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TheOrangeRobo chapter 13 . 7/14
I just found this and read through all 13 chapters. I could see this easily as an actual story written by Marvel
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 10 . 7/13
Ah, Cap. You can stare down armies coming your way, charge head first into a gang of terrorists, face unforgiving odds and hold your ground, and stand side by side with some of the world's greatest. But you still can't bring up the courage to handle a date with a woman (even if it isn't much of one). It has always been and always will be a time tested truth throughout the multiverse xD

So a lot of things happened this chapter. We get to meet Aunt May :D she's the same sweetheart we all know and love save for the anti-mutant sentiment. I can see why she's like that though. I noticed you implied Ben was pretty ok with mutants; May may have felt the same way about them until she lost her husband and almost lost Peter to one. The argument and yeling that will be exchanged when she finally meets Jubilee will definitely be heavy to say the least. She could change, though. Time will tell.

We're back with Wanda, yay. And immediately it's noticed that despite being freed from the prison she'd been held in, nothing seems to have changed much. She's just traded one master, one lifestyle for another. She's still trapped within confined boundaries and she's being prepped up to be a "field asset," just another way of saying Magneto wants to use her as a weapon. Even if he may be too blinded to see it. And I have a feeling Wanda's soon going to realize this and end up deciding she's had enough.

This Quicksilver, he feels a bit like the Evolution version. That version seemed particularly cocky and arrogant. Anyways, the Brotherhood has clashed with the Avengers for the first time, and I'd say it's a mixed result. Of course, neither teams were at full strength so that plays a factor. Azari has definitely been humbled these last few chapters. Mags definitely isn't pleased but in typical Magneto fashion he makes the best of it all and uses this to plan ahead, calculate and adjust his methods accordingly. That's what makes the man so dangerous. And he's already making his moves. Infiltrating the Avengers Mansion when arguably, they're still relatively unknowns to him and he's still largely unsure of their capabilities? I'm thinking Betsy and Logan are the ones to infiltrate the Mansion.

Should be fun :D

Now...what does Tony have that Magneto wants?
Actually...was the Brotherhood active in the old days? Maybe something the original team claimed from an old bout with the Brotherhood?
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 9 . 7/13
It feels like Kurt's waking up, his realization of where he was, running from those helping him, etc etc, is to this world what Captain America's waking up is to the main Marvel-verse. It was cool how Cap was able to make him stand down just like. It captures the power of authority Cap really commands. Nicely done there.
Speaking of Cap, I like the bit of him talking about his struggles to adjust to modern society and his feeling of loneliness and guilt. Really helps give Cap some necessary depth and shows that for all his power and status, he's still just a human trying to come to terms with his life.

So Fisk is here too? And by the sounds of it, still a criminal mastermind. That seems sure to spark some Avengers conflict down the line.

The Mutant Guild feels like a combination of both the Guild of Theives, AIM and the Brotherhood, the last two to a certain degree. And Jubilee was once a part of it, as was Kurt. So this is the Gambit of this world, nice. I like him. His abilities are a variant of Purple Man's abilities, just only impacting on mutants. Looks like he and Jubilee have a very murky past, enough that she really, viciously hates him. With that line of Remy's, "some time for some...other fun" though, and based on his powers here being like Killgrave? I'm predicting that Jubilee was his Jessica Jones then?
Ooh, Colossus as a bad guy. Nice. Now I kinda want him and Thor to tussle a bit.

So the Guild has reached the point where they have serums that grant the recipient crazy levels of power. One thing I would like clarified was if the doctor, John (as in Pyro, back after all these years since the fire?), injected himself or Remy? I wasn't too clear on that. If on himself, did Remy escape?
Anyways, I'm trying to think of what this serum and mutation could be. Some kind of MGH formula? It was mentioned that the Guild is MOSTLY mutants. If there are a couple of humans in there...maybe Bruce Banner or Calvin Zabo? Could've been a Hulk formula or Hyde serum. I feel like the specification of purple is a hint but if this is your version of an established character ai can't for the life of me figure out who it is.

