Reviews for The new Marauders and the trickster God
Queen of Demons 666 chapter 63 . 2/11/2021
please add more I'm dying to read what happens next! chapter 63 . 2/2/2021
Please update. I need to know more!
DeadDredd chapter 63 . 1/26/2021
Just found your story and am already enjoying it! Keep it up!
tiran187 chapter 63 . 1/4/2021
Nice story!
Phoenix chapter 63 . 12/29/2020
This is good thanks for the update and I hope you're doing well
Wika0304 chapter 63 . 12/22/2020
please update, it's brilliant
cowchoas chapter 63 . 12/17/2020
i enjoy this story very much,
cowchoas chapter 34 . 12/17/2020
personal i kind of hope the whole michale and lucifier fight start becuase lucifier saw the female ofrm of human and was like "hun that make more seines i was that way then male" ie lucifeir is transgender and michale could not handle that
Jcassie chapter 33 . 12/15/2020
Jesus I haven't laughed that hard in years. My cheeks and abdomen hurt. Oh god I once I read "uh uh ah" I couldn't stop laughing. Brilliant
stephany.martin.503 chapter 63 . 12/10/2020
Please write more. I went through my account and am re reading some of the stories I followed and favorited. I just finished and I want more I kept coming back to this story. So please write more.
thunderofdeath97 chapter 61 . 12/9/2020
um if i am not mistaken, john escaped hell at the end of season 2, all hell breaks loose part two, during the fight with azazel, and goes to heaven, whil the devils gate is opened, in wyoming, or south dakota, or wherever it was?
thunderofdeath97 chapter 56 . 12/9/2020
you know i think that might be one of my only few complaints, not only did the writers of supernatural screw up mythology, but they claim the christian pantheon is more powerful than others, when really there is no actual evidence to prove it, also i think the archangels are stronger than the leviathans, but the leviathans are stronger than angels
thunderofdeath97 chapter 55 . 12/9/2020
the 'basilisk' is actually jormungandr, isn't it? also not to be offensive, but adam was the first human, because god took one of his ribs, and made eve, at least if i remember correctly
thunderofdeath97 chapter 48 . 12/9/2020
actually neville, and the weasleys are all related to the blacks, not sure about the prewetts though, the crouchs are related to the blacks as well if i remember correctly lol
thunderofdeath97 chapter 35 . 12/8/2020
you do realize that michael could destroy all of the angels in heaven, with no trouble, right?
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