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Cyril Kain chapter 15 . 11/24/2020
I find "Call me Moriarty" to be stupid past year four. Jasmine, early on, displays knowledge of the Freezing Flame Charm, yet decides to use unstable and dangerous runes painted onto her body for the first task, which ultimately damages her nerves to the point that even a torture curse has a reduced effect on her. That's the move of a Gryffindor blockhead, not a Slytherin.

Besides, the whole concept of throwing a 'Sherlock Holmes' into the HP universe is laughable. 98% of magic users are at the intelligence level of Homer Simpson. Sending in a Muggleborn with even average intellect makes them Sherlock Holmes by comparison, especially with Cornelius "I need to be seen doing something!" Fudge at the helm. Hermione is basically the William James Sidis of the HP universe.

"Call me Moriarty" is one of the 'broken stories,' which is what I call a story where the writer made their character do something that ruins the whole story. The action either being so counter to who they've been up to then, so stupid it actually hurts to read or something that makes them out to be a hypocrite.
Cyril Kain chapter 14 . 11/24/2020
I wonder who the goblin agent is... (looks at Flitwick)

Seriously, how divorced from reality is Dumbledore? This is getting extremely pathetic. As it stands, he won't even be able to tell that he's died, just like Binns.

Voldie is complaining about not receiving recognition when he didn't leave a witness or throw up his flying magical tramp stamp? Anyone with half a barely functional brain cell, like Fudge, would know exactly who would be blamed for the attack on Azkaban. It really says something when FUDGE is smarter than Riddle.
Cyril Kain chapter 13 . 11/24/2020
Yeah, Snape repented and feels so bad about what he did that he pshologically abuses the child of his savior and the woman he loved as often as physically possible, and even threatens them with the use of a potion that could get him sent to Azkaban for brewing without permission.

Again, I hate people who defend Snape. Literally NOTHING he does says he deserves anything more than a slow, screaming death.

Very few authors can make it so he is a genuine good guy, and it is mostly done because Dumbledore is that much of a manipulative bastard who uses everybody and everything around him like toys. (Stares at Don't Look Back In Anger)

Only one fanfic I have read changed him with just a single scene, and that was his death scene. Snape saw Harry and Hermione, saw the affection between them, between the brilliant Muggleborn and the abused Halfblood, and knew about the prideful Pureblood who had already 'laid claim' to the girl. Snape grabbed Harry and told him to not hesitate and let Granger be taken from him. Years later, Harry and Hermione's daughter is sent off to Hogwarts, and her middle name is 'Severus,' after a hero and the only reason she even existed.
Cyril Kain chapter 11 . 11/23/2020
Easy way to get rid of Fudge and Umbridge: Gringotts declaring that the two of them nearly caused another Goblin Rebellion, one possibly more devastating than any other. After that news got out, they could spin some cock and bull about Fudge planning on seizing ancient vaults of families who he 'legally' eliminated. Doesn't matter if it is a lie, the moment it came out he nearly started a war and it was over greed and violation of ancient families, the Wizengamot would all show up with ropes charmed unbreakable in hand for his trial.

Seriously, while fans up it to the extreme, or insanity, I doubt that anyone who initiated a Goblin Rebellion is looked upon favorably in history, whether it was a person, goblin or someone's pet peeing on the wrong goblin's shoe. (looks at Scruffy the sheep hound)
Cyril Kain chapter 10 . 11/23/2020
Yeah, Dumbledore is extremely myopic. He's failed to see that letting ineptly evil gits like Snape and Draco have free reign, letting a Minister remain in power when he only moves to be seen doing something or because Lucius, known Death Eater and silent usurper, and deciding hexed letters are more dangerous than Dark Lords or deadly monsters roaming the school unchecked, were all incredibly stupid decisions.