Cap & Jess confirmed!...ish. Peter and Jubilee confirmed!...ish. So, Peter does like Jubilee and Jess likes Cap. And boy, Jess doesn't back down from a challenge lol. Should be fun times.

And all the while, Tony is moving behind the scenes, more than I ever expected. Illuminati? Shadow Council? Zodiac? A World Security Council-esque thing? Hellfire Club? Either way, they know things. Something's coming. A magical threat? The one that said that forces are working against his efforts, could be a hint to a magical threat. Another alien invasion? Kree-Skrull war? Hell that could be why the Avengers of old are gone; their sacrifice may have given Earth the six years they thought they had. Brotherhood about to make their move. Charles' presence (yes, we see you old man xD) would be explained as such. Or maybe...Phoenix Force is on it's way?
Either way, something's coming and at least some of those guys aren't certain that these Avengers will be of any help. Speaking of, will you be going into detail later on about the story of the original Avengers? I'm getting the feeling that events of then in their day will come to effect the current team.

One last question. The faces all around the table not sitting at it, the ones that Tony could actually see. Are those actual people, or just pictures or whatever? Wouldn't they have offered anything during this secret meeting?
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 8 . 7/12
Goddamn. That heartwretching ending.

So, the origin of Peter and Jess. First off, they've had their abilites for a good while, well before a mutant would manifest theirs, and it's unknown how. I've got a couple of out there theories that could explain their abilities, one being if they were experimented on by their parents at early ages or before birth (we know nothing about the two of them as of yet), the other being if they're actually the children of some of the original Avengers and no one knows, not even Tony (the car crash story would have to be a lie, obviously).

Teenage Jess is teenage, pretty typical. Drama, angst and "annoying baby brother" thoughts. Yeah she comes off as a bit of a whiny bitch but yeah. Teenager.
Oh cool, Frank Castle exists here. Whatever what he's been up to in the 10 years since. Speaking off him, I did notice the Daredevil reference that he also exists. Can't wait to see him around too.

Well. Guess I was wrong about Stacey telling the truth a few chapters back. He was a bit resistant so they prodded him with a cattle rod with likely a high voltage that would be unnecessary. Yeah, the aftermath was horrifyingly tragic but the cops did unfortunately push him too far.
But as to the explosion, goddamn. Peter literally saw his uncle and dozens others die right in front of him and had to fight for his life, had to try and save himself from a horrific event, at the age of seven. I can't even imagine the agony of trying to put the flames out as they ate into him. It really hit hard when it came to him just accepting his fate and just laying still AS THE FIRE STILL KEPT EATING AWAY AT HIM. I mean...just, goddamn.

The final scene got me the most. Jess felt the full burden of guilt crash down on her in that moment as she saw Peter barely alive and Aunt May broken in tears next to him. Her demeanor towards and regarding Peter in the present finally really makes sense and impacts me as a reader more that it did even after the reveal of Peter's injuries.
...oh and I guess this would be the explanation of why May hates mutants.

This was a pretty heavy chapter, powerful as it continued and really hit hard at the end. It was well written and well done. I'm not lying when I say I actually teared up a little bit at that final scene. Excellent job.
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 7 . 7/12
Well. That escalated quickly.

There's a bit of a feel of the Ultimates debut to the world when the Avengers go public. The mixed reactions to the team members is mostly expected, yeah. Yeesh, Kelly literally feels like a slimeball here. I would be real money that that bit of his grandfather being in service with Cap was total bullshit. But on the plus side, Steve and Jess seem to be hitting it off pretty well. If that's a sign of things to come, I can get behind it. It's cute, her dragging him everywhere and he not finding it in himself to stop her.

