Reviews for Heart and Soul
Sam murphy chapter 4 . 12/20/2020
Okaaaay I just find out that I haven’t read the right sequel XD no wonder I didn’t understand everything going on !
I’m going to read the right sequel and back here now ’
Guest chapter 1 . 12/20/2020
I don’t get how the DA can exist if we are the summer between book 4 and book 5...
Also I thought we would see how hermione ans jasmine got to got together :( the sequel was freaking awesome and we didn’t get to see the Yule ball !
I hope maybe flashback will be there lol
Anyway I’m gonna read to see if it all explains in later chapters
Cyril Kain chapter 37 . 12/1/2020
Ah, good old Dumbledore myopia. How I have missed thee...
Cyril Kain chapter 34 . 12/1/2020
The argument about Grimmauld Place being an old Pureblood home is all bull. Did the Muggles somehow perceive it and not only model the surrounding houses to match, but even merged Muggle and magical bricks together through the various wards repelling them? Did they also know that there was already a #12 and skipped it?

Given the length of their tapestry, there is no way that a broken down townhouse could be their ancestral home. (The Malfoys have a true manor, and they are a much younger and nowhere near as rich pureblood house) Much more likely is that it is an old Muggle home the Blacks purchased after their manor became too large for the dwindling family to live in and maintain. As for money, if they owned and built the home, they didn't need to pay for anything, so that argument is also worthless. James Potter was stated to be 'independently wealthy enough to devote all his time to fighting a civil war,' while paying all his, Lily and Sirius' expenses. If the Potters are not as rich as the Blacks, then the whole 'selling stuff off to survive' plot is a joke.
Cyril Kain chapter 33 . 12/1/2020
Explosive Castrado!
Cyril Kain chapter 32 . 12/1/2020
It always bothered me that nobody could see through the supposed British Pureblood Lord, Voldemort, but remembering the Black family motto makes me realize that one fanfic was right: wizards are all daft morons!

Seriously, why does the snooty, full of themselves, pureblood to the sensible extreme Black family have their family creed in FRENCH?! Why not Latin, or Brittonic? The answer is simple: they're idiots. It also explains why the 'savior of the Pureblood British wizarding world' could run around with a french alias and no last name, and be taken seriously.

The British couldn't tell they were being duped because of mass stupidity, plain and simple. It was a case of the stupid (Fudge) leading the brain dead.

In the land of the mentally retarded, the barely literate man is King.
Cyril Kain chapter 28 . 11/30/2020
Yes, how dare those witches use rituals! Improving health, strengthening magic, helping plants grow! HOW TERRIBLE! Those fiends must be stopped!

And how come Snape wasn't tortured? Him calling Jasmine, a witch who regularly rips apart Riddle's minions like wet tissue paper, and even fought almost evenly against Riddle himself, a pathetic weakling means he's insulting literally everyone she's ever killed or faced, and 'won' against. That includes the torture happy maniac he serves. Riddle SHOULD have cursed him for that. The man's extreme ego would DEMAND that Snape pay for even the barest hint of an insult aimed at him.

What Dumbledore did here was just pure sadism. Jasmine already KNOWS how vile Riddle can be. She was held captive by him and threatened with rape, torture and death. Hermione wouldn't know exactly how it was, but hearing from Jasmine was enough. To use an analogy, Jasmine experiencing Voldemort's cruelty was like that knife digging into her arm during the ritual, Hermione hearing it was like Flitwick cutting her for healing practice, and what Dumbeldore did was shoving a barbed sword into their stomachs and twisting it around.

And the reason why Fawkes' song didn't work is because Dumbledore was finally realized the truth: he's the monster of the Light, their version of Voldemort: controlling, uncaring of the little people, only caring for his own goals and designs, always lying and saying it was for the whole.
Cyril Kain chapter 27 . 11/30/2020
Seriously? Fudge isn't doing anything at all? A man being innocent, and due course of justice, hardly slowed Fudge down when he arrested Hagrid, so why is it stopping him now? He could easily declare that Sirius did something like Imperius people into freeing him from suspicion. After all, Death Eaters were heard fighting under Black's banner.

