Reviews for Order and Might
Mattlekim chapter 34 . 10/8
this story is amazing pls pls don't give up on it
TheDarkChronist chapter 34 . 9/23
Well, I finally got here after a week of intense reading. My, your story is really good! You created so much new content and intertwined it so skilfully into Dragon Ball that it looks like a complete and officially sponsored reboot to the story. Man, this is some good stuff.

I will wait eagerly for future updates!
TheDarkChronist chapter 2 . 9/21
It's fascinating, and I don't know if it was intentional by your part or not, but the society you paint on this story greatly resembles that of the southern Peloponeso, with spartans and mesenian ilotes coexisting without -usually- mingling, one being a proud, warrior society and the other a more peaceful, agricultural, crafty one. A truly fascinating concept for a fic of this kind.
vindictive Glory chapter 34 . 8/4
this is getting more and more intriguing as the fic progresses. Also, nice to see Vegeta have a 'soft' side for Amara.
Anonymous chapter 33 . 7/29
Really love how the plot is developing
Update soon
Guest chapter 32 . 7/29
Same names as characters from dragonball, nothing else here compares.
vindictive Glory chapter 33 . 7/29
ahh i had hoped for a longer chapter, but this way good. even if i find it reminiscent of transmigration that's found in Naruto.
Thomas-The-TMC chapter 33 . 7/29
This is strange.. not sure if I'm into the whole "you're possessed that's why you're a super sayain" it kinda loses the value and character progression imo
NarupokeeAurorafan chapter 32 . 7/27
Aww I'm kind of sad about the growing disconnect between Bardock and Goku. But I guess it's understandable. I hope that Bardovk gets a better understanding of Goku later. That Goku is different but he's smart and sweet. Goku will be okay :).

Also I hope Bardock and the others won't be too mad or scared knowing that Goku just dissappeared lol. Till next time, bye!
vindictive Glory chapter 32 . 7/25
i must be honest kienzan is probably more lethal than any energy attack could ever be.
vindictive Glory chapter 31 . 7/25
would be something if it was naturally occurring and contained his all-powerful ki. maybe it could be found on the mountain.
vindictive Glory chapter 30 . 7/25
ahh it was such a good chapter. the history and the dynamic of saiyan leadership is fresh take. basically they're mayors or something akin to presidents.
vindictive Glory chapter 29 . 7/25
kakarot has found his goal
vindictive Glory chapter 28 . 7/25
i wonder if the golden king is an allusion to the shared legend of the golden warrior.
vindictive Glory chapter 27 . 7/25
ahh our first real (up close and personal) look at the the complexities of human and saiyan relationships.
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