Reviews for Order and Might
Guesst chapter 48 . 10/25
Its great to see you writing again. I got a little scared and thought that you dropped this masterpiece.
I guess this was an important chaper to show how everyone is doing after the recent transition. It wss hilarious to read raditz shit himself when he though tien wss on to him.
Looking forward to the next chapter!
Thomas-The-TMC chapter 48 . 10/25
SaiyanEnthusiast chapter 48 . 10/24
The torturous waits are truly saddening. However I patiently await the next chapter. Please continue I urge you
Guesst chapter 47 . 8/17
Grear chapter, loved all the communication between the characters.
I honestly have to say, what amazes me about this story is how original generally unpredictable it is. I literally hace no idea how all this is gonna pan out.

Keep up the great work!
TheDarkChronist chapter 47 . 8/18
Time stretches to its fullest extent when you update, because I devour the new chapter in seconds and then I feel like a decade has passed without updates on the next ten minutes. Keep up the amazing work!
SaiyanEnthusiast chapter 47 . 8/17
I honestly cannot get enough. Please write as quickly as you can!
mredt chapter 47 . 8/16
I'm just guessing here but are we going to be able to see Goku make energy weapons, like Goku black because that would be amazing.
Thomas-The-TMC chapter 47 . 8/15
This is like an intricate chess match
Guesst chapter 46 . 7/29
Hooray another chapter. Things seem to be building up, and it doesnt looks too good for king vegeta, but he probably deserves it . It also looks like Goku's naivety got the better of him lol.l, he should of listened more to bardock.
story absorber chapter 2 . 7/12
wat kind of au is this?
Guesst chapter 45 . 7/10
That was a really interesting chapter, i dont think im gonna like king vegeta, but bardoks great.
NarupokeeAurorafan chapter 45 . 7/11
Lol I love Overprotective Bardock lol ! He also has every reason to be scared and wary of the Higher Class Saiyans anyway so he definitely has my sympathy but there is definitely only so much that he can do :(.

I also wonder how the arrangement with Goku and Vegeta will go lol. Hope during that time Goku will also slowly change Vegeta from being who he is to his personality now or like it. He does have the ability to become friends with almost anyone lol.

Until next time bye!
Thomas-The-TMC chapter 45 . 7/10
Goku being a servant haha
TheDarkChronist chapter 45 . 7/10
Ohoho! High level politics and high level saucyness on the same chapter! My levels of Gobul/Bulku/Golma shipping keep soaring, my high for Goku visiting the Royal Castle keeps strong, my worry over Bardock's health keeps rising and my devotion to this fic is stronger every passing chapter.

And of course the Hotsus about to redouble their efforts to nose around saiyan bussiness, which is about to be flooded by a tide of drafted humans and saiyans -that's not gonna end good-.

Keep up the good work!
TechnicalJoker chapter 43 . 7/10
I'm also shipping Bulma and Goku in this fic. I hope that is the pairing for Goku.
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