Reviews for Locked Away
Caliberious chapter 65 . 7/9
It was a great chapter to read. But not the dream world or everyone would be fine
Caliberious chapter 62 . 7/9
Oh no
Caliberious chapter 61 . 7/9
I felt good that he was pounded. I would have liked Bruno behind bars too. Did you reference. mewtwo first time here ? I don't remember it in any of the other chapters
Caliberious chapter 60 . 7/9
It was still a good chapter, even if you lost the original. Brock and the rest following their own path was much better than thinking like Ash
Coolness121 chapter 39 . 7/8
What’s got me chomping at the bit with this story is the fact that Ash’s presence has a direct effect on several events that are linked to the state of the world, and I just want to know when I’ll see them unfold. We’re basically getting the entire beginning season of Pokémon in a different light, but I didn’t expect the world travel so soon. Is he going to be catching anyone new because uhhh if he wants any shot at battling with the big boys, Pikachu, for as stupidly powerful as he is, ain’t gonna cut it. He needs that Infernape, Venasaur?, Togekiss and even the feraligator. Like I think them with Pikachu and charizard would make a solid enough team. Noctowl for psychic coverage? Maybe a dark type or ghost? I think in the Pokemon world they’re in, ghost and dark types would be priceless. I’ve so many questions though and I can’t wait to have them answered. Where are Agatha’s Pokemon? Ghosts just don’t die or disappear and lord knows ain’t nobody taking em from her, so where they at? Uhh Cynthia? With the stupidly powerful Garchomp? Idk if you mentioned her or not earlier but still, I don’t think she’d be for the whole corruption that seems to have taken hold of the league. Is Unova the only safe haven? What does Team Rocket, if that’s the case, have over the entire Pokemon league to have them do their bidding? Mew-two? How is he not out here rampaging or doing anything? Did TR not go through with it or is he the reason Unova is shut down? It would make sense if they used him to conquer Unova or he helped them resist the army of rockets. Either one would work. We getting anything about aura or a lucario? Because I think that storyline is important to ash becoming like a hero unless you’re going there Spider-Man route where it’s just a regular guy with not so normal capabilities trying to help people? Would that make misty his Mary Jane? Well, a MJ that could knock a grown man unconscious with a single punch. I’m surprised other legendaries haven’t like shown themselves to him yet unless you’re just building the anticipation. Is Paul a bad guy or is he just an asshole? I want him to just be a jerk because fate wills it so no matter what version. I also tip my hat to you in keeping the truest essence of ash alive and well. Like for all his faults, and geez, he’s a never back down, honest, trustworthy, lucky as hell guy who just wants people and Pokemon to be treated fairly. I love it. Also, MASTERBALL? It was a little unclear to me, but is something in there or was it just like here a masterball? I hope these dude don’t try and press my mans Gary oak. They gonna fuck around and catch twin cannons from that Blastoise, there’s no way it’s not an elite 4 level Pokemon at least right? Meowth and The terrible twosome are an excellent point because they are so unavoidably linked to ash. Uhm if his Pokemon remember him...does that mean legendaries too? How did he DREAM OF LEGENDARIES FROM REGIONS HE’S NEVER EVEN VISITED?! Legendaries that haven’t even been spotted yet? Deoxys? Rayquaza? Gasp, unless that is the end goal! It’s the infinity stones all over again! Wait no, that makes no sense. I control most of the world, why risk battling legendary Pokémon when regular ones, dragon types, can do the job well enough for me. Maybe that explains Unova? What is happening to the previous professors? Did they not agree with the new regime and were taken out? What makes ash so special to have been watched since waking up? I think this story is excellent. You’re foreshadowing, Dawn and misty for example, has been nothing short of spectacular. There’s enough logic to be like “okay that makes sense” but enough ridiculousness to be like “ahh, this feels like Pokémon” yknow? WHERE IS STEVEN STONE?! I know the Kanto arc can’t end without something huge. I’m excited
Caliberious chapter 57 . 7/8
Yay for revolutions
Caliberious chapter 54 . 7/8
Oh my
Caliberious chapter 55 . 7/8
Yk I hope charizard isn't dying and instead turning mega X
Caliberious chapter 52 . 7/7
Nice chapter
Caliberious chapter 50 . 7/7
Oh how could I forget such a landmark place
Caliberious chapter 48 . 7/7
Everyone's getting serious
Caliberious chapter 47 . 7/7
You show everyone's side so brilliantly
Caliberious chapter 45 . 7/7
Your dynamic bw Ash and Misty is right , looking forward to rest of part 4
Caliberious chapter 43 . 7/7
'The plan' was well worth the hype
Caliberious chapter 42 . 7/6
Great chapter
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