Reviews for Glimpses of Hermione
babydoll.MK21 chapter 33 . 7/8
I can see why Hermione had a tough rough year.
Guest chapter 33 . 6/30
I liked this one
MissEllen chapter 33 . 5/30
Good for her! Those boys need to figure things out on their own. Now maybe they’ll grow up a little more. Of course they’ll need her in the fight to come, and she’ll do everything she needs to, but I’ll bet they’ll be more capable as well. (Hope we get to see a little of that bit, too.)
happiness8000 chapter 30 . 5/30
I'm enjoying the Glimpses of Hermione, especially the Pureblood Hermione triad, yum!
ForeverTheWhiteTiger chapter 30 . 5/20
So glad I decided to re-read this story! So beautiful!
Hollowg1rl chapter 33 . 5/15
This was an incredible look into their lives and I adore it. Kudos to you!
Black Banshee chapter 33 . 5/15
I know I'm mean but I wished she made them suffer more, at least Ron ...
RheaSalvatore chapter 33 . 5/11
I actually really like this. I’m really happy about how there wasn’t a secret love interest, Hermione just did what was best for her without anyone else. Great job!
IndigoBirds chapter 33 . 5/10
Thank God. I can only handle her being so nice about them mooching her efforts before I scream. Good for her!
Cecily Mitchell chapter 33 . 5/8
I think everyone learned a lesson here. Awesome story :)
Happy chapter 2 . 5/7
Awesome little fic!
meldz chapter 33 . 5/8
I've read this saying about words, and I totally agree however I believe the lack of words hurts more.
I guess that's how you treat life, live your own and don't "nag" people into following what you are doing. their mistakes can be a life lesson for them.
and if I have someone in my life like Ron, I would drop him like it's hot.
Capecodcanal chapter 33 . 5/7
Fifth year was rough but this is wonderfully thoughtful. I think it showcases their growing pains. How hard it is, to be true to oneself and still maintain your friendships. Lovely!
SereniteRose chapter 33 . 5/7
Ron's a moron jerk and should have died and Harry is his bitch, and Hermione's the best, yhamks ever so much, she should of let both of them fail.
kimbclar chapter 33 . 5/7
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