Reviews for Captain's Honour
Solasnagreine chapter 125 . 9/13
Kell questioning the orders he has been given gives the story some realism, not that it was lacking. I wonder if he is going to create a stooshie!
Good to see Maggie taking some initiative. I’m sure there must be a lot more Klingon romances in the background. Will this affect the way they think about humans when they return to their own timeline?
I also like how Kolana is taking some initiative as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how a Klingon reacts when he finds out he’s going to be a father!
JDC0 chapter 125 . 9/13
A lie should be simple and short. If it's long and complicated, people will poke holes in it, like Kell. But if Krang and Koreth were good at lying, they'd be Romulans, heh.

A filler chapter, perhaps, but still dramatically weighty as the cusp of change always is. Especially seen with the revelations at the Neutral Zone.
RobertBruceScott chapter 125 . 9/12
Actually quite liking the angle that human/klingon entanglements are complicating the withdrawal. Very closely mirrors what happened in Vietnam and any number of other places.

And suspicious orders being suspected by intelligent officers - critical for selling this story. Far too often klingons are written as pugnacious goons.

Thanks! rbs
Guest chapter 124 . 9/9
When I read, ‘clad in red’ I immediately thought one of them was going to die!
The fog indeed begins to clear. I kind of feel lots of different strands are beginning to come together in this chapter, and I like how it weaves in with Star Trek lore, as pointed out by JDCO. Good command decision on Kirk’s part to refrain from having Sarah in the meeting!
Interesting thought regarding the invasion always being meant to happen. As I have highlighted before the time travel always messes with my head!
‘Come as aggressors and you will be met with deadly force.
Live Long and Prosper.’
That made me laugh!
RobertBruceScott chapter 124 . 9/9
I like feisty vulcans... A threat of force from the vulcans might carry some weight among the more logical klingons...

Love the conspiracy theory angle and especially Kirk's response to the question about whether humans are so gullible. We have seen more than enough evidence of that in the past few years and it continues to mount... To the point that grand-mal conspiracy theory counts now as one of the world's major religions.

Thanks! rbs
JDC0 chapter 124 . 9/9
Beautiful way to mesh your story with Trek history. It makes so much sense!

I love how you brought Giotto into the conversation as well. It's so easy to leave things to the main characters, and writers often forget there's others waiting around doing nothing.

The "YES" in unison bit was very funny too.
RobertBruceScott chapter 123 . 9/2
I particularly like Krang's attention to the practical - trying to make as many arrangements as possible for the people around Chrissie to prepare for his absence.

A good smattering of viewpoints - and evidently a lot of people are aware of the pending withdrawal. Looking forward to seeing the Enterprise crew re-enter this story.

Thanks! rbs
JDC0 chapter 123 . 9/2
Sobering thoughts on the past and future in this chapter, for both Krang and Chrissie. The parallels are well balanced, and heavy.

Even knowing their eventual fate, I'm on the edge of my seat.
Solasnagreine chapter 123 . 9/2
I hope that all that girl power is going to come up with a workable solution!
As a side thought, are they going to hack into all the computers on earth to delete any information regarding the invasion, or will it just go down in history as some bizzarre world wide conspiracy? Again ‘time’ is messing with my head! :-)
JDC0 chapter 122 . 8/31
Very emotional chapter, running through the whole spectrum of feelings, as well as capturing all the senses in the details. The ending was suitably silly, then transitioning into suitably steamy. Probably actual steam in that snow too, hehe.

If I didn't know what was to come for them, I would consider this an appropriate ending to Krang and Chrissie's relationship.
RobertBruceScott chapter 122 . 8/28
Nice relational scene.. Doing it in the snow - talk about hot blooded..

I liked the time travel twist. And the ruminations about the afterlife, klingon mythology.

Thanks! rbs
Solasnagreine chapter 122 . 8/27
I find one of the most depressing things regarding the Star Trek universe is that God has been written out of the equation. I’m led to believe that this was Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the show. So, when there is a character death, like for example Sarek, I find it heart-wrenching, although at least the Vulcan’s had the wit to recognised there was a katra!

Now that I’m emotionally invested in your characters, and on reflection that’s maybe why I dislike Sarah so much because I’m not with her, I do wonder what would happen to them when they die. For Chrissy, if she knew that it was a definite that she would see Krang again in the afterlife I’m sure it would help her, and him as well, through what is to come. Although the thought of him having to search to find her and vice versa makes me want to weep!

I really love this chapter because you have dealt with very real concerns sensitively and in a very believable fashion. To steal a phrase from RBS, it rings true! It is a subject that is often glossed over in fan fiction, probably because it’s glossed over in the original series and films, unless of course to ridicule!
I’m not sure I will thank you for the emotional rollercoaster you have just put me through!
Ps you can’t beat a snowball fight!
Solasnagreine chapter 121 . 8/27
Im not sure what I really think about Sarah. If I knew more of her back story I would probably feel sorry for her, but I really don’t like her attitude! I hope they don’t take her into the future, I could imagine that not working out very well, and they erase her memory (just wondering what technology they would use to do that or would it be a Vulcan meld?) I’m glad Krang and Koreth are seeing eye to eye, I thought they would. I only hope they both make it through to the end!
The plot thickens, I wonder what the Vulcan’s are upto!
RobertBruceScott chapter 121 . 8/27
Both Kirk and Koreth are quite enjoyable in this chapter. Kirk's inability to get through to Sarah - and Sarah's responses both ring true. I've had conversations like that where you just can't get through to someone who is hurting their own cause and too angry to notice.

The confrontation between Krang and Koreth also has a very real feel to it - which in this case is a much more difficult thing to pull off. Nicely done!

Thanks! rbs
JDC0 chapter 121 . 8/27
I don't know if I've said this before, but you really capture the old-school feel of both a 1960s Trek story AND a 1960s spy story (except, obviously, for the references to stuff that actually happened in the 90s, heh). That honourable, non-toxic masculine persona that Kirk is pretty much the poster boy for is displayed perfectly, and in Krang too. Their words hit harder, especially when Kirk is (rightly) admonishing Sarah. Like an angry parent; harsh but fair.

I guess, sometimes, they do still make 'em like they used to.
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