Reviews for Can't Rely on Authority
Fick Chick chapter 43 . 12/2
This was a good fic. I enjoyed it.
Fick Chick chapter 13 . 12/1
Did HP give HG the backpack he bought for her birthday?
Matt chapter 33 . 11/29
What Malfoy vaults? There were no Malfoy vaults! That's why Lucius had all his money stored in a house under the Fidelius charm, you idiot! You wrote it that way! The goblins forced Lucius to remove all his money from his Gringotts vaults because of the dark artifacts they found in his vaults. Remember? So Harry stole all the money, and there isn't any for Narcissa to take from the bank.
Matt chapter 31 . 11/29
You've again proven your total inability to spell, particularly when it comes to names. Regulus has no A in it. And you spelled Kreacher's name three different ways and they were all wrong! In one chapter!
Matt chapter 22 . 11/29
Oh, FU you moron! You can't even spell the villain's name right. It's Voldemort, with only one R! You have no business writing without an editor when your grasp of grammar and spelling is so obviously bad. Get help!
Matt chapter 20 . 11/29
Welch is a company that makes grape juice. It's got nothing to do with dragons. The dragon in the Tri-Wizard Tournament was a Welsh (from Wales) Green. Get it? See the difference? Get a beta! Get two! You need them.
Matt chapter 5 . 11/29
There's no such thing as "a Pensive". Pensive means thoughtful. A Pensieve, on the other hand, is a device which can be used to view memories and might be sold at Borgin and Burkes. Please get a beta.
Matt chapter 5 . 11/29
"I'm not casting dispersions"
No, he wouldn't be, because people don't cast dispersions, they cast aspersions. Where did you learn English?
Matt chapter 3 . 11/29
There are no "Puffskins" in Harry Potter. There are, however, Puffskeins. Perhaps that's what you meant? Or you're inventing some new species, in which case you need to give us more information.
Matt chapter 2 . 11/29
The bank is Barclay's, not Barklay's (sounds like a bank for dogs). Also, "Well, that's convent!" - a convent is where nuns live. The word you were looking for is convenient. Get a beta. You obviously need one.
jeremiahkelley93 chapter 42 . 11/25
excellent story.
Spidersauce chapter 25 . 10/31
I sorta like Luna's so fine being naked around Harry lol. He needs that to get over his shyness with girls a bit hehe.
Well, assuming she is like that with him out of her absurd instincts and thus trusts him implicitly, and doesn't do that with literally everyone.
Spidersauce chapter 15 . 10/31
Please don't tell me your idea to keep Crouch's secret is to have Harry only check the map at night? That's so weak . . .
Guest chapter 13 . 10/25
why not think about events every year himself and make countermeasures for the trophy fire. Harry's ignorance knows no bounds or stories must follow the canon. Harry at least used his brain to cope because why all common sense before entering hogwart now looks stupid the same as canon
Guest chapter 10 . 10/25
Harry tripped? hahaha Harry's stupidity and carelessness can't be treated. during this holiday he practiced his physical and. useless. I hope this isn't just for the plot
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