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MajinBakaHentai chapter 13 . 8h
One nitpick, about the "barf his breakfast" line about having a rat in a pocket. Domesticated pet rats are actually very clean creatures, regularly grooming in a manner very similar to cats.
Scorpion.Sorcerer7 chapter 53 . 7/9
Thank you, Senawario. The story was a delight to read/listen to.

Yes, Hobby was essentially Overpowered for the enemies he faced, but the wrap up you made of all the enemies was good. The Sirius / Rosmerta angle is rarely seen in the fic world. I'm so very glad that you stayed away from relationships in this story.
Hobby coming out as the main person is really cool. I like the images you input in us with the last few sentences.

Thanks again for your work. It was great to read it.
RevDorothyL chapter 53 . 6/28
I adore the idea of freed and independent elves becoming the defacto FBI/MI5 of wizarding Britain, keeping eternal vigilance against tyrants and other destructive more-undemocratic-than-usual forces from within that society.
RevDorothyL chapter 49 . 6/28
Oh, dear! I wonder how the stone ever got into the Donald's hands? :)

Wickedly accurate and funny.
Fallow54 chapter 53 . 6/18
xxxx KUDOS xxxx : )
Rafsolo chapter 40 . 6/3
LMAO! that note was too good! I almost spit out my water after that
Rafsolo chapter 16 . 6/3
are you a lawyer? This is too good right now
Deirdre1 chapter 49 . 5/27
Oh my gosh, so *that's* how Trumpty Dumpty got on the wall!
Ihatechoosinganame chapter 53 . 5/23
There are not even words to describe this amazing idea. At first when I read that Harry would go back as Dobby (or Hobby) I thought it was insane and just going to be a crack fic I'd get some amusement from. I was not aware it would become such an amazing story. I enjoyed the story from beginning to end. You really made a different version of going to the past that I did not expect. I've read dozens of going back fics but none of them are as unique as this one. Absolutely brilliant. Your an amazing author and I can't wait to read more stories you've written.
DukeBrymin chapter 40 . 5/16
Harry states that Riddle can’t divide his soul anymore. But he also just said that Riddle might still create a horcrux in Nagimi. Which is it?
MazzyStarShip chapter 53 . 5/14
It was a fun, creative, and suspenseful story; thanks for writing. I do want to reiterate one of my earlier concerns, though, as it turned out to be true. It's not even clear that you are aware that this is an issue.

Hobby's fate is almost unbearably sad. Yes, he rescued his counterpart and helped reform the wizarding world. But it came at the cost of his own happiness. He did not even get the second chance that Harry was offered in canon. He lost his chance at human love, and was trapped afterwards in the life of a house elf. He was left as an observer rather than a participant in the life that should have been his. 'Companionship' with the Flamels is a lonely substitute.

His sacrifice may have been noble, but it was also incredibly tragic. It was rooted in his total lack of self-esteem, something that Perenelle was aware of. Those psychological issues never got the chance to be addressed or healed, because Harry's fate had already been determined by authorial fiat. I was hoping desperately you would find some way for Harry to regain what he threw away out of ignorance and misplaced self-loathing, but it was not to be.

Anyway, it's a good story, but ultimately a very, very sad one in ways that the story doesn't acknowledge.
MazzyStarShip chapter 41 . 5/14
An interesting take on Pandora's death. Her super-seer powers are a bit too convenient here, but it's neat.
MazzyStarShip chapter 37 . 5/13
Still loving the story, but a few things in this chapter are dubious: (1) why is Hobby worried about getting into Hogwarts undetected? He's already done that with the Hufflepuff girl when he checked her memories. He could be in and out easily. (2) Why would Dumbledore not destroy the horcruxes if he already knows their likely locations? You said he 'dare not' go after them, but what does that mean? He does so in canon, and presumably has similar motivations here. (3) Why didn't Harry and Co. go after the last two horcruxes two years ago when they retrieved the others? There was no reason to wait.
MazzyStarShip chapter 27 . 5/13
So a couple years seem to have passed, and Hobby has done...nothing? What about the final two 'normal' horcruxes? As far as I can remember, the diadem and the ring are still out there. What about the horcrux in Harry's head? What about the rest of the Death Eaters, or the other things Hobby could be doing to totally annihilate the possibility of Voldemort's return? It's odd that he's not even thinking about these things.
MazzyStarShip chapter 26 . 5/13
Harry really is far too forgiving of the Malfoys. All of these people he let go are murderers and rapists; he knows what they have done and what they are capable of doing. Why just threaten them to make them 'change their ways?' Kill them and be done with it.
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