Reviews for The Marriage Decree
Guest 2017 chapter 73 . 1/18
When is the next chapter coming out?!
yayraurar5 chapter 73 . 1/18
I don’t have words to say how much I am in love witch this chapter
Guest chapter 73 . 1/15
O M G !
ady71 chapter 73 . 1/14
leighismyname chapter 73 . 1/16
Blu3zClu3z chapter 73 . 1/15
Love the date, how courageous they were in admitting their feelings — loving someone vs being in love w/someone, how forward they finally wereto each other when they got home. Wonder how there future anniversaries will be like
Blu3zClu3z chapter 72 . 1/15
Oh no! Sounds Like Andromeda’s going to die soon. Excited to see how D & H’s date goes. Looking forward to the update
AuntCori chapter 73 . 1/14
More please!
Guest chapter 69 . 1/11
When they're finding the dead ww2 guys, they should be glad they weren't Russian
KaTee19 chapter 72 . 1/11
Wait, do we get to find out what narcissa tried to out on now hermiones food? Did it do anything to andromida?
Lena2244 chapter 72 . 1/11
I hope that vial contains infertility medicine or something in that way Andy wouldn't have lost anything that bad. Well, not anything she will need... okay this just sounds terrible regardless how I phrase it.
AFLlover chapter 73 . 1/10
i like this story a lot, now i can't wait for any problems that show up from dinner.
DemonicFox6548 chapter 73 . 1/9
Oh my god finally it's happening please let it happen please!
HungryHungry Hufflepuff chapter 73 . 1/8
I love this story! I only just got my account, so I can finally post comments! Didn't you say Draco and Hermione would have sex in chapter 80? Never mind, less waiting!
tmtcltb chapter 73 . 1/7
What an absolutely perfect date! Draco really knows how to sweep a woman off her feet. Loved every word and I'm excited for the next chapter!
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