Peter and Jubilee, they're getting pretty close. I like how Peter immediately goes to her, and I love the dynamic that's growing between them. They make a pretty good duo. I loved the swinging scene. And they had a really great moment between them when they were heading back to the party. It was really sweet. You're doing an excellent job of writing the two of them together.

Wanda looks interested about these Avengers. Might she possibly be a future recruit down the line? Based on your explanation of her powers, it seems like they're mostly MCU based with some 616 thrown in there.

Oooh, Azari, you done fucked up. Not only did you piss off Jess, insult your teammate, maybe alienate the media a bit there and anger Tony, you just started an incident that more than likely is going to come back to bite the team in the ass and make them scapegoats in the press. That had to be out of left field for Tony: he'd been so busy worrying that Hank or Jubilee would accidentally screw something up (and I initially thought maybe Hank had done something), he'd forgotten to consider the rest of the team. And honestly, you did a good job of making me as a reader forget that they could somehow fuck it all up too. Nice use of diversionary tactic there, aspiringctor. 5 stars :D

Ooh, Coulson is here. So this organization he is in charge of, are they related to SHIELD in any way? Onw of their branches? It feels like since the MRD are responsible for apprehending mutants, they'd fall under the NYMHRD's authority (yeah, I probably fucked the spelling there, sorry). Nevertheless, looks like the Avengers have another potential ally in Coulson.
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 6 . 7/12
Great way of showing us the current climate of human-mutant relations. That debate, both sides had legitimate points, and I'm thinking that Stacey was telling the truth about how Pyro was treated before he did what he did. Speaking of, we get some more insight into what happened in Jess and Peter's past. I see you kept the old aspect of Ben Parker being a cop like in the first version of the story. Nice, nice. Also, I forgot to mention this last review, but it looks like Peter also has Daredevil-like abilities too? That is fucking cool :D

Goddamn. Poor Kurt. That can't have been just the cage matches, there had to be more to it. Some pissed off losers looking for revenge and to massage bruised egos? Good to see Jane isn't a mutant hater.
...but Aunt May is? That is a surprising twist.

Pfft. Azari got owned. Loved it. Gotta love this cocky bastard xD

So the Watchdogs here are more like the MCU version. Makes sense, what with the climate and all. How big is their influence in this continuity? And I'm curious, what are the classifications of powered people here? Up to this point it's mutants, Asgardians, super soldiers and those with external enhancements like armor. Last chapter it was revealed most powered individuals in the world are mutants. What else is out there?

So the Avengers have shown themselves to the world and it looks like a positive response thus far. The media is pretty excited and it looks like the White House itself is in the Avengers' corner. Speaking of which, Hank you sly dog. I approve :D Also looks like Jubilee is realizing she had Peter pegged all wrong. Good for her, here's hoping they become excellent friends and partners. And weren't they also getting together in the original story? Are you following that line here as well?
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 5 . 7/11
I like this chapter. It has that whole "behind the scenes" type of feel to the Avengers. Like, what the Avengers do when they're not doing Avengers stuff. We don't get that enough in comics or fics. Fits here especially nicely as the team is starting to bond together. Love the game that Thor, Pepper, Jean and Jess are playing especially.

So Operation: Modernize Cap looks to be a, well, sucess...ish. They'll keep working on him, no doubt. I like how observant he is about how everyone is looking at them, especially at Hank. His confusion and inability to understand the discrimination against mutants is very authentic here, you can really feel it from his perspective. Same with the modern world.
So Flash retains his military background here. I'm guessing he, Kong and Brock are older than Peter and graduated first, being that Flash is a "decorated vet" and has already done Basic Training, and Peter just recently finished high school. You really took his dick personality up a notch. Oh and Gwen is a cop in this universe, nice. That's pretty cool. I can imagine her trying to spread some positive attention of the Avengers to her fellow cops. Though I feel like her confronting Flash here will have consequences down the line.

Tony, the ever calculating man behind the team. I can see where he's coming from in his analysis of possible outcomes down the line. It sucks but it's realistic, both Hank and Jubilee can make or break the team. I feel like the risk lies more with Jubilee though.

