Reviews for Hikari no Yami
The River Dragon chapter 1 . 1/21/2006
Ah very nice! I like this one the best, i already read your second one, onto the third fic! Keep up the wonderous writing!
Jess chapter 1 . 12/14/2004
Holy crap that was fluffy. I loved it _
Baku-Bunny chapter 1 . 9/6/2004
Rei:KAWAI!that was so cute! that was the cuteist R/B fic i've ever read!

Sierra: so cute! and it is the best...we have read alot!
Enjeru chapter 1 . 5/16/2004
Enjeru: (Dieing over all the fluff) I LOVe it!
Yami Enjeru: Me too!
Both: (Hug eachother and smile) It's such a cute story! Bye-Byes!
Tenshi no Haru-Kaze chapter 1 . 12/29/2003
continue writing! _
Verg chapter 1 . 12/10/2003
Aw...That's sweet! i love Ryou/bakura fics! You're a great author(ress? I am SO sorry!)! Keep going!
Ryulane chapter 1 . 6/18/2003
Aw... how cute! . *giggles like mad* Pwease wite the next chapta! *puppy-dog-eyes*
Lil'Corrupted Angel chapter 1 . 5/13/2003
This was very cute! I liked it alot.
Ri Toraookami chapter 1 . 4/20/2003
*Nods* Pretty good_
Draggy2 chapter 1 . 4/5/2003
Aww, I liked that one. To me I think you got the characters down pretty well, couldn’t do better. I also believe that Ryou isn’t AS innocent as Yugi. Although I must admit, to think of Bakura smiling so much could be scary. Lol. Hehe, and I have seen Utena, go me! I really liked how you wrote out this fic. Keep ‘em coming! -
Silver Neo chapter 1 . 3/12/2003
* Grins * I like, I like. Bakura and Ryou forever! Yah!

Ryou: * blush *

I love doing that to him! * giggle *

Bakura: Can I kill that math teacher now?

Yeah sure.

Bakura: * walks off with his dagger *

I shouldn't let him, but what the heck. Anywho, I love the story. I love all your Ryou/Bakura fics. They so rock!

Ja ne,

Fate VII chapter 1 . 2/11/2003
mwee! I liked it soo much!
Sakurae Kirisa chapter 1 . 1/30/2003
Awwwwwwwwww! This is sooooooooooo KAWAII!
Cloud Albatou chapter 1 . 1/14/2003
Awww, I loved this!_You describe Ryou-chan and Bakura-chan's emotions so very well_Ooh, beautiful work!_
loanshark chapter 1 . 1/14/2003
nicenicenice! *shrieks* that was a great story, thanks for writing it! _ off to read the sequel now!
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