Reviews for Things of the Past
Vegeta ki Deewani chapter 11 . 9/13/2013
Wow it was a great fic. Hope you write more greater fics.
Emily chapter 1 . 8/23/2013
Wow how unusual Zarbon being nice to people? Yeah I'm liking Zarbon better in this story nice chapter
Dori chapter 1 . 8/15/2013
First of all my name is not keisha that's my moms name and seconde of all I loved your chapter it was great!

My email is
Vegetita Dragon Ballera chapter 11 . 11/9/2012
omg i realy like your fic i realy did so :) do more please
sweetgilda chapter 11 . 1/17/2012
I loved the story, I really like alternate universes and especially of the pair of Bulma and Vegeta, Greetings
Lavonya chapter 11 . 11/23/2011

this is *AWESOME*!


i *love* youre stories!

Rraz45 chapter 7 . 7/21/2010
that prince of darkness one sounds really interesting, you should post it
Musette Fujiwara chapter 11 . 6/6/2008


I loved it tis story of yours...

How they stayed together and that made the FRO stronger, since now they were all connected in some way or another...

Though you thorugn the entire fic talked about a fic of yours Called pronce of darkness taht left me curious I didn't found it...
Nicole chapter 11 . 4/22/2008
Aw, I loved that story, you did an amazing job on it, i hope you write a sequel to it! _
DBZ maineak chapter 11 . 10/4/2007
nice story
MagamiGurl chapter 11 . 10/26/2005
oo; I liked it, but Im glad you didnt drag it out, for like ever... 3 Yay for joo!
MikariStar chapter 11 . 10/2/2004
The chibiness in the beggining is so cute! I don't know why anyone would complain about the thing with Zarbon since she liked him in the series (at least until he transformed) Very OCC Freeza, but I thought his OCCness was funny XD
piccolo5 chapter 4 . 3/30/2003
I love this story, I'm not done yet, but I'm sure I'll love it
Bear Chan chapter 11 . 3/1/2003
HEy My bestest buddy!

i have finally dragged my lazy butt to the computer to review! yah! *dances around the room in utter happiness* i know you would probably wring my scrawny chicken neck if you didnt love me so much! Lol!

anywayz, i am TERRIBLY sad that my Baby is over now, but im glad that you finished it! you had an obligation to yourself and your readers! im glad your not the type of person who would abort this fiction to start something else! you followed through on your project, and even tho this last chapter was more rushed than the others, i dont think it was bad AT ALL, and i think you dismounted from the story nicely! _

you cant do anything wrong! your such an angel! lol.. Tenshi! and here i am, the BUM reviewer, aka. AKUMA! :D

"What are you all doing in here? Get out at once!" he yelled. They all stood unabashed and he slanted his eyes dangerously.

I LOVE THIS! even though he is the biggest Tyrant of the universe, he still gets no repect! bwahahaha! and, wonderfully, i was one of the rebelious people ignoring him in his own chambers! bwahahaha! dude, i'm going out w/ a bang! _

Juunanagou took it upon himself to sit down at Frieza's desk, causing the white lizard to protest.

They're's my sweet little Juun! i love him so much! *dodges tomahawks from the native american avid 17 fans*

looks like he's going out w/ a bang too!

Your SON ruined MY WEDDING!" Zarbon retorted angrily.

I think we should send the whole lot to. THE BLAME GAME! ever watch that old MTV game show? bwahahahaha! what a hoot! even tho it annoyed the almighty mess out of me while it was on air!

I think you look great, too, Chi!" Kakkarot grinned and ChiChi blushed.

aw! sweet, sweet Goku! dontcha just love that big lug?

The room was suddenly very crowded and the silence was very unBEARable.

You even used my name in context, in the last chapter! WAH! even tho i read this a few days ago, and i was alright, now, the overall essence of the fact that THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER has hit me no holds barred! (or at least i think that's how it's spelled!)

i'm crying right now! ah! this reminds me of the end of the bodyguard! IN TEARS! :((

"Oh, wow. was there supposed to be a meeting or something?" Bulma asked while blushing. Everyone turned to glare at her and the Saiyajin Prince.

Yike! lol, that's happened before! .

i really feel their embarrassment! :D

ok, i was at Centrifuge, a christian camp type thing where you stay on a college campus all week! it's totally Pimp Tight and AWESOME! i reccomend it to anyone!

anywayz, i hooked up w/ this guy from Ohio, and he was my man all week! lol, everyone thought we were dating from back home.. *whistles* everyone thought i was fast or something and i caused an uprise amongst the J-E-A-L-O-U-S girls in my church group. but that's a COMPLETELY different story.

anywayz, we were in the same group (the whole 700 ppl are divided into groups and Bryan was in mine! luckily! man, was he a hottie! _ )

anywayz, it was the day before we had to leave, and that night every group was supposed to have group bonding and goodbyes. Well. We were supposed to meet at 6:00 that evening w/ our groups. Everyone had to be there, and there were no exceptions! Lol!

Well, me and bryan were in the huge cafeteria building, and off to the side was a resteraunt, and it had a secluded couch and hangout room. Well, we were in there kissing and talking by ourselves, and we had been for about an hour. Everything had gotten really quiet, but we hadnt thought anything about it. Well, I started getting suspicious when I heard the distant purr of vaccuum cleaners, so I asked him what time it was. .

It was 20 minutes after 6! So, we RUN break neck speed to our group room, mind you, we dont see ANYONE! The campus is completely EMPTY! So when we get to the room, we both busted up in there TOGETHER at the same time, and everyone just stared at us! Lol! We were really known in our group, so everyone cheered and gave us this wrap about 'where we really were and why we werent in our group.' But luckily, my group leader loved me to death, so we werent in any real kind of trouble! Lol, it was actually really funny! _

Juunanagou had a man-to-man talk with Zarbon and finally made the Zarbajin realize that he truly did only love Bulma as a sister.

