Reviews for PPGD: The First War
Tziput13 chapter 9 . 3/3/2016
Reading through The First War was very interesting indeed, given the fact that it's the event that had been addressed the least compared to the Second War in your previous stories. It has a more linear structure that was almost strange to follow, considering how the Panic and the first story played out.

I liked how you slowly introduced the Knights one by one, it gave a good climax effect overall, and the character development for Dexter has seriously been one of the best parts, linking the dots with his personality in the Panic and Wars and all. I just read the first chapter of the Second War and I feel like what we'll see there is going to put the final words to that part and ultimately change Dexter into the one we see in the Panic (well, his soul at least).

And that final fight... You know, I love how you manage to get the reader to think 'all right, they're doomed', then the heroes somehow beat the foe and the reader thinks 'wow, they made it!', then the villain rises up again stronger than before, and the cycle repeats without actually being boring, far from it! Those Model Ms are surely one heck of a foe!

I felt bad for Bell. I admit, she isn't a favourite character of mine in PPGD, but her destiny here was seriously bad... though now I'm here waiting to see how 'Model B' is exactly created (hint hint), especially after reading the Fall of Townsville. Speaking of that sub-story, nice to see exactly how Him got to play a role in the chronology.