Reviews for The Marriage Decree
BellaB88 chapter 79 . 7/15
I just got caught up on this story, which I found completely by accident. I was Google searching Harry/Hermione story (I exclusively read that pairing),and I ended up here and I am absolutely hooked. I never leave reviews either lol. This is extremely well written and I have not been able to put this down. I look forward to the upcoming chapters... I also have a feeling Mark and Mia are a witch and wizard, maybe?
jaymay49 chapter 79 . 7/7
I’m so sad I’m caught up! But I’m also so very happy with this story so far!
empc523 chapter 79 . 7/6
I have recently read the entire story that's been published thus far, and it's so well-written! I cannot wait until the next chapter, and I love the plotlines you've made. P.S. Hyperion is absolutely precious.
Srta.Ayanami-Granger chapter 79 . 7/4
Wow, I spent the last 3 days reading this. It's been a while since I read a good draco x hermion fanfic, and I am definitely going to be here for the next chapters. Also, I've never read such a long fanfiction as yours, but I must say that your story is all worthy. This shipp is my favorite one, I'm glad to read your next chapters. There almost no fanfictions using this shipp in portuguese, so Thank You very much!

I'm waiting for the next chapters!

DemonicFox6548 chapter 79 . 7/3
Stop the madness release more updates...
But sorry all seriousness love this fanfic so happy draco found his uncle. Cant wait for more
TinySlippers chapter 79 . 7/3
Ryan is awesome!
Karlie chapter 79 . 7/3
Yay they found him!
unfittingpuzzlepieces chapter 79 . 7/3
Awwww, finally!
talim258 chapter 79 . 7/3
AT last they meet. And how cute was this chapter. Can't wait for the next one
booklifeforlife chapter 79 . 7/2
I think I might cry of extreme happiness right now
KissMiInk chapter 79 . 7/2
Love it! Ready for chapter 80!
imranramji1 chapter 79 . 7/2
why do you always leave so much suspense...please dont be gone for too long pretty please with cherries on top
Fluffymarshmallows chapter 79 . 7/2
Yay! That was so well written!
Guest chapter 79 . 7/1
They found him
beth chapter 79 . 7/1
Love it as always. Can't wait to see how the new union between the Malfoys will work out. I am sure you have thought out very thing like usual. Great job.
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