Reviews for Resurgence
The Russian Bear chapter 124 . 10/10
That might be the coldest, most realistic boss battle I've ever had the pleasure of reading. You hyped it up with that anime-style BlakeVAdam fight in Atlas, and with Adam's monologue at the beginning of this fight, and then blindsided us by killing him off in the second exchange. Because of that and because it compliments Blake's style of fighting really well, I applaud you.
impulsefitz chapter 152 . 10/5
this story is my absolute favorite Rwby fic, this truly has been an amazing roller coaster if emotions. I love it.
TheDemonicSaint chapter 152 . 9/9
So Pyrrha still died in the end. But this time, it ACCOMPLISHED something
Arquius chapter 151 . 8/14
You, sir, are a master of the fanfiction craft. I have to say, you wrote this piece beautifully. The thing I love most about when you write is the fact that you know how to move on the reader. For example, Sun's death made everything feel extremely helpless. I can't describe how much I wanted to jump into the story and just go and comfort everyone. And even though I felt like I was in the same room as Sun's dead body, I couldn't do anything and it made me feel genuine sadness and anger. This story has really inspired me to work on a red vs blue/RWBY Crossover, so I'd genuinely like to thank you for this journey.

I really enjoyed this story, and I am sad to see it end, but you know what? Despite everything, I'm just gonna keep moving forward.

Also fuck you for killing sun you piece of shit scumbag ;-;
Crazy4Macaroons chapter 151 . 8/5
I've just got to say...this story was phenomenal! I loved it! That last scene where everyone was chasing Roman and Neo was just pure gold! Btw, I'm kind of glad that you brought Roman back from the dead. He was the reason why Ruby got into Beacon in the first place. Funny how everything just comes around full circle.
Another thing I love about your story is that you kept a clear message/theme throughout the whole thing: "keep moving forward." We all miss Monty so much, so for you to honor his memory like that is heartwarming. I also caught some Red vs Blue references as well as some Halo references that were cleverly placed throughout the fic. Hats off to you sir/madam for creating a story so wonderful and intricate and beautiful!
lordrednight chapter 152 . 8/3
I just finished reading your incredibly long and wonderful story, and I wanted to let you know that you did an amazing work. It's those kinds of things that gives me inspiration, and makes me want to keep moving forward. Even if sometimes it's tough.

Again, congratulations on writing and completing this story, which in my book deserves all the merits it's due.

Keep up the good job !
Rowie94 chapter 150 . 7/25
I've binge read 150 chapters of hardship and heartbreak to see Jaune and Pyrrha together. Fuck you buddy, now my heart hurts.
Chase Gibson chapter 152 . 7/18
Just wow, this was a journey. I'm astounded by your love of the series and your drive to write something so wonderful. You've definitely got the blood of a true writer in your veins. Any story that can move me to tears once is a great story, but yours did it so many times I couldn't keep count. Stories are as real as the emotions we experience from them, and yours was filled with so much passion. Keep doing what you love!
Rowie94 chapter 80 . 7/16
FINALLY! This was cute
CJ304 chapter 152 . 7/9
I'm not quite sure what to say about this story. When I read it at the start after Pyrrha's death was fresh it just seemed to highlight my despair, and when we saw Pyrrha struggle to be free I had hope that this story would be one of those novel length fix-fics that I could admire and re-read when I needed something to ultimately lift my spirits.

I guess I'm just disappointed now, more than anything.

If this story was supposed to be an angst heavy one then you succeeded. You pulled no punches. All of the characters suffered and "moved forward". Some more than others, apparently.

I'm not going to lie, I was heartbroken when I came to the final chapter and the end of Salem. The second death of Pyrrha. But it was the epilogue that really was the last straw that changed my opinion on this story. I can't help but feel that it was your weakest point of the tale, and probably the most polarizing. If the story hadn't had that epilogue, I might have ended this story on a somewhat better note. I would at least not outright dislike it now.

