/Errors, Babbling/Jibber Jabbing, Incongruences, misspellings, review spam and WTF's. xDD
PS2: I need to read your other fics these weekends. Youre my Jerza dealer. xD
Sabastu chapter 73 . 5/12
When it has to be, has to be. It's not easy to end up a relationship, especially one with those bonds. Love the familiar and comfy they are against each other. x3

((They fall into his bed and he is inside of her as if he had every reason to be there.)) Classy, romantic and lustful. You are so talented for this!

They need and love each other, maybe they just need to live that experience to have the relationship they deserve.

(("How do we un- breakup?")) Good question.

((He kisses her and it's like nothing has changed.)) Maybe they never were on a break up. QwQ

So organic and fluid narration. Is seems is a short OS but tells a lot and feels like I just watch a whole movie.
Sabastu chapter 72 . 5/12
Poor Jellal! xDD In spanish we will say: ''Lo dejaron vestido y alborotado'' xDD I think that in this context it translate as '' left me dressed and agitated..'' xD

Love how she tease him. Even so, she does because she want it and not just for him. *heart*

Poor man. He is holding like a champ, thou. xD

Now he's at home. Nothing can't stop him now, and he is going to have a good time, with shooting stars flying through the skies~ (Sorry, Queen is playing right now on my play list xD)
Sabastu chapter 71 . 5/12
Erza is right! Everything Jellal does is pretty

Pretty cute.
Pretty Smart .
Pretty Sexy.
Pretty Hot.
Pretty Badass.
Pretty well, you catch my drift. xD

Love to see nervous Erza and flirtatious Jellal. x333

The names part made me giggle like a stupid. xD I can't help it! xDD

He call her! *-* So tender that both went on their pajamas.

(("No, it's exactly the right amount of nervous.)) Oh, it is! ASDASDASD

(("I'm okay with every day.")) ASDASDASD *Fangirling hard*

The cold hands and the kiss in them reminds Pride & Prejudice movie (The one with Keira Knighley xD) *0*

((because she woke with him already beside her.)) SO PERFECT!
Sabastu chapter 70 . 5/12
I feel identified with this 'cause usually people use my second last name (an hispanic one) xD My name and my first last name are pretty difficult to pronounce. -German names problems- xDD

((He smiles as foolishly as only she can make him.)) Oww~! x333

The attraction was powerful and they shouldn't care about the rumors. xD

Upsie~ Erza talk too much. xD But, it is what it is. Its better to be honest.
Sabastu chapter 69 . 5/12
Love the conspiracy atmosphere in this one. Im a sucker for mysteries. xD

If I was Erza I'll be always avoiding Ichiya. I dont dislike him, but he surely give me the chills. I surely would not like to be sniff around xDD



He and Erza are together! x333

Aww! You leave all the plot in the best part! xDD
Sabastu chapter 68 . 5/12

Eileen is the queen. ASDASDASD I love Eileen! I kinda mad at with Mashima because at how Acno treat her body.

The description of the dress was flawless. I want one. xD

A Jellal who claims at windows? Oh yes! Half a dozen, please. 7w7r

Oh, Erza! You're so cutie-cruel to him. xDD But it seems like he likes it. xD

((a bit of information not well known to anyone outside of an intimate space with a member of the Secretum Oficii. )) THIS DETAILS AGAIN! Tells a lot of their relationship in just a few words! Superb!

Love the smug Jellal! *w* Well, to be honest I love all the Jellal's faces. xDD

Jellal uses seduction and was super effective! xD

(("You are the most valuable thing to her. You are the reason the King has been cold in the ground since before you took your first step.)) And that piece of shit deserved!

The perfection you write down here let me speechless! God you are so good! Am just wishing this to be much more than a fanfic! Marvelous!
Sabastu chapter 67 . 5/12
((For the Love of Fluffy)) You got me with the title. xD

JeLax Brotp again and cops! *w* OMG! I LOVE YOU!

Oww! He got the cat! x333

The vet is Erza, of course 7w7r. That cat brought company to his side, in various aspects.

