Reviews for Parseltongue is Really Very Ordinary
SP chapter 6 . 10/22/2021
I went through other reviewers, and I agree very much with one - a guest. It seems as though Average Harry just wants to downplay fame and not get into trouble with the Dursleys. Not at all like he's smart, quite the opposite, actually. Other than that, your series is very nice, albeit moving slowly.
Guest chapter 27 . 10/13/2021
Good story
Marj123 chapter 27 . 8/15/2021
I rather liked Harry being friendly with both Quirrell and Lockhart - not exactly as Dumbledore would have planned!
A first class story, Thank you.
Deepthoughts42 chapter 27 . 6/20/2021
Going to go binge the sequel now
Deepthoughts42 chapter 26 . 6/20/2021
Why would Hogwarts ever downsize their library when they can literally make more space with a wave of a wand?
Deepthoughts42 chapter 25 . 6/20/2021
Can the room of requirements make a entrance to the chamber?
Deepthoughts42 chapter 24 . 6/20/2021
Out of curiosity what exactly is the medical diagnosis that wizards give to unconscious people?
Deepthoughts42 chapter 23 . 6/20/2021
That’s a nice little way to settle the Lockheart situation
Deepthoughts42 chapter 22 . 6/20/2021
This is the first time that I’ve come across a story that has a call for help not addressed to Fawkes
Deepthoughts42 chapter 21 . 6/20/2021
Insert drifting meme here
Deepthoughts42 chapter 20 . 6/20/2021
Still reviewing
Deepthoughts42 chapter 19 . 6/20/2021
I thought Crouch was just a polyglot or something
Deepthoughts42 chapter 18 . 6/20/2021
Nice to see a story with an actual Will in it instead of evidence of Sirius’ innocence covered up by the ministry or Dumbledore
Deepthoughts42 chapter 16 . 6/19/2021
Almost forgot this one
Deepthoughts42 chapter 17 . 6/19/2021
If nobody is really a muggleborn and instead just descended from squibs then how was magic first brought into the human race?
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