Reviews for Pokémon Sinnoh Journey VOL 3
kd chapter 35 . 6/23
That was a great! I like to see the next one looks like!
Guest chapter 35 . 6/21
i like it keep it up
Hawkeye chapter 35 . 6/21
It's really sweet of dawn to be worried about her boyfriend. It's also been awhile sense I see hikaru competing in a contest and it was awesome can't wait for the next keep it up
Fcd chapter 35 . 6/21
Great chapter on pokemon Sinnoh journey vol 3, so can you please put up the next chapter to the story now please
Guest chapter 35 . 6/20
Would it funny if Infernape taunt at that Phantom thief in the upcoming chapter?
Train123 chapter 35 . 6/20
I find it pretty funny the way Dawn told at Hikaru to not do reckless things when she around.
ctran03931 chapter 35 . 6/20
"It's time for the Sandalstraw Pokémon Contest and Kenny, Dawn and Hikaru are on the ropes to compete against and clash with each other once again. Ever since they parted ways, Kenny is revealed to be much better than before and revealed that he now has a Machoke on his team. But with the playing field leveled as ever between them and with Hikaru's recent wound still making itself apparent from Shadow Hikaru as well as his recent loss with Lila at Celestic Town and pass-up the Chocovine Contest from Riolu's birth, will the descendent of the original Aura Prince come out on top this time and tie with Dawn again?"

It's great to see Hikaru's adventures continue and FINALLY, Hikaru's gonna participate in another contest again and this time with no complications after everything he's been through. In fact, this could be a great crash course for Riolu since he's gonna participate in his very first contest with one of his brothers/sisters later on in the story and I can't wait to see how he'll fare on the contest field, especially when he takes the stage in the Sinnoh Grand Festival when Hikaru finally wins all 5 of his own ribbons. I also have a funny feeling that the little Emanation Pokémon will also play a big part for Hikaru in the Ping Pong competition once the contest is over and hopefully Hikaru wins his fourth ribbon.

It might be just me since I've been having this nagging thought on my head for a while now but I think we might be experiencing Attack on Titan inspired bits (if there are or will be any included but are hidden away) later on since we're getting very close to Snowpoint City after the next few episodes following the Sandalstraw contest which'll involve a certain rival that Ash and Hikaru will reunite with. And as great as the openings for the Pokémon series are, especially for the Sinnoh Journey, I've always wondered how they'll play out with any of the Attack on Titan theme songs from Guren no Yuriya, Jiyuu no Tsubasa or even Shinzou wo Sasageyo (my personal favorite of the three).

Although, regarding the dynamic between Hikaru and Dawn on account of him always wounding himself trying to protect the ones he loved, I wonder how long Hikaru's gonna keep living this down (or not) and how long he's gonna drive Dawn bonkers over it. As long as his life is in danger and Dawn and the others get caught in the crossfire between him and his enemies coming after him, he may have no choice but to still keep on fighting and protecting them, regardless of what Dawn tries to do to stop him from doing so if it involves him getting injured.
Martin chapter 34 . 5/3
Yep, Kenny is definitely jealous of Hikaru
Guest chapter 34 . 5/2
i like it
Hawkeye chapter 34 . 5/2
The next Pokemon contest is almost here I just can't wait for it to come up I wonder what plans hikaru has to show the audience this time bet it's gonna be pretty awesome keep it up.
Vyh chapter 34 . 5/2
Great chapter on pokemon Sinnoh journey vol 3, so can you please put up the next chapter to the story now please
ctran03931 chapter 34 . 5/4
"Another adventure, a small trip down memory lane but with a twist, brings Piplup and Dawn even closer together while Hikaru realizes the limits in his powers he has to overcome to end Team Galactic, protect his family and friends and save Yamato from his enemies after clashing with Shadow Hikaru again. Realizing what he has to do to better himself as an Aura Guardian, he renews his determination once more and prepares for his greatest test as a trainer and a person with the help of his Pokémon family as the journey continues!"

Looks like Hikaru is really starting to realize and understand his own weaknesses in greater detail and in a whole new light although he probably knows that he'll still have a lot to learn if he's gonna fully overcome and destroy the darkness plauging him and truly save Yamato from Team Galactic. He's definitely gonna go through training through Star Wars levels at several points until the final battles with Team Galactic, J and Shadow Hikaru.

Though, I'm not sure how Hikaru can have his full team with him at this moment at the end of this episode despite him and Professor Rowan agreeing that he can keep up to 7 Pokémon in total as long as he keeps Riolu with him.

Can't wait to see more of this story after a long hiatus!
Colton Fox chapter 34 . 5/2
You should have hikaru catch a aron on iron island
The Storm Master 567 chapter 34 . 5/2
This was a good chapter. Shows some more personal growth and a new goal for Hikaru besides the league and contests and getting his father back.
Fireball Disaster chapter 34 . 5/2
i have an idea on what hikaru's Second evolution form would look like

look up Izanagi/Izanagi no okami from Persona 4 or Haseo Xth form from .Hack GU Vol 3
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