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Omnireceptacle chapter 35 . 10/27




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Omnireceptacle chapter 33 . 10/27



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Omnireceptacle chapter 33 . 10/27
No clue if you're still using this site or looking for reading material, but my followsfavorites have a ton of absolute gems in terms of story and writing quality.
Omnireceptacle chapter 22 . 10/26
BleachedWarlocker chapter 120 . 9/30
To think this story started with a simple question, "What is this?". This story through the years has continually blown way my expectations. It is simply the gold standard that all other Boruto stories are measured against and most are found wanting. You took the potential that the Boruto series had and truly brought it out for all to see. It is undeniable that this story is by far and away better than the cannon series.

It fills me with a profound sense of melancholy to look back and reread this story years later, to see how far Boruto's character has come. He's been a mercenary, a missing ninja, a leader of people and emperor in all but name and finally an adviser to the supreme leader of the shinobi continent. But above all that he has been human. With all the flaws that come with being so. His arrogance has cost him dearly so often but that's who he is and arrogant scared little boy who desperately believes that he can fix anything if he just learns the right technique or says the right words. That he can perfect the human condition. Because if, as he has said himself, he believes otherwise everything he has done, every cut and broken bone, every destroyed relationship, every atrocity he has committed and every life that was cut short will have been for nothing and above all he will be a failure.

I can only speculate were or how this story will end as I see as of the 10th of September you have not abandoned this story. I can only guess it will not be a happy ending more bitter sweat.
Perhaps he with join Hikari in the pure lands but that would be too happy an ending. Perhaps he is sealed within his death mask for all eternity. Perhaps he goes back to naraka to suffer. Maybe he reincarnates that asura and indra did. Maybe he has the cruel fate of watching over the Earth forever.

I will end this review by saying that deep in my heart when I think of the different fates in store for Boruto I feel empty. Something missing as if someone I have grown to love has gone forever. I hope that you continue with this story someday. For until that day whenever I think about this story that ache in my heart will come back with a vengeance.

I'm sorry for my overly dramatic words but they most accurate to my thoughts. I wish you happy writing and a good life.
Zebra chapter 120 . 9/26
I feel like the story is moving towards bolts death to save the world. I really enjoyed hikari and bolts realtionship and wished they would have a happy ending. I would love to see some alternative what if fanfictions built from this fanfiction. If this story is discontinued, then could you please give us a summary of the ending you envisioned.
EnchantingGrace chapter 120 . 8/20
hope this continues one day
Inoobe chapter 120 . 7/3
Wow, I read the first few chapters and then skipped later to see what was going on because of how long the story is, and a lot changed! I mean it makes sense when a story is a million words long. Bolt seems like a psychopath who while I could probably understand his actions I couldn't empathize with him and he's practically a villain who's a main character. Though I did miss around 950 thousand words of plot development before skipping to everyone being insanely different and Bolt being a broken human with control issues that released a biological weapon onto the world.
At the same time even without reading all the plot build up to this point I see people submitting and letting Bolt get a pass for his actions because Sarada is taking responsibility for him as their leader to be silly in the same way that Orochimaru of all people got to be redeemed at the end of Naruto going into Boruto. Things like that don't make sense to me.
When you have a character that ruthlessly experiments on or kills children and countless innocents you can still have the character do good things and maybe become a better person, but forgiving that character should never happen and though I can't say if this story will or won't punish Bolt for what he's done or what his redeeming qualities are as I've skipped from close to the beginning with an innocent Bolt exploring his independence to this one. Having awful characters (which may or may include Bolt though he's done awful things) "redeemed" generally leaves a bad taste iny mouth because I find it hard to accept the people they've impacted and the general public would forgive them, and people like Orochimaru and seemingly Bolt hurt a very large amount of people.
Even without context, though some things were confusing, I would say this was a very satisfying chapter to read. Himiwari's reaction to Bolt and what he tried to do to her personally as well as how he planned to kill their father was very satisfying and was in line with my reaction reading the chapter.
This is probably unfortunately too long of a story for me to get into and finish, but if I find my way back to this story at some point I'll be curious to see where it went. :)
ccRein chapter 120 . 6/27
Yo idk what your plans are for this story, but I wanted you to know that this is easily one best boruto fanfics of all time. There’s a couple thing that I don’t like: Boruto’s relationship with his family, for examples, or Boruto literally spending years of torture confronting his path, yet he doesn’t seem to different once it’s all over. Nevertheless, its a good story and i hope you finish it.
howlwyn1 chapter 120 . 6/21
Hopefully this heavenly work gets finished
Curse Of Kings chapter 73 . 6/17
How do you delete a review?
Curse Of Kings chapter 44 . 6/16
Sasori was a lot more dangerous in Jariya's story... Does that count?
A Reverse Weeb chapter 55 . 5/20
It'd be interesting if you/someone made an Alternate Universe/Possibility wherein Bolt stayed to be the Uzumaki Clan Successor!
M2020 chapter 120 . 5/6
It’s been a year and 3 months. Is this fanfic dead?
A Sole Reviewer chapter 120 . 4/23
absolutely loved this fanfiction. I'm glad this was my first fanfiction I ever read. Im not much of a reader but reading this put me in a different world. it's sad to see this story abandoned. I'm still trying to find a fanfiction like this or something close but never can. I wish it can I be picked up again but I doubt it. I'm not mad, it's quite understandable. almost 6 years, I was in middle school and now I'm at the start of being an adult. as life goes on so will you.
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