Reviews for Sleeping Death
indanthrene-gecko chapter 1 . 6/16/2017

Creepy. But good.
Alice The Nymph of The Woods chapter 1 . 6/7/2016
How beautiful, haunting, mysterious. Alecto Carrow was nothing in my mind, just a sick woman but you changed it and I'm glad you did.
I can't even think where to began to tell my feelings. A lot emotion passed as I continued on, curiosity being the major one.
Line by line the curiosity grew. This story had a surreal feeling to it. Even after half an hour or 1 hour of reading it, I can still remember bits and pieces.
Hestia and Flora, where do I start? Those two girls, innocent and perfect. Amycus did really wrong with Alecto. (Way to state the obvious...) But that's Amycus, sorry to say but can't expect more.
Alecto was something different. I can't describe the feeling I had of her many layers of personality. I just can't figure her out completely and it's driving me mad.
It's amazing, though I got confused a couple of times. Like should it be kindlier or kinder? What did that scene of Hestia and Flora meant before the explanation?
Galene and Markos were portrayed in a breathtaking light. Markos, sweet Markos, went to insanity because of his desire for a son.
And Galene. Innocent, sweet, naïve Galene. I feel very sorry for her fate.
Applause for you. Sleeping beauty in Harry Potter, dark with Alecto and Amycus. Just the perfect way... for me at least. The sinister feeling I had, the curiosity, Oh Merlin, this is perfect. It had a dash of almost everything. It made me cry sometimes. Disgusted sometimes. Shocked sometimes.
It deserves to be favorited!
Anastasia The Goddess of Drama chapter 1 . 6/7/2016
My soul hurts, I feel like crying, why you do this to me? This was beautiful and dark and sad. Alecto's life was filled with so many misfortune, with her father being asshole misogyny, and her descendant being so f' up in the head that he would do that to her, and bringing Flora and Hestia in this...The ending especially got me. Well done.
WolfWinks chapter 1 . 6/4/2016
Wow. This was amazing. The emotions and voice in the story is so powerful. There was a romantic, whimsical feeling throughout the story that I loved. It was really dark and, somehow, I just knew it was going to stay that way. The actual story idea was wonderful. I truly loved this piece. It was spectacular (I have no more words, it's just that good).
Arianna Waters chapter 1 . 6/4/2016
*hunts out for tissues* You're lucky you're dead, Markos and Amycus... or I'd have slit your throats open... slowly...

First of all, I fell in love with the narration style of this fic. Also, a pat on the back for your beta, Sophie!
You made me like Alecto... almost. Though this doesn't go with the canonical end of the Carrow twins, this story is really great! I especially liked how you used the fibers from both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and wove this three-dimensional tapestry.
Also, I do not know how a sleeping girl could give birth to kids, but then, this is all magic!
Markos... you never learnt anything, did you? First you lose an angel of a wife, then you mistreat your daughter, then you don't get along with another woman. You spoiled three lives, dude! Well, 5 actually, if you count in Hestia and Flora. And while the first one could be considered a fate, the other two were brought down because of your shortcomings!
Amycus... what did Alecto's tale teach you, even? Women are not ragged dolls to be played with. Never. Mess. With. A. Woman!
Hestia and Flora, I'm sorry you had to pay for two men's mistakes.
And Sophie, don't you dare to make the fourth fic as depressing as this one. Though my emotional range is not equal to a tea-spoon, I do have my limits!
Otherwise, I loved this fic. Beautifully written!
SchroedingersKneazle chapter 1 . 3/11/2016
This was really impressive. A very creative, interesting and incredibly creepy take on the Carrow family history. Your Carrows even make the Blacks look sane in comparison. I liked the style of this story, it was influenced by fairy tales, but still fit into the canon world.

You actually made me feel sad for Alecto Carrow, I didn't think that would ever happen. Her father is the worst example of a pureblood obsessed with continuing the family line, and he destroys his family with that. His treament of Alecto becomes increasingly worse, and I just hated him before the first part of the story was even halfway over.

I liked how you managed to bring another canon character, Elladora, into this story. Your choice of words with "successfully impregnate" emphasizes just how little Markos cares about his family beyond his obsession with having a male heir. Given the environment that Elladora grew up in, I wasn't surprised that the marriage didn't last long.

I like how after spending some time free of the oppression of her father, Alecto manages to stand up to him and tries to protect her mother. Only after he kills his former wife he realized that he once loved her. Whether it is that reason, or he is just a wiser man than Voldemort and understands the implications of the sacrifice, he decides to remove Alecto from his life in a different way.

I think the word "misogynistic" felt a little out of place in this story. While it accurately describes Markos' attitude, it doesn't really fit the style of the rest of the story.

Your young Amycus was an interesting character, with his obsession with the legend. You managed to create the eerie atmosphere of the derelict manor really well.

The interlude was genuinely intriguing the first time I read the story. The remarks about Flora and Hestia feeling like they are in the wrong time implies that they're Alecto's daughters.

So Amycus looks very similar to Markos, and is also not entirely different in character. While she was sleeping, he raped her and she gave birth to twins, who she didn't witness growing up. That's just completely messed up. Amycus is aware of his guilt, and his remorse makes him far more human than Markos, but the consequences can't be undone.

The end was really sad, as again, it's the innocent and not the guilty suffer the consequences of now Amycus' actions.

A very impressive and very creative story, and I liked how you drew inspiration from several fairy tales, yet created something unique from it.
Debs1990 chapter 1 . 2/11/2016
I really enjoyed reading this. You used your prompts well and I like how you have combined parts of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella into your story. I really sympathised with Alecto and her mother as her father was a vile bully and ultimately a coward. I was surprised when I realised you had used the original story where the princess gets raped by the prince, but it makes sense given the characters that you have used. The paragraph where Alecto reacts to what he has done not only to her, but their children as well, was brilliantly written. I love the bittersweet ending where Amycus discovers the three of them. Great job :-)
CUtopia chapter 1 . 2/11/2016
Wow... a long piece, but luckily, your writing did not make it feel like it is over four thousand words long...
I really liked this story, it was extremely interesting and thought through, with a lot of mystery and the air of a bit Snow White and a lot Sleeping Beauty.
Did you let yourself be inspired by the most original Sleeping Beauty version in which the prince actually really raped the princess? Because that was a very old version of the tale, but of course it was changed to be a little bit more friendly for everybody.
This also felt a little bit like a tribute to the crazyness of the pureblood families, as Carrow really was extreme about everything, though in the end, he was a real coward...
It was extremely shocking to read about what Amycus did to Alecto, I really did not see that coming! In Alecto's place, I would never have been able to stay close to him after hearing that he raped her multiple times and also got her pregnant...
It may sound odd, but I kind of liked the end, also the whole concept that Alecto and her two twins just felt like they were trapped in the wrong time, that they could feel that they did not belong here, and that they, in the end, decided to end their lives. It was also, to me, some kind of a punishment for Amycus, for what he did. I really believed him that he loved her, but still he did something horrible, and now he got what he deserved - to loose everything he loved because it never was his' to have.
Did I say I just loved the whole concept?! Everything was just fitting together, it was great :) I enjoyed reading this story a lot, you just did wonderful!