Reviews for Who is Regina Mills
Homogentisic Acid chapter 29 . 9/1
I’ve missed this story so much! Glad to have this update!
Gabriela Dias chapter 29 . 8/31
Awww it was sweet and a very interesting turn to see Regina taking care of Robin. And it'll never cease to amaze me how deeply Regina enjoys the simple things, like learning to make an apple for example. And I love to see Edith and Regina interacting, its so pure. Its beautiful that Regina is seeing what a real mother should be like. I hope Robin will feel better soon! And the title for the next chapter got me scared, omg! I can't wait to read it.
hevelinchris chapter 29 . 8/31
I love one family that embrace people who's in need of help and support one another. I'm in love with Edith and her family. I loved this chapter so much I hope Robin will recover from this virus soon he's a mess
God! The title of the next chapter just gave me goosebumps.
oqhugsandkisses chapter 29 . 8/30
i missed you
Sparkles21 chapter 29 . 8/30
Yay I’m so happy for this new chapter, it was definitely great and amazing! Poor Robin, it’s no fun being ill as I am too currently! It sucks! But I liked seeing this side of Regina, the one who was looking out for Robin instead of the other way around. I’m looking forward to reading more, the title of the next chapter is very nerving.
kardish chapter 29 . 8/30
This was such a sweet chapter! And made me want apple turnovers sooo bad! :D
The next chapter’s name doesn’t sound nice tho. Was it the silent before storm? Hope not. I love seeing their family moments also cute intimate moments with Robin and Regina.
everything.regal chapter 28 . 4/29
This fic has quickly become one of my favorites. I cried several times and I surely will again, because this family is just so sweet! I love reading about Regina with Edith and Tom! I hope you will write some trial scenes when the moments come
everything.regal chapter 12 . 4/27
This chapter made me cry. I thought you should know that...
hevelinchris chapter 28 . 3/29
I'm sensing that Regina will put Cora in her place. Better late than never.

Sorry, it took me years to read this chapter.
tiCocoChanelle chapter 28 . 3/26
Please go on ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! This is perfect ! I can't wait for you to bring up the intimacy between Robin and her! I love fiction when they're teens!
unremembered-sunsets chapter 28 . 3/6
Yay, I’m so happy about the update. Great chapter, I’m glad they found a solution. Robin’s parents are the best.
Andrea Nike chapter 28 . 3/5
this story is AMAZING. Terrible in a lot of aspects but really really amazing
kardish chapter 28 . 3/5
It was tense! First so sweet, with their friends then the custody subject... Edith and Tom are so good, they always manage to surprise me with their big hearts and compassion.
I’m so happy this story came back! I understand your decision and I can’t wait to see your prompts.
Gabriela Dias chapter 28 . 3/5
Regina, Robin and her friends talking about college 3 about the future 3 for some reason this made me so happy. Their future will be so bright. At first I thought the solution to the problems would be Tom and Edith being Regina's guardian, but I have to admit that Daniel accepting to move in with them is even better. And I liked to see Regina being so fierce in the end. I MISSED THIS STORY SOOO MUCHHH! Can't wait to read more.
Sbstevenson2 chapter 28 . 3/4
Glad they came up with a solution... and uh oh, Cora is bad news. Can’t wait for more!
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