Thats so great of 17 to do that! Lol. He had a 'man to man' talk w/ Zarbon! That's just so kawaii! I have fallen in love w/ 17, when before I HATED, I LOATHED the dude. But thanks to you, I just have this INFATUATION w/ your version of him. I TRULY wish that he was written this way in the anime, he just means so much to me b/c of you! *dodges bullets, Darts, Pitch forks, anvils, paint pellets, rocks, garbage and anything the avid 17 fan's can muster forward*

. Heathery. Do you realize that this is last time i'll ever dodge anything from the avid 17 fans? I am So crying right now. If you could see me, you'de either laugh, or give me a big hug. Knowing you, it would be the latter. I just hate endings and change! Lol, you know that! *sniff*

I'll be all right in time! I promise! But for now, im not ok! :) thank you so much for giving me so much joy. I'll miss it terribly! I already know it! I'll long for a 'things of the past' update in my inbox! Yikes! WHY DO GOODBYE'S CAUSE ME SO MUCH PAIN!

Goodbye juun, it's been fun.. Even though your making me cry! I dont want to leave you, juun!

. Over time, he and Bulma had regained their sibling-like bond and it was stronger than ever.

That's so great! I'm glad it was all resolved in the end! Zarbon and Bulma were never meant to be together, and im glad that they both realized it before it was too late. Im so glad that they're brother/sister bond is back! Although. It would be TERRIBLY awkward to see your brother and KNOW that you two had premarital relations! YIKES! *runs and jumps in the bed*

Krillin finally talked Juuhachigou into marrying him, with much effort. She had insisted that such a ritual was stupid, but with his charming personality, had finally been unable to resist. They were currently residing on Chikyuusei as King and Queen.

Oh heathery! You make everything turn out right! She was so Hard and calloused, but Krillin turned her back into the school girl he knew and loved! And im glad that Krillin was hardpressed to get married, b/c I really see his character being that way. Amazing job yet again!

And I LOVED the last sentence, it really tears me up for some reason. "They were currently residing on Chikyuusei as king and queen." Childhood friends, all getting married. It makes me nostalgic and extremely sad! Why heathery, why?

Kakkarot and ChiChi had been happily married not too long after the whole incident. Kakkarot moved to Aisusei and the Aisusei Princess and he had a small palace built strictly for them not too far away from the main palace, much to Frieza's insistence.

I love it! Everyone is getting married and having happy lives together! If they hadnt met up after so many years, none of it would be happening, and they would all live unfullfilled lives! They would die old ppl SAD in their beds! (thanks Leo! .)

I really admire how your able to write so well! You have so many twists and turns In your writings. Its so. Fantastic!

Yamucha had met a pretty young thing on Chikyuusei and they were engaged with one child on the way already.

Hmm.. I wonder who the 'pretty young thing' was? By the way Heathery. Are you pregnant?


Bear-chan and Chris had moved to Vegetasei, so Bear-chan could be nearer to Bulma.

OMG! You EVEN LET ME HAVE A HAPPY ENDING! WE MOVED TO PLANET VEGETA! WOO HOO! Im so excited, im crying! Me and bulma are like best buds, how awesome is that! Yah! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDING ME INTO THIS STORY! And it's not just any story either! It's my babay!

Chris had begun training with Radditz and Turles as they had taken it upon themselves to "help a man in need."

THIS WAS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAD EVER READ! I still roll all over the floor over this one! It was SO KAWAII and sounded JUST like RADDITZ! Wow. Radditz is such a dork, but he's one of my all time favourite DBZ characters! He's so. So. Clueless! LOL! Remind me to tell you all of our Radittz Jokes and assumptions! Bwahaha! Theyre really hilarious! _

A man in need. MY GOSH! LOL! WHERE DO YOU GET THIS STUFF? Your beyond that of a genius! You make Bulma and Dr. Briefs look like drooling toddlers! Yikes! I sit in awe of your presence! Lol!

Girl. Thank you so much for all you have done for me in this story! I will never forget you for this! When im 80 years old, and your 82, i'll still be graveling at your feet..err. Walker.. Lol!

And you'll still humor me! YOUR SO SWANK!

You have made my LIFETIME so many times over, I could never repay you! EVER!

I love you so much bestest buddy! We have so many private jokes, and our friendship means soo much to me! I look so forward to hearing from you, and you have a subtle way of making things right! Luv ya!

As for Bulma and Vegeta, well. they had become mates, naturally, and were living on Vegetasei together. Their first son was also on the way.

AW! They got married, lived on Vegeta, and Trunksie-poo is on the way! How wonderful! And they even live by me! Cant get any better than that!

The gang kept up-to-date on all visits and they often had group gatherings, staying in much better touch than they had for the past ten years. All was well in the Order once again and hopefully, it would stay that way.

The End

I feel like my life is so over! I feel like I have nothing more to do w/ my life! Im so glad that they all rekindled their friendships, and that they stayed friends forever! Lol, maybe you should do a sequel about them in the intergalactic retirement home! _

I am CRYING YOU YET ANOTHER POND! Im drowning! Im *glub* under *glub* the *glub* surface *glub* now! *glub, glub* HOPE YOUR *glub* HAPPY!

I feel so terribly EMPTY! I need a hug! :(

Thank you so much for this whole entire fiction! You are so the bomb, and im gonna miss this story so much! It will always have a little piece of my heart w/ it!

Thank you so much! Just, I cant say much more, words escape me, THANK YOU!



Love always and forever,

Your ULTIMATE number one fan and groupie,

Bear Chan Sabat!




Rosa chapter 11 . 2/25/2003
so much stories i like ended today!

great story though
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