Okay, I had to burst out laughing at Azari here. I like this version of him. Cocky, arrogant, maybe a ladykiller, this is gold. This will definitely lead to some good scenes and moments down the line. I can see the arguments between him and Cap in the field now. Maybe some moments between him and Thor too, trying to see who's a better Thunderer xD Storm isn't an X-Man then?
Wait. Do the X-Men even exist? As we're used to them I mean? Or is it just a school and nothing more?
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 4 . 7/11
So Nighcrawler has to do cage fights for his own day to day survival? Damn, that sucks. And yet in context of the story thus far, not surprising; not much else a mutant of his physical appearance can do. Although, if he's also an actor, doesn't get paid decent enough to get by? Or is he being stiffed? I'd expect he would be.

So the team starts mingling and getting to know one another. Awesome protective sister Jess is awesome, I love her devotion and her attitude. And the dynamic between Peter and Hank, definitely the geniuses of the team. I feel like they'll become the best of friends, bonding over lab work, adventure and their isolation from much of society. Looks like things are on to a rough start for Peter and Jubilee though; she's definitely proud to be a mutant, and her reaction would be justified otherwise but Peter was pretty specific regarding what he'd said. If they weren't interrupted I think that even with the tension atm, he could've explained himself well enough that Jubilee could see what he was saying.

Soooo...this is a prison. That's not good. This has a bit of a Breakout feeling to it, with a prison collapsing and all these villains and super powered criminals unleashed onto the world that gives a freshly made Avengers a long term mission. I like it.
I love that Cap is trying his hand at playing CSI, that was pretty good. A nice callback to his time as a cop in 616 canon, intended or not (at least I've heard he was a cop at one point in his career. Never actually checked if that was true or not).
Was that Electro?!
So Tony has some dirt on SHIELD. I feel like this will come back to bite him in the ass. And that these secrets will somehow end up dragging the Avengers into SHIELD's inevitable messes down the line.
Ooh, private company run prison. This feels important. I wonder who it could be. Oscorp, Cross, Trask, Hammer...will this be relevant down the line?

Ooh the Brotherhood appears. Or it looks like. So Magneto has a military background, interesting. Speaking of, this Brotherhood initially looks very militaristic, and I like it. Logan fits into that very nicely. Also, loving he's Brotherhood here. When I fully got into comics and started getting into Ultimate Marvel, I thought that Wolverine as a supervillain terrorist was a pretty cool idea, a way into delving into the what-if Logan wasn't a hero. Sure Ulimate Wolverine was a cool hero but I wouls love to see him being a hardcore villain. Is that the path you're going?
Wanda being weaponized. Yeah. Can't possibly go wrong. *rolls eyes* Still, makes you wonder: imagine they could weaponize "No more mutants"? That's something I think certain people would like to have on hand.

So up to now, this story has a heavy feeling of Ultimate Marvel with 616 mixed in here and there, and I like it. I really do. You've definitely got me hooked for the ride.
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 3 . 7/10
Ok so Peter being...burned...? Well, his face being that badly damaged? Did not see that coming. Excellent use of a shock factor there. You handled the lead up to that very well, I didn't suspect a thing, and other readers likely didn't either. Jess' protectiveness, her and Peter's conversation last chapter, it sheds a whole new light on the dynamic between them and their relationship as siblings, a whole new meaning. A very interesting and unique take on Peter having a tough life in high school. Kudos there.