That is one plot line that could have been used to completely discredit Fudge and severely damage Umbridge's power, but wasn't. Not that Umbridge NEEDS help destroying herself, but as it stands, Fudge can easily claim he didn't know how far his Inquisitor was going, that she duped him into giving her all that power. He could even say that she was the one who came up with the plot concerning Sirius Black and that he just kept pursuing it due to lack of a better, viable option.
Cyril Kain chapter 24 . 11/29/2020
Damn you and your wanting to confirm your honorary niece is a lesbian, Remus!
Cyril Kain chapter 21 . 11/29/2020
Common fanon mistake: silver must be used to kill a werewolf.

Truth: werewolves only require silver to kill when they are in werewolf form. They are human for most of their lives, and humans die when any type of metal rips them apart.

This fact was brought up in a discontinued fic, where Harry explained to Remus that his bluff about being a werewolf didn't mean he was immune to a lead bullet going through his brain when he was human.
Cyril Kain chapter 18 . 11/29/2020
Hello, wtf? It is canon that someone, probably Riddle of Bellatrix, cursed literally all the gold in the LeStrange vault, most likely soon after the Cup was placed inside it, as another defense. Much of the gold wasn't even real, just a means of burying people in burning hot fake gold when they tried to steal it. The goblins should have gone ballistic upon seeing that.

And no, it wasn't done later. Riddle would not allow one of his Horcruxes be so unprotected. Only two of his Horcruxes weren't heavily protected: Nagini and the Diary.
Cyril Kain chapter 17 . 11/29/2020
I do not see why people keep trying to hook Ron up with girls he treats terribly. He treats Hermione like a pest and CONSTANTLY accuses Luna of being insane, yet people think the girls would see that and think, "I want me some of that!"
Cyril Kain chapter 15 . 11/24/2020
I find "Call me Moriarty" to be stupid past year four. Jasmine, early on, displays knowledge of the Freezing Flame Charm, yet decides to use unstable and dangerous runes painted onto her body for the first task, which ultimately damages her nerves to the point that even a torture curse has a reduced effect on her. That's the move of a Gryffindor blockhead, not a Slytherin.

Besides, the whole concept of throwing a 'Sherlock Holmes' into the HP universe is laughable. 98% of magic users are at the intelligence level of Homer Simpson. Sending in a Muggleborn with even average intellect makes them Sherlock Holmes by comparison, especially with Cornelius "I need to be seen doing something!" Fudge at the helm. Hermione is basically the William James Sidis of the HP universe.

"Call me Moriarty" is one of the 'broken stories,' which is what I call a story where the writer made their character do something that ruins the whole story. The action either being so counter to who they've been up to then, so stupid it actually hurts to read or something that makes them out to be a hypocrite.
Cyril Kain chapter 14 . 11/24/2020
I wonder who the goblin agent is... (looks at Flitwick)

Seriously, how divorced from reality is Dumbledore? This is getting extremely pathetic. As it stands, he won't even be able to tell that he's died, just like Binns.

Voldie is complaining about not receiving recognition when he didn't leave a witness or throw up his flying magical tramp stamp? Anyone with half a barely functional brain cell, like Fudge, would know exactly who would be blamed for the attack on Azkaban. It really says something when FUDGE is smarter than Riddle.
Cyril Kain chapter 13 . 11/24/2020
Yeah, Snape repented and feels so bad about what he did that he pshologically abuses the child of his savior and the woman he loved as often as physically possible, and even threatens them with the use of a potion that could get him sent to Azkaban for brewing without permission.

Again, I hate people who defend Snape. Literally NOTHING he does says he deserves anything more than a slow, screaming death.

Very few authors can make it so he is a genuine good guy, and it is mostly done because Dumbledore is that much of a manipulative bastard who uses everybody and everything around him like toys. (Stares at Don't Look Back In Anger)

Only one fanfic I have read changed him with just a single scene, and that was his death scene. Snape saw Harry and Hermione, saw the affection between them, between the brilliant Muggleborn and the abused Halfblood, and knew about the prideful Pureblood who had already 'laid claim' to the girl. Snape grabbed Harry and told him to not hesitate and let Granger be taken from him. Years later, Harry and Hermione's daughter is sent off to Hogwarts, and her middle name is 'Severus,' after a hero and the only reason she even existed.
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