Reviews for Can't Rely on Authority
GeorgeTobor chapter 22 . 11/10/2022
Horcruxes can be destroyed.
Murder a politician who deserves it and reap trouble.

I despise Osama Bin Laden!
He missed the capital!
Politicians lived!

Mind I was not happy about the twin towers but the Pentagon is a target.
It even has concentric rings!
GeorgeTobor chapter 17 . 11/9/2022
I have an idea of a fic where Hilds daughter, no not Urd, goes to Hogwarts with Harry.
When Harry's name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, Hild shows up, breaks the "magical contract", and forces all three headmasters, Bagman and Crouch into a blood sport survival game set in Hell. Ludo Bagman is the first to die, then Crouch the Elder, followed by Igor the death eater. Maxine loses her legs and Dumbledore his left arm at the elbow.

Hild is THE Grand Demoness, Ruler of all hells, equal to God.
GeorgeTobor chapter 16 . 11/9/2022
Snape acted exceedingly hateful for someone supposedly good.

His surprise, plot-twisty, redemption that Rowling pulled out of her arse stank!

Snape owes Harry a life debt. Albus acts like a dark lord. When Severus kills Dumbledore I see it as him acting as Harry's "hand".

I doubt Snape loved Lily. Obsessed over her? Sure. I don't think Severus can love.

Was James a bully? Or was he fighting future death eaters while Dumbledore did nothing?
GeorgeTobor chapter 11 . 11/9/2022
In the books since the teachers were forbidden to help the contestants how much time did they really spend on the tournament?

Aside from showing how useless the adults are ... perhaps JKR had a brain fart and felt no Quidditch would make writing the fourth book easier.

Or maybe she just didn't think at all.
Guest chapter 43 . 10/14/2022
Very Well Done!
Last Harper chapter 8 . 10/12/2022
What ever happened with the three spotted owls? Were they given to friends?
La Phyzz chapter 1 . 10/9/2022
while i get that spelling and grammar errors are a pain to read, can people layoff it, the writer has not posted in over 4 years and with the amount of issues have with there spelling is unlikely to return. if you have to swear about the spelling issues then offer to be there beta!

Writting is hard, it matters not if its for fun like fanfic, part of a job like Marketing or if it is what drives you like professional writers.

It is very easy to take apart somesone elses work and leave comments when you can hid behind the internet and trying to claim "Im just helping there spelling" as I've seen so many people complain about the same error and yet they dont bother to talk about then story, they are not even at the start of it, some at well over ten chapters in, yet all you can do is complain.

Im sure my comment has spelling and grammatical errors as im having to comment from a ten year old tablet that barley works and I have learning differently called dyslexia.

Not everyone has access to moden technology or the latest software, they might only be able to write on there phones. Maybe for them to write is challenging. remember that things like dyslexia has only been something schools started to realy help stuents with ovet the last 3 decades and they dont always do a great job at it, especially when they first started.

Who are you? the bullying Ravenclaws' who attacked, bullied and stole from Luna Lovegood just because she could and wanted to see the world in a different light? Or are you someone who wll help others?

So the next time you want to bitch about someones poor ability to spell check , stop and instead offer to beta there work or if you cant do that Try to look at what story they are trying to tell and help let it be told. That takes real courage and makes you infinitely more important then the people who feel big for putting others down when they are trying there hardiest to do somthing amazing and not only that they are doing this for free, for you to read.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 11 . 9/9/2022
So, did Molly give him change from school shopping for him?
Steve-Arkarian chapter 10 . 9/9/2022
Why were they surprised about clothes if Harry free Dobby second hand with his sock?
TeaGrannie chapter 9 . 9/5/2022
Second Breakfast, Mr. Underhill?
What about Elevenses?
Ricee chapter 42 . 9/6/2022
loved this fic, it never said what happened to the death artifacts though, so I'm a little curious.
BlazeStryker chapter 1 . 9/1/2022
So, Ron advises mindlessness? Well, only a moRon isn't at all mental. chapter 25 . 8/26/2022
you keep spelling it neckless. it's necklace
Celticowl chapter 43 . 8/13/2022
great story, thanks for writing it
Ellie.Cast4 chapter 1 . 8/12/2022
Sheesh… I haven’t even read the fic yet and am so confused by the amount of vitriol in the comments for errors.
Just stop reading.
… and away I go.
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