Reviews for Dragon of the North
Jamie Gemini chapter 10 . 9/23
I can't find you AO3 account or the dragon of the north title of the website
Jamie Gemini chapter 8 . 9/23
The lemons are great and the title matched perfectly. I really love these HP/ASOIAF crossovers and I love how you meld the magics of the two series. This is probably the most explicit lemon I've ever read of and it was a foursome. So great. You should publish on AO3. I'm sure a lot of people on the website over there would just drink this up
Guest chapter 15 . 9/10
Update please
williamkillian98 chapter 15 . 8/11
Are you dead? Please update if you aren’t.
williamkillian98 chapter 7 . 8/10
Why did you do that to Myrcella?!
whitetigercub chapter 13 . 7/19
LOL, I was literally quoting lines along with the story. Thank you for throwing in that hilarious tribute to The Three Musketeers. I do have one question though, well two actually: first, is Damon Sand the same former squire of Oberyn? Second, wouldn't the knights question why a young Westerosi, with a rather pronounced accent, was in Quarth?
Lord Destruction IV chapter 11 . 6/12
I’m confused who is Jon Snow if Daeron never went to witerfell
KayRoye12 chapter 1 . 5/15
I still don't understand why they fought tho... The man just wanted to see his sister like the fuq
Perospero chapter 15 . 5/3
wait...I thought pycelle got killed by tywin?
NoFocus chapter 13 . 4/27
I'm sure someone has already guessed the inspiration for this chapter being The Three Musketeers, with Robb set up as D'Artagnan and the others as Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. Always nice to see a tribute to one of the greatest literary works of all time. Well done.
Zuronsjoy chapter 11 . 4/25
The count of monte cristo
Callum Runchman chapter 15 . 4/23
This was brilliant, why did you abandon it?! Such a great read with mature content and an entirely different spin on the GoT world and its storyline.
Complete waste of potential quiting like you have
JustTryin'ToHelp chapter 4 . 3/27
There's clearly written that Harry got 5 dragon eggs. Why does he only hatch two? Theres no writing of the other eggs (which when hatched would need time to grow) or what happened to them. So?
orthankg1 chapter 10 . 3/23
I do love the Count of Monte Cristo.
Tincy chapter 15 . 3/22
Lovely! Keep it up!
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