Hearing that you intended to kill Pyrrha again from the start is... honestly saddening. This story had grown so much, you'd written so much, created so many ways that you could have 'revived' her truly, but that you still decided to kill her in the final battle... There were so many ways you introduced; Cybernetic bodies, the power of Wizard and Witch's Child of Ash, even Pyrrha becoming the next Witch herself, which I didn't see Raven in any hurry to offer to her. But, well, Pyrrha was always just another casualty to people like Raven, and Qrow in vol 4, wasn't she? And you'd already decided to have her die again.

That you wanted to give her a worthwhile death, to make her sacrifices mean something... Well, that's a good notion, but I'm not sure that you were as respectful of her memory as you claimed to be.

Showing a timeskip where Jaune just up and decides to date Ruby was jarring, and felt so much like a cop-out, as you said. I don't know what you were going for, but it didn't read as you intended. The scenes with Jaune and Ruby often felt forced, they didn't flow like the scenes you wrote between Jaune and Pyrrha. That scene at the bathhouse with them before Raven showed up was an amazing one, and them fighting against each other and with each other at the last battle was intense and emotional, while the 'Ruby Attraction' came off as very one-sided.

Jaune, at the end, claims to want to keep Pyrrha's memory in his heart and not replace her, but his actions don't seem to match his words with the way he goes about perusing Ruby.

If love and loyalty between Jaune and Pyrrha was supposed to be a main theme, and it was very beautifully done in several instances, I can't help but feel that the epilogue is somewhat disrespectful of that. I honestly hope that RT doesn't try and pair Jaune and Ruby in the show, and that Jaune stays loyal to Pyrrha's memory. I can't help but feel that the story might have ended on a better note if that had happened here. Not everyone moves on. Almost no one moves on that fast, after losing a loved one, a lover. Much less in their arms like that. That Jaune does, so seamlessly after the time-skip does not portray him keeping her memory alive.

Your story was a lengthy one. A creative one. But I don't know if it was respectful to the 'Arkos' pairing like you wanted it to be. At least to me. I know this was supposed to be a closure story. And I have read several ones that had Pyrrha still stay dead. But they didn't make me feel like this one reading it did at the end, these last few chapters.

I can't, I'm afraid, recommend this to any Arkos or Pyrrha fans looking for closure. Sorry.

I can tell that you lover her character; you wrote a six thousand word goodbye letter to her. Just, try to be a little gentler on her next time.
Metal4k chapter 152 . 7/1
This is a fantastic fic. Well written and engaging. I applaud you for such dedication, and hopefully you continue with such writing endeavors!
Guest chapter 152 . 6/27
Hey there, I just want to say I loved this story and what you did with each character. I had a few minor problems here and there with things like how penny came back to be of very little importance, even though there was an in story reason why she wasn't in the final battle I still didn't like that. But I mainly wrote this as a response to people who are annoyed that Pyrrha died again.

Pyrrha coming back in this fanfiction was great and her story was great without taking away importance from the main plot. But I feel like she had to die again for the progression of jaunes character. It may be because I never believed she would make it to the end of this fic in the first place but her death didn't feel forced, it felt planned and consistent with the theme of the story. Also the Lancaster complaint is complete rubbish we've had hints of that in almost every chapter that focuses on ruby or jaune or both.

But anyway I look forward to your future works.
BPF chapter 152 . 6/26
Why did you write something this dynamic, this engaging, only to kill Pyrrha off again? Why did you give us hope that she would survive, and get her happy ending, only to take it away, and then shove Lancaster down our throats in the Epilogue? What, someone can't stay loyal to the memory of their first love, is that the message you wanna send? They have to have another romance?

Reading your ending actually hurt me, and the ending makes me even more disgusted with the Jaune/Ruby ship as a whole.

Dammit, I honestly wish I had never gotten emotionally invested in this story, it HURTS now whenever I think about it, and about Pyrrha and Jaune. Again. Just like it did after season 3.

Congrats, you fucked me up emotionally.
SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta chapter 152 . 6/25
It's a great mantra, "keep moving forward". Too many people get bogged down by their pasts and stop growing. I know I wouldn't have made it as far as I have if I didn't just keep pushing through all my personal challenges.
Atheist god chapter 18 . 6/25
If Ozpin is helping Pyrha then is he with Oscar too?
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