Reviews for Unexpected
Smokezombie96 chapter 1 . 12/5
Please update soon! This is such a lovely fic!
kassieemorgan chapter 48 . 11/26
I love this story. definitely looking forward to more
aeryelle chapter 48 . 11/21
I love the addition of Pansy! Hope you guys continue this
Shortie McBealle chapter 1 . 11/12
this is a wonderful dramione fic, bery well written. im looking forward to more
HeartOfAspen chapter 48 . 11/4
I just caught up! I love your story. I'm terrible at reviews, but I wanted to say that I appreciate all the time and loving care you both have been putting into this. It's clear that you've gone to great lengths to keep things as true to the original series as possible, while still entertaining your own plot line. Nice work.
penelopedean chapter 48 . 9/9
This is great
Emily chapter 48 . 8/3
Guest chapter 47 . 7/31
l think Draco was in the wrong to be honest. I can understand him wanting to help Pansy but he completely ignored Hermione and disregarded her feelings and didn't even apologise. And she had a right to be angry when Draco didn't even realise that she was hurting that badly and when he blew her off constantly. Glad to see you're updating though, can't wait for the next update!
frekles chapter 48 . 7/30
What a fantastic story! I apologize for not reviewing after every chapter. Your creativity in twisting the JKR version and creating a unique version of your own is fabulous! I love how indepth you go into peoples feelings and emotions. well done! I will be anxiously awaiting an update!
frekles chapter 40 . 7/29
your chapters are so long and filled with action and detail-well done!
frekles chapter 39 . 7/28
great chapter!
frekles chapter 38 . 7/28
love your interpretation of Narcissa
frekles chapter 37 . 7/28
1st-I want to say that your story is amazing! I have been enjoying it so much, that I apologize for not writing a review after every chapter! I will try to go back at some time and fill them in to give you the praise and numbers you so much deserve! All I want to do is keep reading! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!
kmuscutt23 chapter 48 . 7/27
Yay I am so happy there is more... thank you for continuing this story, I love it and cannot wait for more
Guest chapter 47 . 7/17
Draco was a sharp guy, he would notice if hermione is hurting. This chapter is slightly off, i agree with the oppinon below me
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