((Why did it have to be a young woman – who appeared to be roughly his peer in age – with a soft smile and hair he couldn't keep his eyes off of?)) Because of Jerza 7w7r


The dialogues between Jellal and Laxus made my soul so happy xD

Oh! Jellal was an orphan!

Love “counselor Ultear” x3 Even if she was into Erza. xD

Fluffy is a cute name, even so I like 'Furnandes' more xD

Oh! Erza was an orphan too!

Is nice to see how they comprehend that part of their life.

Mira didn't need to use her cupid powers. XD

((She invaded every bit of the space he reserved only for himself and he didn't once consider stopping her.)) Yeah! You fall my friend. 7w7r

She'd never stayed at his apartment before and he'd never slept at hers, but she slid through the sheets as if they'd been sharing a bed for years.)) Reminds me the first day of Fluffy xD

So cute~!
Sabastu chapter 66 . 5/12
Love the POV of Meredy. Is always nice to look at the OTP components through the eyes of a third party.

((More than most – less than Erza. )) *Hearts*

((But he is soft in the middle and when he smiles – really smiles – he could part the darkest clouds in the sky. )) 100% YES!

Erza makes nervous a lot of people xD

Erza is planning kinky stuff xD Love it!

Wow wow wow! You always surprises me with the smut scenes. OMG! Forget sexting or camsex, linksex is the new thing. xDD

((Perhaps next year he'll take his own important days more seriously. He is worth it.)) He's totally worth it!
Sabastu chapter 65 . 5/12
Astronomy and astrology and astrophysics linked with Jellal are one of my favorites headcanons. Love it!

It's her birthday so she can do whatever she fucking wants and Jellal is a sweetheart that knows this!
The background of Jellal is nostalgic and tells a lot of his reticence.

The card teller is Cana? xD I need her! She nailed it!

((He'd always been easy to look at.)) Amen! xD

The friendship between is portrayed so deep that moves my heart.

((Jellal was content to lose himself amongst the stars and stack sacks of flour for the lady who remembered his mother.)) QwQ

The revelations of their feelings and fears were touching! QwQ Destiny or not they're meant for each other!
Sabastu chapter 64 . 5/12
Nice to read about sports that are seen as too fem or too masc but with the twist of gender. :D (I don't know if I explain myself correctly xD)

Yes! I always thought of Jellal been a cutie pie with children. Love Kagura!

Owww~ Jellal's confession melt my heart! And then Erza's one came and now I am happily fangirling! *doki doki*
Sabastu chapter 63 . 5/12

Teen Cobra is so obnoxiously cute! xD

Ultear and her hills! She's so badass!

The Jerza tension is always brilliant in your fics, I mean it's so obvious , but still as a reader I get nervous and want to know if they realized that. Dx

Jellal trying to be implacable to Erza is so cute, reminds me Siegrains times, and in Siegrain times were went I star to ship Jerza, so, I love it! xD

(("She's hot. I can't even look at her.")) HAHAHA! Bet Jellal is: I know, man. xDD

(("You weren't the one under fire, man. It was like being murdered in the best way possible.")) You're preaching the preacher, Cobra. xDD

ASDASD That bar part. Almost die because of the tension. The next scene was so full desire and lust that complemented perfectly.

((It was one thing to have it tangle in his hands as he fucked her, but this... this was something else.)) *Sighs* My lovely dorkies...
Sabastu chapter 62 . 5/12
Mira was on point calling for Jellal. xD Laugh a lot when Erza thought he was an stripper. xDD My...

Your details always amaze me, like Erza without screen password or the mess of a bag she has, it tells a lot of the pj personality without been to obvious.

My my, Erza watch your hands! xD Even I like her been so 'touch-ie' I love more that she apologies to him for that.

The dialogues were flawless and the way the both of them crave for a kiss made me so happy. xD
myungmochi chapter 74 . 5/12
i'm squealing like teenage girl expect i am teenage girl
loved it!
River king chapter 74 . 5/12
Are you going to write to chapter 535 just to make it true
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