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daemon452 chapter 25 . 4/14
Super looking forward to this continuing. Are you planning to update anymore or are you done with this
agirl00z chapter 25 . 4/11
I can't remember how many times I read this incredible story. Shepherd's second play though is so fun and heartbreaking and emotional for me. I sincerely hope there's still more to come; I don't care how long it takes, this story is worth it. Please don't give up, some of us reads need to Shepherd achieve her perfect ending.
I hope you and your family are well, stay safe.
hjcallipygian chapter 25 . 4/5
Oh man this is A FANTASTIC story. I really love your FemShep. She's great. And how you're changing things but keeping the HEART of it all is wonderful.
amir.mohsenipour81 chapter 25 . 3/7
Is this story abandoned?
Just a Guest chapter 25 . 2/24
Gosh, it’s been so long since I last read this (two years ago, maybe more than that), and when I craved for that sweet ME Trilogy fanfic content due to the released trailer, I scoured through FF to search for my old account I’ve deleted that follow/favorited the stories I loved to read. Let me just say I’m so glad I managed to track it down, which led me to track this story down again.

I think what struck me most about this story is how the deviations from canon were set up, leaving the world changed but also similar enough. I won’t even be surprised if Oriana and the Eden Prime group find Javik to prove the Reaper’s existence. The incorporation of side and one-off characters are also well done, with Nyxeris as one of then that stands out to me, as well Neira and T’Goni’s existence. You’re really using the named characters wisely, giving us that added depth and feels that makes you want to root for them.

I look forward to more chapters! Be safe out there, too!
Iforgotmypass chapter 25 . 2/23
First i must say i hope you're well and safe and second, I'm in love with this story your shepard is so charming and you make me happy with the little Liara/Shep moments. I like how some events in ME are changing and the consequences of shepard actios. I hate the game ending, my girl Shep deserved better :( anyway, I hope you have a chance to finish this fic, thank you for this wonderful story.
ldf8u chapter 25 . 2/22
This is such a fantastic story and I really hope you continue it. It makes so much more sense than so many time-travel stories out there, where apparently having future knowledge is this ridiculous magical cure, but that's not how that shit works. It's like someone naively thinking they could kill Hitler if they had a time machine. Shepard has future knowledge, but she can also make things worse and change things enough to make a completely new timeline, which is what you've essentially done here. There's another story with the same concept on this site, where Shepard's future knowledge allows her to create a peace between the geth and quarians in like a week lol. That's like saying we can travel back to the 1960s and solve segregation by just telling white people that racism is wrong, black people are peaceful, and that there will even be a black U.S. President in the future! PROBLEM SOLVED. *headdesk* The only reason Shepard was able to force a peace in the games is literally because they were experiencing an extinction level event, and it could have been a temporary peace at that. So the fact that your Shepard recognizes all these problems, being careful and trying to repeat the successes from her original timeline, while cautiously weeding out the failures without creating massive ripple effects... it's a breath of fresh air and helps tone down the level of suspension of disbelief needed (which makes it much more enjoyable for me personally).

I also gotta say, I really, REALLY love what you've done with Vasir. I look forward to any mention of her now, to the point of doing a search of her name at the beginning of the chapter just to see if she's in it. And I had barely remembered her from the DLC! You've fleshed her out so nicely and realistically that I now wish we had gotten more time with her in the actual game. In fact, you've made me realize not meeting or spending much time with any other Spectres was such a missed opportunity in the games. And I LOVE your concept of biotic auras and the effect and description of Shepard's. I am also a bit in love with the idea that Shepard's aura makes her an asari magnet, so I definitely enjoy reading anything to do with that lol. It's hot and also funny; I was giggling when Tevos finally engaged Shepard without her hard suit on, so definitely support more of this lol. Favoriting/following this story in hopes that you will finish it.
Dude-wtf147 chapter 1 . 2/10
Hey people the story isn't abandoned! It's on hiatus
Guest chapter 25 . 2/5
I really hope that this story is still alive, it’s awesome.
Foxy-Floof chapter 25 . 1/4
Bless your Guubear spawn. Also bless this chapter.
amir.mohsenipour81 chapter 25 . 12/5/2020
is this story abandoned?
Draconus1234 chapter 25 . 11/22/2020
Hope all is well on your end during the pandemic. I know things can be hectic right now. Stay safe.
Xenozip chapter 18 . 11/21/2020
Yeah, Jacks powers were pretty crap, not nearly as bad as Thane's though
the grey mage chapter 17 . 10/31/2020
Man, no matter how many times i go back to read this every time is extremely enjoyable.
Black Magic99 chapter 25 . 10/27/2020
i really hope you continue, this is way to good to stop here
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