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Bright Promise 2 chapter 9 . 3/12/2016
It was the chapter I was had to keep it T after all :)
Considering Gil is about to embark on a summer spent working on the railroad, he and Anne tried to spend as time much together on that May weekend. And you've kept them true to character as always, eg, Anne's dreamy, imaginative nature vs Gilbert's practicality, Gilbert encouraging Anne to remain true to herself, the girl he fell in love with.
Thank you. Bring on the final chapter...and part 3 of the WWLL trilogy :)
PelirrojaBiu chapter 8 . 3/11/2016
Having a heaving chest myself now! :D

It was a true delight to read, as usual. The best thing about your stories is the sense of development. Every sentence is here for a reason, the characters grow with every chapter, the plot thickens and moves forward (and further and further, lol) with such coherence.

I love how you play with the titles - up till chapter 7 they were built on the opposites and now with this one Anne and Gil are on the same page, so to speak, exchanging fantasies, with the boundaries swept away.

As hot as the snippets from Feb. 19 and Mar. 21 were, my favourite part of this chapter was the fragment about brass tacks and the anagram. So true and honest and beautifully written!

The language was especially poetic this time - "enduring false dawns and mistaken feelings" (my fav phrase, how gorgeous is that?!) and I could keep going.

That weekend in May can't come fast enough! They will have to behave themselves, they'll be at the manse after all, haha! (yeah right, as if it could stop those two)
Catiegirl chapter 8 . 3/11/2016
Totally awesome again... Bring on May!I'm a big fan of UTK, and I can see how this series can lead into it (with their mammoth expectations and resultant jitters...) as RD did into this. The Heavenly Lone Iris gets me every time, and makes me want to cry- I love that when they talk about it, the emotion is so raw. Love it so much! Thank you, your writing is inspiring, and I couldn't stop grinning when I saw the new chapter came through. Still grinning! Cate.
Alinyaalethia chapter 8 . 3/10/2016
That line about 'Miss Shirley's knees going all the way up' made me laugh. It reminded me of the occasion on which a friend, enclosing a photo of a boating excursion we'd been out on in the summer for a christmas letter said 'my family will know you have shoulders.' I do like the way Anne shifts from sense to fantasy. So very like her and vivid as ever. These are just the sort of pictures she would conjure, and of course they involve that copper bath. Not forgetting of course the way those fancies keep alternating and every so often the reality comes to light. 'in real life ...I'd have flung a cake of soap at your head' -I'm paraphrasing and that badly, you land Anne's voice to the letter -but the fact is, she would have too.

There's much to love here but if I had to pick a favourite moment it's Anne's attempt to articulate her mixed up feelings on seeing those tacks arranged like the Virgin and the anagram scored into the wood of the desk. In anyone else's hands it might have been something elusive, but you've made the complexity of that moment a real and concrete thing.

Again too you convey wordlessly their closeness, the way those last letters overlap and elide into one another, it was a masterstroke. The whole chapter flowed like water, every word counted. I'm curious, of course, to see how you treat that weekend in May, but equally, I could quite happily luxuriate here in the space of this chapter for as long as it takes for you to conure the next one.
YorkshireTeaDrinker chapter 8 . 3/10/2016
I am tip-toeing out of my self imposed fan fiction exile (having a stalled story is playing merry havoc with my ability to enjoy other people's work, I feel like an errant student with an overdue essay deadline every time I sneak on here for a quick read) to let you know that this was just perfect.

This is a thrilling, moving, gorgeous read and this chapter is brimful of surpassing gorgeousness. Of course their correspondence would get more and more daring. Of course Anne would be putting her well oiled imagination to scandalous use. And of course Gilbert Blythe, who could be wicked if he chose, can meet and match her.

There was so much to delight. The pauses were perfectly placed, the pace just right, what was unsaid as evocative as what was said. The line that delighted me most was: "In real life I think if you had tried such a thing I would have flung a cake of soap at your head." That was so very Anneish. And shows that, in the midst of the longing and the desire, what makes this pair so perfect is they are (virtually) lovers, but also chums.

Whatever happens during this upcoming weekend in May, you'd better make sure that this pair want to write about it. In detail.
Lahiwe chapter 8 . 3/10/2016
I'm sorry that I've fallen behind; lots of stuff has come up in my life. Now, having caught up with chapters five through eight, I just want to say that the last chapter was so beautiful that I cried, and I have never cried at the beauty of anything I have read in my entire life.

There were other moments in between that thrilled me, though I'm afraid I don't have the precise memory of some of your other readers and can only tell you the feeling I got overall, not the specific details :( but one thing about great, beautiful writing is that it always makes another writer's heart beat faster, and their mind swirls with ideas. I wrote a poem as I read this (not related to AoGG); that's how much your use of language inspires me.

I wait on the edge of my seat for your next installment.
Formerly known as J chapter 8 . 3/9/2016
Goodness me, kwak, chests really are a-heaving! I may have to go take a very cold shower after reading that. I'm just loving them sharing their dreams and memories together - loving the Austen refs, too.

