Reviews for Can't Rely on Authority
Calmzone1 chapter 43 . 9/16
Great job, loved it.
ArielSakura chapter 42 . 9/15
Absolutely loved this! Seriously! It was amazing and so well! It's so nice to see a fanfic that's as well thought out and well written as yours! Loved Harry and Luna, they were very cute and she was so supportive. The pranks you mentioned were awesome too! I had a lot of fun reading those! Keep up the great work and I wish you the best of luck going forward in your other five!, (which I am about to read). :D

PS: Just a suggestion, there's a program called grammarly, which you can download a free version, that picks up spelling and grammar errors. It's like your own personal beta that you don't have to wait on!
Guest chapter 43 . 9/13
Yeah, lots of typos and malapropisms. Not quite enough for me to stop reading as it was an engaging and humorous tale otherwise.

The most memorable malapropism in the last chapter (42) was where you were probably trying to say that America had come the CLOSEST to implementing the C.K. concept for training young students but, instead, compared America (one of the geographically larger countries around) to a "closet." Maybe that was meant as a tounge-in-cheek reference to Harry's start in the Privet Cupboard, but that seems unlikely and in poor taste besides.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/12
Okay, I'm confused. Why, completely out of left field, does it seem your Harry wishes to establish a Nunnery? Worse than coming out of left field, it contradicts the "NOT relying on authority" premise to establish yet another level of authority. ;-)

You have a paragraph:

“Wow, that’s convent. Yes please set it up.” Harry was feeling relieved. ‘Things are going good so far.'

con·vent - ˈkänˌvent
synonyms:nunnery, monastery, priory, abbey, cloister, religious community

- a Christian community under monastic vows, especially one of nuns.
- a school, especially one for girls, attached to and run by convent.
noun: convent school; plural noun: convent schools
the building or buildings occupied by a convent.
Jodie chapter 5 . 9/7
Hi. I'm not trying to be picky or anything so sorry if it seems like it but at Borgin & Burkes you put the total before the time turner as 4,964 galleons which isn't really possible unless Harry is a brilliant haggler because the trunk itself it 5,500, so I'm not quite sure how that happened.. :)
atymer chapter 42 . 8/30
I had great fun reading this. The humorous moments had me laughing out loud. I love a Harry with a brain and sneaky too. I would have liked Harry's school to have a different name, but thats just because I'm more sensitive to certain language than I used to be.
I really like the fact the goblins backed Harry's plays and the realistic way he interacted with them. They got paid for everything they did, because that's the way their society worked. They were not human after all and had no reason to do anything for a wizard freely.
So I'm putting this on my fav list as a very good read.
dawnraptor chapter 42 . 8/25
An overall lovely reading. Perhaps a little too much simplistic, particularly in the last chapters, but I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing it!
thehelpinghand chapter 5 . 8/24
although i like the idea of your story and the direction it's going in, i'm skim reading because i find myself struggling with the way your writing the story. when such a thing occurs i normally try and wait ten chapters to see if the writing improves, unfortunately i am finding myself skipping over so much (particularly were speech and large paragraphs have been put together instead of broken up) and i can't bring myself to continue.
mrjsutphenEDU chapter 43 . 8/24
I just read this a second time. Even though I quickly found the story very familiar, the reread was satisfying.

Good job. This story shows how every main character could avoid struggling with wise decisions and preparation.
Guest chapter 43 . 8/18
Thank you really enjoyed the story I like it
Harriverse chapter 42 . 8/12
You write a nice story. A liitle wordy at times, but with a lot of plot twists and creativity to make it worth reading and favoriting.
Nemaya chapter 8 . 8/10
*laughs loudly* I looked up Harrods on google maps and there's a Barclays bank RIGHT NEXT to it. XD But there is also one about 6 minutes walk away from it, so I guess that must be the one. 0:-)
Ducky1776 chapter 42 . 8/2
Thanks for all of your hard work on this!
Guest chapter 9 . 7/27
Regarding the invisibility cloak,

Harry decided to show the cloak to Swiftdeath but nothing ever seems to have come of it. Unless this is resolved later, this is an error that should either be edited out or addressed.
Guest chapter 43 . 7/25
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