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Guest chapter 152 . 7/13
this is so bad insulting this would be an insult to insults
sensible person chapter 152 . 6/18

Here's the better version.
sensible person chapter 152 . 6/18

The problem with everything you just wrote.
Guest chapter 152 . 6/17
go read destiny of remnant instead of this shite
deku chapter 152 . 6/13
the ending and the excuse made me physically sick
Don Rickles chapter 152 . 6/8
What ladylover969 said.
arkos chapter 152 . 6/8
*thunderous applause for below*
Ladylover969 chapter 152 . 6/5
YOU sir are an ass! I had long come to terms with Pyrrha's death, to the point where I could actually re-watch Volume 3 without crying, and this asspull you did here ruined that for me. I would, and I have, praise this Fanfic as a fucking masterpiece, but that ending is a terminal cancer that killed any enjoyment I may have had reading this, I mean an ending has to be spectacularly bad for it to ruin what came before, especially with something as good as this once was. But you pulled it off, you did the one thing you shouldn't have done and betrayed the very premise you started out with, so what "Pyrrha isn't coming back in cannon so I'll just kill her off in a story that was dedicated to the premise of brining her back to life" HORSE SHIT! Torchwick and Penny sure as hell aren't coming back in canon and yet here they are, alive, UNLIKE PYRRHA!

And lets talk about Penny and Torchwick, you brought them back with absolutely no purpose at all and didn't kill them off in the end. Adding Penny and Torchwick back into the fold only makes the fact that you killed Pyrrha, AGAIN, sting that much worse especially when they served no purpose at all, Oh but "Penny saved Ruby from Cinder", a sky-scraper falling between the two them as a result of the Dragon fighting the Titan could have done the same fucking thing, or maybe just not have had Ruby be in that position at all. Is that moving forward bringing Penny and Torchwick back from the dead? Is keeping them alive while robbing Pyrrha, the very character this fic was supposed to be about coming back to life, of her happy ending moving forward? Did they contribute FUCKING ANYTHING TO THIS STORY THAT MADE THEM SO GODDAMN IMPORTANT! NO?! THEN WHY ARE THEY HERE?!

And the rotten cherry on top of this shit sundae is the bullshit forced Lancaster at the end, none of it felt genuine, none of it felt earned, it was jarring and came right the hell out of no where, especially on Jaune's end since he was all on about keeping Pyrrha's memory in his heart and not replacing her then doing a heel-turn and saying "JK, lets date girl I've shown no romantic interest in whatsoever" (Picture that being said in TFS Goku's voice, your welcome). And you saying that it happened gradually over the course of the story was also a massive croc, Jaune and Ruby never moved past the friend zone in their interactions together. This was so terrible it made me hate Lancaster as a whole, before I was merely apathetic and didn't really give it a second glance, but now I can't see a Lancaster fic without remembering this and instantly feel a burning rage that used to be exclusive to Cinder, ruminate on that for a second, you made me hate a ship as much as I hate CINDER FALL!

What you did to Pyrrha in this fic is beyond unforgivable, you dangled hope in front of her like a carrot to a starving woman and then stomped it into an inedible paste by killing her a second time and handing her man off to another woman. This cop-out ending isn't at all worthy of the writing that came before it, and it needs to be surgically removed like the cancerous growth that it is. GOOD! DAY! SIR!
john bercow chapter 152 . 5/30
what do you think?
TheNativeSon chapter 152 . 5/29
You still trolling?
arkos chapter 152 . 5/29
for arkos fans, just stay away from this... for your own sanity...
TheNativeSon chapter 1 . 5/19
It’s son by the way, not sun.
fuck lancaster chapter 152 . 5/17
dear thenativesun,

1. first of all, you don't know me
2. the ending is probably one of the most well-written and at the same time most bullshit attempts to fridge a character i've ever seen in fiction
3. nothing you do or say will change my undying love for arkos
4. "keep moving forward" is a trite semantic satiation thrown into my face every time i slightly criticize the show by rabid rt/rwby stans

you can fuck off with that shit now and never come back.

salty mcsaltface
TheNativeSon chapter 1 . 5/15
Ignore the trolls below me. Your story is awesome!
angery chapter 152 . 5/10
Basically The Village in fanfiction form: good story, bad ending.
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