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The Vine chapter 111 . 10/15
Type your review here. Awesome story , this is the best boruto fanfic i have ever read and believe me when i say i have read alot of boruto fanfics in my short life ,hey i know that am just thirteen but i know a good story when i see one 'THE NEW DAWN' by Code Musica takes one of the top three fanfics i have ever read. Kudos,am waitin' feverishly for the next update .
Guest chapter 1 . 10/14
Is Himawari’s super sage mode supposed to resemble Hashirama’s Senju’s sage mode? Because by the description it sounds like it
Guest chapter 111 . 10/11
I was re-reading the earlier chapters and in the author notes u had said Bolt/Sarada will be the final paring. If that is still ur plan i humbly ask can u not? I really like Hikari/Bolt, the two of them have been through hell and back together and their romance was built so slow and awkward and so perfect.
Valdoinks chapter 111 . 10/10
Legit haven’t Read a book for 2 years I been binge reading this So I could write a review I started your book 2 weeks ago and thank the gods that I caught up, I started reading this because I was really hoping boruto would leave the village like Sasuke after he got caught cheating but he didn’t rip ,a quick google search and I found this and was like this should satisfy my curiosity man I got more then I could ever ask for I loved the first half of this story how bolt was mysterious and no one really knew how strong he was and he constantly surprise people with his strength. I guess that’s kinda gone now maybe bolt could travel to the world the aliens and like pretend to be one of them working his way up to the top and get stronger like that. That would be sick because we seen bolt at the top for so long and he isn’t really getting any better just do a dragon ball anyway thanks for the sick read I’ll be waiting for the updates

PS so like I found it really cool how you made up a whole new sage mode for bolt and it was a big let down when he couldn’t use it, it would be awesome if like he could use it for a bit maybe it would be a double edged sword just to pay it the respects It deserves .my question is will you bring it back

One more ps I don’t mean to be rude I feel like I’m telling you what to write I’m not do whatever you think best for the story I’m just so hyped
HeroToAllTheVillains chapter 111 . 10/9
Finally got a chance to re-read, ok!

Let’s start of by recognizing Sarada and Himawari. Them showcasing their new abilities really showed the difference between these 2 and their fathers.

Where as Naruto and Sasuke had been chosen by their ancestors and Gods for their Ultimate Power, Himawari and Sarada seemed like the power had chosen them instead.

Sarada, chosen by a weapon of great power, having suffered so much and endured and wanted to help her people. The spear deeemed her worthy, no one else.

Himawari, following in her fathers footsteps became a Sage, unlike him she honed her skill to the utmost level and now she is a level beyond a Sage...a SUPER SAGE! No not that, she now embodies the world and I can think of no better Avatar for the world than Himawari. I sincerely belive since she became so stoned with Nature, the World basically said “ Yup she’s the one, need somebody to whip a certain Thunder God ass”

Tawara and Issun were fun, annoying but cool. Got a mini-boss vibe from these 2, I guess Urashima and Hashianu are the headliners.

Aihana is just cool, it’s also hilarious a Lieutenant was killed by a Genin. Eat Shit Tawara.

Hikari and Tetsu were alright. Got to love gore being a weapon.

Oh Kinshiki, you fought 3 main characters and lived, you are the MVP of Otsutsuki world, hold your head high!

Fuck Momoshiki the smug prick.

Finally the end. Didn’t really want Hinata to die, but it really was needed for the story.

Naruto, I’m sorry.

Himawari, it is time to embrace your Prophcey!

Bolt, you knew something like this was coming. In a world where the Otsutsuki weren’t a threat, you know this would be unavoidable. Someone you cared about, REALLY cared about was going to die.

I’m not going to mock Bolt, but he is feeling what The Shopkeeper’s Faimly felt, what his family felt, what all the people he didn’t need to kill felt...loss. Bolt I feel sympathy for, but he forged a path through a sea of bodies, it’s about time he ran into one that meant something. Heaven forbid if you suffer more loss Bolt, but you’d be deserving of it.

I will mock his zealots and sycophants however...


No love for Bolt’s absent minded followers.