It was perfect that Gilbert's super-hot letter last chapter was written in the very room where Anne here admits her mixed up feelings about first seeing starry tacks on the ceiling and the graffiti scarring his desk, because she knew they meant more than all the Alpine flowers in Switzerland. Any and all glimpses back to the night she accepted him and copper bath fantasies are a winner for me.

The February 19th and March 21st letter snippets were steamy, but Gilbert Blythe marching to Summerside to fling her over his shoulder, caveman-style! I know it's probs not PC these days, but I enjoyed the idea of that a great deal. So much for sensible love letters indeed!

Where, pray tell, are you taking them for that one weekend in May, after this? ? ? Ooooh la la!
Edkchestnut chapter 8 . 3/9/2016
Please, please, please give us details about that one weekend in May. You know these two did not behave and we need to know what happened. After reading this, I'd be surprised if they ever made it to the wedding night. Again, I sincerely hope Rachel Lynde never intercepts any of these letters although that would make for a great story. I was so glad to see the mentions of RD4 and I hope you keep it up. Great job as always!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/9/2016
This is my first time posting a review to you but I have read almost all of your stories and enjoyed them thoroughly. How much so? So much, that when I saw an update from you just before leaving work, I stayed there longer to read it risking having more traffic to drive home in! Anyway, I love that you reference back to your older stories and I appreciate that you list which story and chapter you are referring to so we can easily go back and reread it if forgotten. Keep up the good work!
GoDons chapter 8 . 3/9/2016
Passionate, frank and beautiful. Thank you :)
rebeccathehistorian chapter 8 . 3/9/2016
"That's no red star but our own bright hearts colliding.": That's a beautiful sentence.

I love that whole paragraph that the line quoted above is in.

Oh gosh. Poor Anne.

"But in dreams, Gilbert, in dreams we can do anything.": I love this line.

I really enjoyed this chapter. I can't wait until you get to that weekend in May!
Alinyaalethia chapter 7 . 3/7/2016
I think I'm going to have to reread this over again when my ear isn't full of TD bank's telephone muzak as I try to sort banking long-distance. That said, I loved this ramble through Gil's memories, the shaping of his thoughts and dreams. There's such integrity of character in your stories, it's part of why I love them. All of this, and I mean all of it, rang true. The marmalade cat, the Sunday School Talk, the way in which his love of Anne is so all-encompassing that she becomes synonymous with the sky in his dreaming. The line about holding heaven in his hands stands out particularly. As does 'you were water and starlight.' Beautiful imagery, as ever, and perfectly pitched.

Perhaps most impressive though is the join you make between the Gilbert of the love letters to the younger Gilbert. It's vastly apparent that even with the reality of loving and being loved by Anne he still feels caught up in a delicious sort of aching closeness he hints at is all the more credible for the fact he's been showing us that by degrees all these previous chapters, and this solidifies it. I have thoroughly enjoyed disappearing into this particular idyll, and am looking forward to returning to it.
PelirrojaBiu chapter 7 . 3/6/2016
Oh Kwak, it was one gorgeous piece of writing from the opening line up till the end. What I loved most about it was how well-balanced it was: yes, it was steamy and daring and blush-provoking and yet at the same time it didn't feel scandalous at all - the tone was so loving, so friendly and so... Christmassy! :)

I love that both Anne in the RD and Gilbert here compare "heavenly lone iris" on his desk to a scar. As always it's those little details like this that add up to the whole reading experience. "Hygienic moral development" (lol), a very fitting company of a marmalade cat, my fav Jake DoNNEL, and I could keep going!

And I love you for giving as a much needed account of what happened in the Green Gables parlour once Anne got over her initial moustache shock :)

THANK YOU for all these extra-speedy updates and keep them coming! :)
Formerly known as J chapter 7 . 3/6/2016
At last, we find out a little more about Gilbert Blythe's dreams. And three chapter updates in one week, kwak? You are really on fire and I'm loving it! Especially if it involves letters such as this from Gilbert.

I laughed at 'hygienic moral development' and gorgeous Mr Allen's advice for the boys to behave as though their future wife was watching. I especially enjoyed the many ensuing debates Gilbert had with himself, since he was clearly having impure thoughts about Anne, even though she was his intended. So what did it matter in that case?

But the story meant to turn her beet red was just delicious, although it did leave me wondering if everyone else who saw the show could see through her angel outfit too! But I'm sure it was just the angle from where he stood. No wonder he let Jake Donnell go...

Moving so quickly from fancying he might only be able to touch her fingertips to what else he felt when she was grabbing his hand the night he proposed was just perfect. My favourite line: 'Blythe, you are in all sorts of trouble.'

I also loved the idea of him breathing in her scent from his shirt. But him imagining peeling off her wet clothes was HOT, kwak. Just as hot as him dripping in the cave. Hooley dooleys!
Erika chapter 7 . 3/5/2016
Wow. This is the most daring letter from Gilbert to date. I'd love to watch Anne read this. What a lucky girl!
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