Reviews for Brainship Enterprise: The Next Generation
Debbie Hicks chapter 4 . 9/6/2017
Chapter 5.
all of the sudden a Shuttle carrying you guessed Amassdor Lwxana Troi with her slien t servant known as Homn he was tall but towering a girl about sixteen was plioting hang on Ambassdor Mr Homn This the Imzani permission to dismark then a strange Excuse n ame watch her creature Audio please Hello Little one greetings sher is new your hair is really long yes in ball m eet my mate he with m y twin oh yes where is the two it's three then Claudia had a vision what is she she is a priestess but she's Pyschic then Deanna Troi felt voices were young ones were in Starfleet oh n o brought Mother with Mr Homn with two aboard Wesley gulp then he was a young teenager age then a tran sporter beam exploded then lo and behold the mother herself Ambassdor Lwaxana Iroi with a crop of Vulcan Starfleet officers herself used mind-Speech to Wesely and his mother with William T Riker but Wesley was telepathic via touch wore from the ancient bodysuit were in fact his clothes and shoes hair was Combed but he felt it Mom he could speak telepathically via his mouth closed then he noticed a girl at his age she too had telepathic ablities Hello Robin remember m e Imzadi you starled me look we first met holy crap Dawn what is wrong with them They are bound but she is my age Robin's eyes were darker Hazel looked Onyx his was a Darker Blue they were born telepathic Strom carried was three times his greater strength madam here's your full time quarters that was it took the Crusers to their newest place Sickbay the medical bay was loud are you all right I Am wiped out Mom i am telepathic Don't worry you are grieving move on you two they did you will see the Bridge really here seatbt her she will keep a eye on your gift then he enter young man in a chair from this day forth you are what studying yes sir first meet him that Deanna Troi saw him very handsome but powerful sharp but who he meet Wesley her son raised by his mother she's a Doctor Warp Son of Mogh your parents perished by Romulans yes holy cow here I Am board that n ight he visited young man Enliste in Starfleet me first classes in private here then here he was dressed he studied as all classes Dawn watch out from that Creature then fired very well had passed a test from her who was a teacher so they then it was a test young man Welcome to Starfleet keep it thanks then on his Sixteenth birthday was a teenager at lon g last Mom i am now a teen ager what this can't studying from Starfleet Academy i am a Cadet by noontime I Need a good night sleep Computer lights he rested for the day's begnnings the Brainship swooshed to a newest galaxy Wesley rose had a heartly breakfast was on a diet needed a cut then looked amazing had acess to the library that kid sure ate well needs to rush to the library then hello Mary Anne yes meet Tigger my kitten he's cute as a bab y kitten then her twin sister's frien ds were in fact his age she was a teenage n urse so they were Teenage Starfleet officers had families of their own so they that things changed with Shellpersons doing their business they never sleep like Vampires that Jim was like a Twilight Vampire never sleep he looked young had wore clothes but no shoes or socks looked like from Twilight was a book series wanderering around inside the brain cruiser a dip this a dash of that made T'Pran scream in horror of him was asleepless person Strom! he looked like from Twilight! sorry needed a stroll your newest vessel oh my eye color holographic Jurai red you brought me a Snack he loved quotes from Twilight was from James who was a namadic Vampire she fainted Young man ulp he fled oh man you arehuge watch it turned Sixteen today was your day yes Mom whew then he turned Sixteen congraduations thanks a day to rock an dparty on pardon oops my studies it is a day off from Wark hello well happy Sixteenth birthady Thanks holy moses had a private party no thanks on a a crash diet.
MysticMirage chapter 4 . 3/18/2017
I do love this series I hope you continue it...
SpockST chapter 4 . 9/5/2016
Chapters through the fourth have improved, though I feel they are all a bit short. Also it has been many months since this was published. I hope this doesn't go the way of many other FanFiction stories ... terminated due to lack of author commitment. This could be an interesting plot line.
SpockST chapter 1 . 9/5/2016
This story is off to a rocky start, I hope more effort goes into proofreading subsequent chapters. It appears that several sentences were interspersed, as if a cut and paste operation went awry.

Since this is an ebook, editing should be fairly easy so future readers will be able to enjoy it as it was intended.
knightphoenix2 chapter 1 . 1/29/2016
I am NOT saying, "Poor Q."

Not at all; great story though!
knightphoenix2 chapter 2 . 1/29/2016
Great story! Looking forward to how Jim interacts with the Enterprise-D's crew! Let's hope he can keep a few *more* people alive this time around!

And, it would be great to see Q double-teamed by Jean-Luc AND Jim!

I LIKED Tasha Yar!
pandorianlesma chapter 1 . 1/28/2016
I really liked this concept and hope you continue!