I await with baited breath the next chapter...
rkdgummybear chapter 54 . 10/9
1. Ever since the first chapter. I started reading and I just could not stop. (Obviously took breaks, but I've basically been reading on a daily basis.)
2. I did not skim over much. Some fight scenes tho because I already knew what the characters abilities were and the outcomes of the fights.
3. Fav location... possibly the land of mist, Crimson Tide. Was kind of short, but it seemed really adventurous to me. I liked all the locations though.
4. Characters... I don't know because I like all of them.
5. I liked everything so far. The current arc is pretty good.
6. Too hard to make a decision.
7. Sakura. Not saying I hate her, but she doesn't contribute as much as the other characters to the plot (both in this fanfic and in cannon Naruto, in my opinion)
8. Haven't noticed any flaws
9. Dunno. It would be cool if Boruto (Bolt) gained followers wherever he went, and at the climax of the story he basically would have a whole army spread across the continent.
10. Everything.
I also like the author notes u write because they're really purposeful and insightful...
Cya later, I've got something urgent to read... ;)
ScourgeTheBoss chapter 111 . 10/6
That ending tho.
I almost feel sorry for the Otsusuki. They just fucked with Boruto.
Now he's gonna fuck with them.

Great chapter! thanks so much, cus goddamn this is AMAZING!
Calikarcha chapter 1 . 10/5
Finish hail to the king.
Darshan.B chapter 111 . 10/3
Yay new chapter it was worth waiting and as awesome as always can't wait for the next chapter keep up the good work
Guest chapter 111 . 10/3
bro... you are genius.. nuff said
Eziomofo chapter 111 . 10/2
Oooooo. Been anticipating this chapter and you release this present on my birthday! Thank you!
time2read chapter 111 . 10/2
update soon!
Guest chapter 111 . 10/2
BlackArachnid13 chapter 111 . 10/2
I loved this chapter though I wish that Kurotsuchi had a POV and I would use tsuchigumos puppets as suicide attackers as there relatively expendable compared to trained humans lives and use danzos eye power I think you gave him Amaterasu though not sure but you could have him use that right in front of a portal and burn the otsutsuki alive and they wouldn’t be able to stop unless there one of the few with rinnegan to absorb it and with that genin girls description when the four of them came in to the ware house that was definitely Hikari Tetsu Danzo puppet and Hibiki though I thought Hibiki would relay messages not fight or even support and possibly protect tsuchigumos real body as well as Katasuke in the dimensional HQ and could you have those fake jinchurrikis bolt made make use of soon one was only used for an assassination attempt on Kurotsuchi and you pretty much hinted to there being dozens of them like twenty chapters ago
SimplyLokajad chapter 111 . 10/2
I gotta say first and foremost each Otsutsuki you introduce is amazing the fact that not only are you keeping to the clans roots as ancient myths, but the fact that you are able to translate them to the Naruro world to such a degree that they are believable despite their overwhelming strength... is nothing short of amazing.

You have to understand I just finished re-reading this epic tale again amd honestlt seeing how everyone has developed since the beginning even the way the fights have changed truly cement the fact that this is at least in my opinion the best next gen Naruto fanfic. The character development that this war has brought is only highlightes by the different POV changes. I think my favorite part was actually Mei's perspective of the battle as you know I have a bias against Himawari but I have to admit she really has comw far and I loved the way that you've been able to weave the juggernauts of the shinobi side with their lesser allies in a way that the main series didn't seem to highlight unless it was against run of the mill opponents. Sure individually the vast majority of shinobi are no match for an Otsutsuki lieutenant but the way Mei and Kagura were able to weave their tactics around Himawari's presence shows the edge that might win the shinobi this war. The Otsutsuki are powerful of course but they suffer from a disunity which makes sense when you think about the overall power of an average clan member versus the average shinobi. But they don't know how to work together in large numbers like the shinobo do.. Hearkening back to an earlier statement in one of the earlier chapters durinf the tournament arc, shinobi are bred for war. Even a lowly genin stepping in at the right time can make a difference as you illustrated with Aihana and that unity is the only thing bridging the gap between the two clashing armies.

It's interesting to see that Pain is as always the great uniting force, in this case the pain of loss has brought back the Konoha Uzumaki's if only for a time and I think that in itself speaks volumes. Bolt always seemed to truly make strides when his back is up against the wall and now that fire will spread to Himawari and maybe even Naruto for once. Sure Naruto is always advocating peace and love and what not but he has come into terms with his dark side in the past so perhaps it's time for him to actually fight with the intent to kill rather than to protect.

Anyways thanks for the Chapter, as always I await the next one .
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