Reviews for Locked Away
WriteGameSaitama chapter 70 . 7/2
enjoyed the story, looking forward to the sequel. you could save yourself some writing time and try to avoid being to wordy. lots of paragraphs that makes it's point in the first sentence. other than that pretty great.
WriteGameSaitama chapter 36 . 6/26
I love this story but this conspiracy stuff has gotten out of hand. it was one thing for ash to. it k ow about Unova but apearntly the whole world can just not notice a region being locked down? also how many people are keeping a secret? the moment 100 people have to keep a secret it's no longer a secret.
AgentBrian chapter 15 . 6/6
But, if Delia thought Ash dead years ago, why would she visit him all this time, and even more, why so she watch TV in his room, to give him the other characters?
BioHazard82 chapter 70 . 5/26
Great story.
TheHarshApprentice chapter 70 . 4/22
Regardless of what I've said before. This is great story.
TheHarshApprentice chapter 67 . 4/22
Oh No! Please don't do that to Ash again.
TheHarshApprentice chapter 58 . 4/22
Why is Gary's vision blurry now? Why is everyone always. Half. Dead. All. The. Time. For. No. Reason.? I suspect in earlier chapters this has occurred as well. This story is just piling stress on top of stress.
TheHarshApprentice chapter 55 . 4/22
Making readers feel suffocated at every third chapter. I hate you.
TheHarshApprentice chapter 54 . 4/21
I hope charizard's isn't dying and just got pokerus that turns him mega.
Astro chapter 67 . 3/26
Whoa, that's a screwed-up ending.
avenger1994xtreme chapter 70 . 3/15
This story was am
Prophit-AR chapter 70 . 3/14
I read this story some years ago when I believe only chapter 40 something or other had just been published... The other day I had an itch to check up on this story and realized it had been finished recently! I went through and read every chapter over again with the thought running through my head “If this was a book, how long would it be?” Glad you addressed in the final comments! Definitely the best Pokémon Fic I’ve ever read and I want to say thank you for finishing this story! Your take and multiple avenues through out the story was incredible.
Look forward to more of your pieces!
Pokeshipping-Fan-NaLu chapter 70 . 2/21
Hello! How are you? I hope all is well.
I just finished the novel and I really need to express everything I felt... so here it goes:
If I had to pick an ending for the original anime, well, I would definitely pick this. I LOVE IT! Everything was so great, so real, so human... I don't know, I feel like it's one of the most amazing (Pokémon) novels I've ever read.

I loved Ash and Misty's relationship, it was just magnificent, their romance was formed little by little, a romance that felt so real... both supporting each other whenever they needed it, it was just perfect.

Ash's evolution in all this time was also spectacular, I simply applaud you! it was beautiful!

I have some doubts and I wanted to tell you about them here:
In the end what happened with Delia and her son, Leaf, Team Rocket where the did they go? I was waiting for those answers in the last chapter, but I didn't find them u.u I guess those answers will appear in the sequel, the one you mentioned in the author's note, right? I'm already looking forward to it!

I should make it clear that I don't understand much english... and you may wonder how did she read the novel if it's written in English? Well... Google translator makes miracles hahahahahaha and for that reason, I apologize if the wording of this message is not completely impeccable, but I wanted, I needed to leave you a message, because 70 chapters are not easy to write at all... and I couldn't leave without leaving a little message of support to you and that you were aware that I fell in love with your novel, completely, surely some other time, I will re-read it just for fun.

A big hug! I'll read you in the sequel, which by the way... What will be its name...? To stay tuned... I need it! And also, will it have as many chapters as this one? Again a hug and we'll read each other.
gingerxrage chapter 70 . 2/19
thnk u sm for this fanfic!
gingerxrage chapter 70 . 2/19
man, this bittersweet feeling I'm having right now after completing this story sucks, idk- what else is there to say but I want a sequel u can't just end this here plz, man I literally have no words for this piece of art! thank you!
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