Okay, so the Avengers are coming together and establishing themselves. The standard how-the-base-works routine, and getting everyone to start to trust each other as a team.
Wait, where's T'Challa? Is he not joining, or just there and unmentioned?
So Cap is being kept away from the world? I mean I guess I can see why SHIELD/the military would do that. Speaking that base the one that looks like it's about to be wrecked near the end? Guessing that's going to be another call to action for the Avengers. Or hey, Cap is sent there to contain and whatnot, and the Avengers show up and provide unexpected backup? Should be an interesting next chapter to say the least :D
Reborn Dark Phoenix chapter 2 . 7/10
...Welp...haven't been exactly keeping up with this story after the 1st chapter.
Let's fix that, shall we? :D

Wha-? No! Nooooo! This is where I go to escape from him! Don't let the man ruin this for me! xO
Although this guy seems like he can actually say something when talking compared to the real life version. He's clearly working an angle here. Definitely this is something to remember and keep an eye on later down the line.

So things fall apart pretty quickly. I love the attention given to the medical front of the invasion. Gives the story an "On the Home Front" vibe that authenticates it more and gives it more of an impact, the events around them. Jane Foster as a head doctor, nice. A bit of a sense of familiarity here. Also looks like you're going back to Thor's 60s routes with the Donald Blake-Thor transformation, from what it looks like.

So yeah, the roster looks mostly the same from the original Reborn. Realizing now that Panther is also a new addition to this. I think you had him as a Defender in the original, right?
Holy shit. This is a really unique take on Iron Man, having much bigger suits than what we're used to. I like that. I'm eager to see what other suits Tony has tucked away in his armory. That's pretty cool. It's like watching Thor and say, Optimus Prime fighting side by side. Speaking of Thor, since you wrote "warhammer" instead of just hammer, I'm guessing that is Ultimate Mjolnir he's wielding?
So Spidey and Jess are still related, cool. And Peter looks like he's wearing a variation of the original Scarlet Spider costume...combined with Garfield's ASM early looks before he made his 1st suit? Right? Also, GODDAMN Jessica is strong. A boost of her canon strength levels I assume? She tore through that machine when Thor was having trouble! Is she as strong as Thor? Or was that just her "protective sister" mode going apeshit?

Army finally arrives as the aliens are on retreat, and the MRD shows up. The scene where the MRD Commander tries to recruit them is interesting. I'm surprised that they'd want to recruit mutants as operatives...ulterior motives? Does your MRD have a Weapon X-esque program? I must know! Also makes me wonder, is Panther known outside of Wakanda? If not, I guess that explains why the commander would try to recruit him if he didn't know who he was. But trying to recruit Steve, right from under SHEILD's nose? least I assume SHIELD, being he was with those agents last chapter. Unless the agents actually work for the MRD...? The Commander feels important. No name given but something tells me he'll be coming back down the line.
The bit about the president "pardoning their crimes" and Jean saying she was committing felonies using her powers makes me wonder something. Are powers criminalized, or just being mutants criminalized and they just assumed the Avengers are all mutants?

This Tony, I imagine him to be like Old Tony from Next Avengers. Will he be playing a sort of mentor-like role being one of the original Avengers from the glory days? I'm guessing whether or not, he's still gonna be the money guy behind the team.
darthwolf chapter 13 . 7/1
I can’t wait for more! BTW, could you introduce the 616 versions of this Avengers and how they react to each other?
Darksnider05 chapter 10 . 7/1
I'm enjoying this but it feels like there's to much bad and not enough good, just constant negative. Along with constant threats and no down time for the team to actually bond.
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 13 . 7/1
I am SO lost int his, this is fun! but like I got into it a chapter or two ago cause I followed you from some story a while ago and jsut now this thing.

hopefully more making sense once I re read and stuff.
still amusing! and hey nice work on using a bunch of diffrent characters.

aunt may being a bit of a bigot amuses me cause shes usually saint level like in everything and every way. but anyway. onwords!
cornholio4 chapter 13 . 7/1
Hope something happens that makes may go over her views on mutants
Guest chapter 12 . 5/29
Great chapter and congrats for reaching the 100.000 word count.

I very much like your fight scenes. In most cases extended fights tend to get boring, but you keep them engaging and descriptive enough to really picture them in ones head. My one real complain is that it feels like the actual story progresses at a snail pace. Aside from that keep up the good work.
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