His divorce from reality is insane!
Cyril Kain chapter 9 . 11/23/2020
Oh Mr Granger, even after years of marriage, you still fall into those traps men are prone to tripping. There is no hope for you.
Cyril Kain chapter 7 . 11/23/2020
Okay, either Tracey is an egoist, aka someone sexually attracted to themselves, or she's a closeted lesbian obsessed with boobs.
Cyril Kain chapter 2 . 11/22/2020
Yeah, I really hate Remus. No doubt James and Lily asked Remus to look out for their child, probably made him promise as well. He casually decided to ignore that and bugger off to who knows where because Dumbledore said she'd be perfectly safe, and in spite of seeing so many signs that their child wasn't, decided to ignore it all and keep listening to the man who sent her to live with abusive people. There is literally no way that Lily didn't rant about how much of a bitch her sister was, or the brute she married, as well as their extreme dislike of 'freaks.'

Shows you how much he really cared for Lily and James.
Cyril Kain chapter 1 . 11/22/2020
I also use Dan and Emma, but those are just shorter versions of their full names: Daniel and Monica. (Emma came from her little brother's first word, when he tried to say his big sister's name)

I flip fanon on its head by making Monica a tame version of a violently protective girlfriend. Dan is a cowardly dentist and D&D player who has strange desires, like using invisibility cloaks to streak, while Monica is a former scout/sharpshooter from the British Armed Forces. They met when a Doctors Without Borders camp was attacked. She was returning fire from behind the same bit of cover he was behind, all while he pissed himself in fear.
Cyril Kain chapter 1 . 11/17/2020
Just came here to peek a bit, and I can tell you that the line about self-defense being a valid excuse is utter BULLSHIT! A Muggleborn could have blasted Bellatrix apart and the Ministry would still put a black mark on their record.
Majerus chapter 51 . 11/11/2020
I gotta admit I've rarely felt Minnie's loss so strongly.

Beautifully done.
Majerus chapter 50 . 11/11/2020
*sad* Poor Minerva...
"Aye. Our destiny was to take young Jasmine away from the manipulations of that old goat and raise her right. To prepare her for her own soul bond and the marvelous destiny ahead of her and Hermione."
Oh, wow... I'd read that in a heartbeat!
Has someone written it? (I did check your works)

Damn, dude, I hated to see Minnie go, but I gotta admit you managed the timing of that transition beautifully.
Yes! Centaurs to the rescue! Very Cool!

"And that's why I never married," Moody muttered.
Holy Shite! Moody is hilarious :D

I love that Bones arrested Fudge even if only to shut his gob :D
Majerus chapter 49 . 11/11/2020
OK, first of all, why don't they do the Patronus message? All of them know it, so not one of them thinking of it is just lame.

Second, why would Gabrielle let the toad live? It is not at all like her to leave a dangerous enemy able to strike from behind. Just execute the vile thing and be done with it. She has to know four dozen spells that would slowly kill it without a mark and at least a dozen muggle ways to do the same.

Oh ho! You've removed the Elder Wand from the game, interesting! Then again, it seems that he didn't find the Stone the crater the Ring left, so, perhaps it's not so big a deal already?
It was cool of you to save Sirius And let Dumbledore die a hero instead of a sacrifice that, due to his mind-games, once again caused more harm than good.

Huh... they still haven't figured out that the DE's have portkeys. How... pathetic.

Poor Minnie :(
Majerus chapter 48 . 11/11/2020
Poor Tonks. Poor Remus, who not only missed out but will likely not survive to find out what he's missing.

Jasmine's 'innocent questioning' of the toad was priceless!

No . pudding. she rasp ed. "No... more . pudding?"
And thus did Dolores Umbridge seal her own fate.
Majerus chapter 47 . 11/11/2020
Thirty... THOUSAND!? YEEIIIKES! *stupefied*

DUDE! Flitwick is my Hero!
Although... are you sure it isn't Super Dragon Pox?
Quarantine for at least... sixty years, right? Best to be safe, for the patient's health, of course :D

For Science! :D
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